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The first renewal of Tokyo Skytree(R) trademark new uniform since its opening We will welcome customers with a new uniform from Thursday, October 1, 2020!

Tokyo Sky Tree, which is operated by Tobu Tower Sky Tree (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and President: Yutaka Iwase), has renewed its uniform and will be worn from October 1, 2020 (Thursday). I will.

We will renew the uniforms worn by the staff at the observatory, etc. toward 2021 when the world is attracting attention from the world, and the staff will welcome the domestic and foreign customers with a feeling of pride and hospitality. .. Since it opened in May 2012, it is the first renewal and uses environmentally friendly materials and technology.

Upon the renewal, in 1997, we recruited designs for students from the Bunka Fashion College, which has a proven track record as Japan's first fashion school. As a result of selection from among the participants, the design was decided by Megumi Higashiyama.

In addition, each entrance of the Tokyo Sky Tree and a part of the departure lobby on the 4th floor have been renewed to welcome guests with a fun performance suitable for the entrance to the observatory.

Uniform design

Design concept "Traditional Modern"

In consideration of the part of re-recognizing the charm of Japan, I expressed the images of both "good old Japan" and "new Japan" using traditional colors and patterns.

For the textile design, we use "Asaha Pattern", which is a traditional Japanese pattern made by combining triangles like Tokyo Sky Tree. Since hemp is strong and grows straight, it is an auspicious pattern that was also used for childbirth.

It was designed in hope of further development of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Ticket counter and guidance staff

<Woman> A blouse with modern details such as the neck and obi of a kimono spreads from the waist to the hem, and the wavy flare extends to the left hem for a modern, slightly modal design.

The skirt is also designed with the image of the hem of the kimono.

A cute and familiar uniform that uses sky blue and cherry blossom pink.

<Men> A piping jacket featuring the neck of a kimono is a feature.

As with women, it is finished in a friendly and gentle impression using sky blue and cherry pink.

Information staff

The jacket incorporates piping that is conscious of the neck of the kimono, and has a shawl collar that curves gently and roundly in order to express the line of the collar that is gentle like a kimono. In addition, the jacket and skirt each have a front right design that looks like a kimono.

Fast Skytree Ticket Counter (Foreign customer counter) staff

Tight design with subdued colors. It features a jacket with piping conscious of the neck of the kimono. I used red, which symbolizes Japan, for piping. The skirt has an asymmetric design with pleats that resembles origami, giving it a fashion feel.

Sorakara-chan (uniform design)

In line with the new design uniform, hemp leaf patterns are used.

It is a gorgeous costume that makes use of the light blue and yellow colors that are typical of Sorakara.

From Thursday, October 1, 2020, it will be worn for greetings.

Start date of wear

From October 1, 2020 (Thursday), we will be wearing a uniform with a fall/winter design according to the season for changing clothes.

Consideration for staff and environment

・Adopt a pants style so that the staff can freely choose.

・Set uniforms and regulations so that staff members can wear jackets and choose between short and long sleeves.

・Reduce wasteful production energy by repairing and operating uniforms.

・Recycle to other fiber resources to contribute to an environmentally friendly society.

-Use eco-friendly fabrics to reduce energy used in manufacturing activities.

・By reducing the use of unnecessary dyes and chemicals by processing the "anhydrous dyeing technology" of prints, the water, chemicals, resources and energy required for conventional washing are reduced.

Designer comments

Megumi Higashiyama

I designed it because I wanted to express in clothes the old downtown, the present attractiveness of the present, and the atmosphere of the downtown area around Tokyo Sky Tree and the advanced state of Tokyo Sky Tree.

We would like to create a cozy space through uniforms so that the staff who actually wear it can have fun and comfort, and the customers who visit it can enjoy it visually.

About Bunka Fashion College

Since being recognized as the first school for clothing education in Japan in 1923, a fashion vocational school that has always continued to lead Japanese fashion education. It has been ranked number one in Asia in the world fashion school rankings.

In addition to designers, patterners, and other technical crafts for making clothes, we have established a number of specialized departments from shop staff, buyers, distributors such as stylists, and goods design such as bags and shoes to cover all areas of the fashion industry.

Renewal of Tokyo Sky Tree entrances

We have renewed each entrance of the Tokyo Sky Tree Observatory and part of the departure lobby on the 4th floor, and welcomed customers with a fun performance suitable for the entrance to the observation deck.

The "Gate Vision" newly installed at each entrance will show lively images of Sorakara, the official character of Tokyo Sky Tree, as well as seasonal contents.

In addition, in the "departure lobby" on the 4th floor until you get on the elevator heading to the observatory, you will be able to enhance the expectations of customers with colorful lighting.