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Ueno News

Carefully selected “Jojoen”! Enjoy a special yakiniku bento at home! A famous yakiniku restaurant “Jojoen” that requires a reservation is now available on the menu!

Carefully selected “Jojoen”! Enjoy a special yakiniku bento at home! A famous yakiniku restaurant “Jojoen” that requires a reservation is now available on the menu!

Available from September 14, 2021 (Tuesday) Receive a first-time limited coupon for 2,400 yen & start a free delivery campaign The delivery & take-out app menu operated by menu Co., Ltd. will start offering yakiniku lunch boxes from the famous yakiniku restaurant "Jojoen" from September 14, 2021 (Tuesday). In addition, along with this, the first limited coupon for 2,400 yen that can be used for a limited time from September 14th (Tuesday) to September 30th (Thursday) will be distributed and from September 14th (Tuesday) to September 20th (Monday). We will carry out a free delivery campaign for a limited time. In the menu, we have been making efforts to provide

[Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum] Online gallery talk release, an exhibition that I want you to see because it is a corona

We have released an online gallery talk of the special exhibition "Walls & Bridges, Touching the World, Living the World" (until Saturday, October 9, 2021), which we would like you to see because of the corona. The exhibition "Walls & Bridges: Touching the World, Living the World" (until Saturday, October 9), which is being held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, offers a perspective on the "barriers" that surround oneself with an insatiable passion for expression. Five creators who could transform into a "bridge" that enables This is an exhibition that introduces (paintings) and Jonas Mechas (photos / videos). From the viewers, "I felt the power," "I was nailed to

Sightseeing hire x new experience “Experience the marathon course in Tokyo (you can even try it!)” Plan will be on sale from September 6th (Friday)

Tour the course of the marathon event in Tokyo (42.195km) with a sightseeing hire while sightseeing in Tokyo. Autec Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takanobu Kusunoki, hereinafter Autec), which arranges, operates, and provides tourism services for hiers in and around Tokyo, uses tourism hiers to "experience the Tokyo marathon course." (Departure and arrival in Tokyo) Plan sales will start on September 6, 2021 (Friday) on the Autech website. A fun experience-based plan that allows you to test run the course and sightseeing in Tokyo at the same time Every October in Tokyo, a big marathon event is held. In line with this, Autech has newly planned a "Experience

Japan’s first! Premium Mont Blanc of Tamba Waguri made by Earl Gray specialty store will be held at Matsuzakaya Ueno store for a limited time from September 15th (Wednesday) to September 21st (Tuesday) at the “Autumn Delicious Products Exhibition” Demonstration sale

The ultimate Montblanc that wraps the fluffy Fortune Taiwan Castella by weaving abundantly high-quality Tamba Waguri paste. Japan's first! The Earl Gray specialty store "& EARL GRAY Kobe Main Store" will be held at the Matsuzakaya Ueno store in Taito-ku, Tokyo from September 15th (Wednesday) to September 21st (Tuesday). At the "Autumn Delicious Products Exhibition", we will demonstrate and sell the premium Mont Blanc of Tamba Waguri, which is made by weaving abundantly high-quality Tamba Waguri paste and wrapping the fluffy Fortune Taiwan Castella. Tamba Waguri Premium Mont Blanc Freshly squeezed Mont Blanc made by Japan's first Earl Gray specialty store, using plenty of Earl Gray tea leaves, on top

The taste of autumn! Limited-time sweets using apple and marron. We will release “Ghost and Fun Millefeuille” from the Western confectionery brand “Français” that enjoys “fruits” and “nuts”!

Millefeuille, which is very popular every year, is back again this year! This is a limited-time product recommended for Halloween! Shukley Co., Ltd. will release the popular limited-time product "Ghost and Enjoy Millefeuille" from the Western confectionery brand "France", which enjoys "fruits" and "nuts", again this year! A set of millefeuille with two flavors, "Mont Blanc" and "Apple pie"! "Mont Blanc" is a crispy pie sandwiched with marron cream and coated with white chocolate. The fragrant pie and rich marron are combined to make it look like "Mont Blanc". "Apple pie" is sandwiched with cream mixed with sugar-pickled apple and coated with sweet chocolate. I made it like an "apple

[National Science Museum] A large gathering of sea lions, fur seals, and seals that live in Japan! Announcement of sale of National Museum of Nature and Science original large format poster “Japanese pinnipeds”

In 2021, the National Museum of Nature and Science (Director: Kenichi Shinoda) published an original large-format poster "Japanese pinnipeds" that summarizes illustrations of pinnipeds such as sea lions, otters, and seals that inhabit Japan. It will be on sale from Monday, August 30th at the National Museum of Nature and Science Museum Shop and the National Museum of Nature and Science Online Museum Shop. [Online Museum Shop URL: https://www.infoparks.jp/kahaku/ ] For the original poster of the National Museum of Nature and Science, "Japanese Pinnipeds," we designed illustrations of Steller sea lions and fur seals that inhabit Japan, and five species of seals. The realistic illustrations are by Toyomi Tanaka, a

September 20th is “Respect for the Aged Day” Choose gifts safely and securely at home! Matsuzakaya Ueno store “Respect for the Aged Day” 2021

Until 16:00 on Monday, September 13, 2021 / Matsuzakaya Ueno store "Respect for the Aged Day" conveys daily gratitude and longevity wishes to important grandfathers and aunts. Eating delicious food together, handing out gifts with thoughts … Now that things that we normally do have become difficult, the way we express our gratitude is changing. For the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, we recommend online shopping for 2021 Respect for the Aged Day, where you can choose products at home without visiting the store. From "Daimaru Matsuzakaya Online Shopping", which offers a wide variety of Respect for the Aged Day gifts, from standard flowers to gourmet sweets and fashion miscellaneous goods, we

Cinnamon roll specialty store “Cinnabon” sells new product “Hojicha Chocobon” for a limited time!

JR Kyushu First Foods Co., Ltd. will sell a new product "Hojicha Chocobon" for a limited time from August 19, 2021 (Thursday) at each store of the cinnamon roll specialty store "Cinnabon". 【Product Summary】 ■ Hojicha chocolate bon Hojicha paste is placed on a mini chocolate bon and baked, and a generous amount of Hojicha frosting is topped with Hojicha powder. Please enjoy a new sensation of chocolate bon with a fluffy scent of roasted green tea. (It is also recommended for those who are not good at cinnamon.) [Handling store] Cinnabon stores nationwide https://www.jrff.co.jp/cinnabon/location/ ■ Kanto region Roppongi store, Futako Tamagawa Rise SC store, Atre Kichijoji store, Ueno Marui

[AI vending machine] A special site introducing the “AI vending machine” that AI Sakura is working on has been released.

~ Participatory campaign is also underway! ~ August 18, 2021 (Wednesday), a special site that introduces a demonstration experiment of an "AI multifunctional vending machine" that utilizes the artificial intelligence (AI) customer service system "AI Sakura-san" provided by Tijuana.com Co., Ltd. ) Was published. ▼ AI vending machine introduction special site https://tifana.ai/aivendingmachine ■ What is an AI multifunctional vending machine? This demonstration experiment is being carried out by JR East Cross Station Water Business Company Co., Ltd., and is being deployed as an "AI multifunctional vending machine" at 5 stations and 10 units on the Yamanote Line. The implementation period of the demonstration experiment is as follows. —————————– [Start date]

September 1st (Wednesday) “Mercari Station” limited-time store opens in Ueno Marui, Sendai PARCO Main Building!

Marui Co., Ltd. will open the experience store "Mercari Station" of the flea market app "Mercari" operated by Mercari Co., Ltd. for a limited time from September 1st (Wednesday) at the Ueno Marui Sendai PARCO Main Building. ■ What is "Mercari Station"? Based on the concept of "more to everyone's flea market apps," you can learn how to use "Mercari" in the "Mercari classroom," where you can take pictures of the products you want to sell, "shooting / packing booths," and just post the products sold at "Mercari." It is a store where you can "learn while experiencing" "Mercari" such as "Easy shipping booth" with "Mercari post" that can be