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Ueno News

Akita City Dahlia x Hibiya Flower Bed Tie-up Campaign “AKITA DAHLIA COLLECTION” Held

Akita City Dahlia x Hibiya Flower Bed Tie-up Campaign “AKITA DAHLIA COLLECTION” Held

Akita City, one of Japan’s leading dahlia producing areas, will carry out “AKITA DAHLIA COLLECTION” in tie-up with “Hibiya Hanada”, a leading company in the flower industry, in order to further improve the name recognition and sales promotion of dahlia produced in Akita City. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the dahlia produced in Akita City. <Overview> Date: September 23 (Wednesday) -September 28 (Monday), 2020 (Reiwa 2) * The holding period may change depending on the purchase status of dahlia produced in Akita City. Holding store: [Hibiya Kadan brand] Nihonbashi Takashimaya store, Ginza Matsuya store, Asakusa Matsuya store, Parcoya Ueno store, Seibu Ikebukuro store, Sogo Omiya store, Sogo Yokohama store

A novel art auction will be held at “Art Sento + Cafe Miyanoyu”! Win a bid for the desired art depending on your thoughts and ideas, regardless of the bid price “Art auction that cannot be determined by price alone”

6 minutes by subway from Otemachi. A novel art auction will be held in a different space "Art Sento + Cafe Miyanoyu", which is a renovated former sento! "Art Sento + Cafe Miyanoyu" in Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo will hold an eccentric "art auction" from September 17, 2020 (Thursday), where you can make a successful bid regardless of the bid price (sometimes). .. ■ What is an "auction in which a successful bid cannot be determined by price alone"? If you have a work of art you want, please fill out two things on the bid form. One is the bid price. The other is the idea of how to interact

A special exhibition “Momoyama-100 Years of the World” that introduces the turbulent 100 years that Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu lived with about 230 masterpieces. Tokyo National Museum Saturday, September 26, online date and time reserved tickets Reservation started!

Reservations for reserved-seat tickets for admission from October 6th (Tuesday) to 11th (Sunday) will start from noon on September 26th (Sat)! (After that, reservations for reserved-seat tickets for admission will start every Saturday at noon the following Tuesday to Sunday) From noon on September 26th, reservations for reserved-seat tickets for the special exhibition "Momoyama-100 Years of the World" will begin on the official website of the exhibition. In order to prevent infection and spread of the new coronavirus, this exhibition has introduced an advance reservation system (reserved-seat ticket), and all customers viewing this exhibition are required to make an online advance reservation. This time, the special exhibition "Momoyama-100 Years of

[National Science Museum] Reiwa 2nd year “Important Science and Technology History Material (nickname: Future Technology Heritage)” 16 registrations and panel exhibition

Important Science and Technology History Material Future Technology Heritage National Science Museum The National Museum of Nature and Science (Director: Yoshihiro Hayashi) has been registering important science and technology history materials (nickname: Future Technology Heritage) since 2008. In the second year of Reiwa, 16 new cameras, including Japan's world-leading single-lens reflex cameras, will be registered. With this (13th) registration, a total of 301 registrations will be made. A panel exhibition of the materials registered this time will be held at the Ueno Main Building from September 15th (Tuesday) to September 27th (Sunday), 2020. Panel exhibition "Reiwa 2nd year 13th-Leveraging the history of technology in the future-Future technology heritage registration panel

Enjoy Hokkaido and Sanriku oysters to the fullest with the General Oyster Group! Half price of oyster plate

9 / 11-9 / 24 All day General Oyster Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President Hidenori Yoshida / Representative Director CEO Yusuke Tanno, hereinafter "General Oyster"), Japan's largest * 1 oyster bar chain, will be held on September 11 ("General Oyster"). We will offer raw oysters at a special price under the title of "POWER OYSTER Fair" for 14 days from Friday, September 24th to 24 stores only. * 1 From Fuji Keizai "Food Service Industry Marketing Handbook 2016" < Example of planned production area > Hokkaido Senposhi production, Hokkaido Akkeshi production, Iwate Prefecture Yonezaki production, Iwate Prefecture, Kamaishi production, Iwate Prefecture Otsuchi production, Iwate Prefecture Akasaki production, Hyogo Murotsu

First held! A large collection of pandas, cats, dogs, and too cute healing animal goods! Animaru Art & Goods Festa

September 9th (Wednesday)-14th (Monday) / Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building 6F Exhibition Hall *Closed at 18:00 on the last day At the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, "Animaru Art & Goods Festa" will be held for the first time from September 9th. A wide range of products from 24 popular writers such as fashion miscellaneous goods that you usually want to wear, accessories, soothing items for home time, living miscellaneous goods, etc. with animals as motifs such as the popular "cat" to the Ueno idol "panda". Introduction. In addition, at the same venue, there will be a foster-parent counseling session for 6 cats, including cats, dogs, and birds, including "Nekoken," which conducts

[Celebration of The UKIYO-E 2020] Parco produces exhibition collaboration goods! Released items by Saki Tanaka, a popular illustrator.

Parco Co., Ltd. is a popular illustrator with more than 300,000 Instagram followers, Saki Tanaka in Utamaro Kitagawa, in commemoration of the exhibition "The UKIYO-E 2020-Japan's Three Ukiyo-e Collection" held at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. We are developing and selling illustrations with the motif of "Monster love" at the exhibition site. We will develop and sell illustrations drawn by popular illustrator Saki Tanaka, who has more than 300,000 Instagram followers, with the motif of "Momokoi" by Utamaro Kitagawa.​ In order to fully introduce the charm of Ukiyo-e, which Japan is proud of to the world, this exhibition is a collection of the Ota Memorial Museum of Art, Japan Ukiyo-e Museum,

The UKIYO-E 2020-Japan’s three largest ukiyo-e collections are on display from Tuesday, August 25th!

Kiyocho Torii "Rokugo Tosen" Important art piece, two large-sized Nishiki-e paintings, around 1784 Tenmei Ukiyo-e Foundation The "The UKIYO-E 2020-Japan's Three Great Ukiyo-e Collections" exhibition, which is open until Tuesday, September 22, will start the second half of the exhibition from Tuesday, August 25. All works will be replaced from the first half exhibition, so don't miss it! In addition, various related contents such as "Ukiyo-e Generator" and "Highlighted video that can be seen in 100 seconds" are being delivered one after another. Sharaku, Utamaro, Hokusai, Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi. Ukiyo-e master stars gathered together! The second half of the exhibition will start on Tuesday, August 25! In the latter half of

Disseminate the appeal of Kagoshima ingredients! The Kagoshima ❞ Food City Fair, where you can eat Kagoshima ingredients at a restaurant in Tokyo, will start on Tuesday, September 1st! !!

Kagoshima City collaborates with restaurants in Tokyo from September 1st (Tuesday) to September 30th (Wednesday), 2020 for a month to provide a menu using attractive Kagoshima City ingredients. ❝ Food "Kagoshima ❞ Fair" will be held. This is the 5th time, and in addition to the 5 stores in Marugoto Nippon, a popular spot in Asakusa, one of Japan's leading tourist destinations, Asakusa There are 2 stores in the area, and 3 popular stores in the Ueno/Okachimachi area where there is a statue of Takamori Saigo from Kagoshima. Will join. You can enjoy Kagoshima black beef, Kagoshima black pork, Sakurajima radish, and other ingredients unique to Kagoshima in creative dishes.

American restaurant “Hard Rock Cafe” Rock shop “2020 Pride Collection”

2020 Pride Pin A charity collection featuring Freddie Mercury's silhouette design! At the rock shop attached to the American restaurant "Hard Rock Cafe", based on "All is One" which is one of the mottos of "Hard Rock Cafe", a design that is not bound by gender will help all people in the LGBTQ community. We are developing a new series "Pride Collection" made to give. For this 2020 series, a collection of the silhouette of the late Freddie Mercury, a legendary vocalist of the British rock band QUEEN expressed in rainbow colors, with the logo mark of "Hard Rock Cafe" will be sold from Saturday, August 22nd start. A portion