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[Report] The National Museum of Western Art opens its first contemporary art exhibition, “Could this be a room where future artists sleep?”

[Report] The National Museum of Western Art opens its first contemporary art exhibition, “Could this be a room where future artists sleep?”

The National Museum of Western Art in Ueno, Tokyo, has opened its first-ever contemporary art exhibition , "Has this become a room where future artists can sleep? ──The National Museum of Western Art's 65th Anniversary Self-Question | Questions for Contemporary Artists." The exhibition will run until May 12, 2024. ■ Participating Artists Yuki Iiyama, Yoichi Umezu, Mai Endo, Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Nodoka Odawara, Natsuko Sakamoto, Hiroshi Sugito, Ryudai Takano, Kyo Takemura, Koki Tanaka, Toeko Tatsuno, Elena Tutacchikova, Rei Naito, Tadayoshi Nakabayashi, Yurie Nagashima, Purple Room (Yoichi Umezu + Hiromi Ando + Yoshiko Tsuzukihashi + Asako Hoshikawa + Saki Wakimoto), Rintaro Fuse, Hisao Matsuura, Futoshi Miyagi, Eboshi Yuasa, Kanji Yumisashi This is

[Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum] Interview report on “Impressionism: From Monet to America, Worcester Art Museum Collection”. Experience the diverse expressions of Impressionism that spread across the ocean

Article provided by: Taito Bunka Marche 2024 marks the 150th anniversary of the first Impressionist exhibition held in Paris. The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is currently holding an exhibition called “Impressionism: From Monet to America – Collection of the Worcester Art Museum'' that traces the impact and influence that Impressionism, which overturned the traditions of Western art, had on Europe and America, centering on the collection of the Worcester Art Museum in the United States . The exhibition period is until April 7, 2024. The Worcester Museum of Art, located near Boston, USA, opened in 1898 and has a collection of approximately 40,000 items, ranging from classical art from ancient

A profound sense of beauty discovered by Hon’ami Koetsu.
[Tokyo National Museum] Special Exhibition “The Macrocosm of Hon’ami Koetsu” (~3/10) Preview Report

National Treasure Funabashi Maki-e Inkstone Box by Hon'ami Koetsu Edo period 17th century Tokyo National Museum collection Koetsu Hon'ami lived in an era of war, excelled in the arts, and created innovative works. As the title suggests, the special exhibition “The Macrocosm of Hon'ami Koetsu'' to be held at the Heiseikan of the Tokyo National Museum shines a light on his faith and inner world through a number of works. This article reports on the press preview held the day before the event. Article provided by: Taito Bunka Marche Who is Hon'ami Koetsu? Hon'ami Koetsu , who was active in the early Edo period, was born into a prestigious family

[National Museum of Nature and Science] Coverage report on the special exhibition “Japanese Cuisine: Japanese Nature and the Wisdom of the People.” Does Japanese food, developed through a never-ending quest for food, become even more delicious if you know more about it?

Article provided by: Taito Bunka Marche Since being registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013, Japanese cuisine has been attracting more and more attention worldwide. Its charm, which many Japanese people seem to know but surprisingly don't know about, can be explained from a variety of perspectives, such as the diverse ingredients nurtured by the nature of the Japanese archipelago, techniques such as fermentation created by people's wisdom and ingenuity, cooking methods, and historical changes. A special exhibition "Japanese Cuisine – Japanese Nature and People's Wisdom" is currently being held at the National Museum of Nature and Science (Ueno, Tokyo). The exhibition period is until February 25, 2024

Beautiful and magnificent. Strolling through the world of traditional “Yamato-e”. [Tokyo National Museum] Special Exhibition “Yamato-e – Beauty of the Dynasty Inherited” (~12/3) Preview Report

Article provided by: Taito Bunka Marche “Yamato-e'' was established in the early Heian period and has been handed down through various changes. The special exhibition “Yamato-e – The beauty of dynasties passed down through generations'' to be held at the Tokyo National Museum traces the lineage of Yamato-e, which has always been innovative. This article reports on the press preview held the day before the event. What is Yamato-e? The special exhibition “Yamato-e – The beauty of the dynasty passed down through generations'' focuses on “Yamato-e,'' which have been painted continuously since the Heian period. However, what is interesting is that the concept of “Yamato-e'' has changed greatly over time.

[Ueno Royal Museum] Interview report on “Scenes from Monet’s series”. All of the works on display are Monet’s masterpieces such as “Stack of Straw” and “Water Lilies”.

Article provided by: Taito Bunka Marche The exhibition “Monet: Scenes from a Series'' is currently being held at the Uenonomori Art Museum, tracing the life of Impressionist master Claude Monet through more than 60 of his masterpieces, including the “Stack of Straws'' and “Water Lilies'' series. The exhibition period is until January 28, 2024. I attended the press preview held prior to the event, so I will provide a detailed report on the venue. All of the works on display are Monet. A valuable exhibition realized with the cooperation of over 40 museums in Japan and overseas Claude Monet (1840-1926) is a master of Impressionism. Monet, who had an extraordinary

[Venue Report] “Eternal City Rome Exhibition” opens at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Masterpiece of ancient Venus statue arrives in Japan for the first time

The “Eternal City of Rome'' exhibition, which introduces the history of Rome's beauty from the founding of the country to modern times, has opened at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, focusing on the collection of the Capitoline Museums in the center of Rome. The exhibition period is from Saturday, September 16, 2023 to Sunday, December 10, 2023. I visited the venue and will report on the exhibition. Capitoline Museums celebrates the history of Rome's glory and beauty Capitoline Hill has long been the religious, political, and cultural center of the Romans, with temples dedicated to the supreme god Jupiter and other gods rising there in ancient times, and today

[Interview Report] 102 new items released for the first time! The “Yokoo Tadanori Kanzan Hyakutoku” exhibition is currently being held at the Tokyo National Museum. See a new frontier that is not bound by anything

The "Yokoo Tadanori Kanzan Hyakutoku" exhibition is being held at the Tokyo National Museum Hyokeikan in Ueno, Tokyo from September 12, 2023. (Duration is until December 3rd) We are exhibiting for the first time 102 new works from the “Kanzan Shutoku'' series, in which contemporary artist Tadanori Yokoo reconstructs the traditional painting theme of the wind-crazy monk in China with his own interpretation. *About the images of the works… Unless otherwise specified, all works are by Tadanori Yokoo and are in the artist's collection. Kanzan Jitoku, who became a target of admiration for his escapist behavior. Kanzan and Jitoku are two legendary poet-monks who are said to have lived during

Fetal movements of young artists and their trajectories. [Tokyo University of the Arts University Art Museum] “Taito Ward Collection Exhibition-Artists who left Ueno, a museum of culture and art-” Exhibition Report

《Hana no Motonité》Hiroko Ueba 1999 Article provided by: Taito Bunka Marche Taito Ward and Tokyo University of the Arts have deepened exchanges and cooperation over many years, starting with the "Taito Ward Mayor's Award" established in 1981. Many artists have made their way into the world through the Taito Ward Mayor's Award, and it can be said that the award has made a great contribution to the development of young artists. In this exhibition, 40 of the Taito Ward Mayor Award-winning works created by the students will be exhibited. Exhibited at the "Taito City Collection Exhibition – Artists who have left Ueno, a city of culture and art -" is

[Venue report] Maya’s “Red Queen” first visit to Japan! The special exhibition “Ancient Mexico” opens at the Tokyo National Museum. Maya, Aztec and Teotihuacan treasures all in one place

A special exhibition "Ancient Mexico – Maya, Aztec, Teotihuacan", which introduces the treasures of three civilizations representing ancient Mexico, will be held from Friday, June 16, 2023 to Sunday, September 3, 2023 at the Tokyo National Museum. Currently being held at the museum (Ueno, Tokyo). This exhibition will focus on the three civilizations representing Mesoamerica ( the Maya, Aztec, and Teotihuacan civilizations that shared cultural elements and prospered in parts of Mexico and Central America until the Spanish invasion in the 16th century). Focused. About 140 valuable excavated items such as inscriptions and reliefs and archaeological relics carefully selected from major museums in Mexico are introduced along with the results