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First held! A large collection of pandas, cats, dogs, and too cute healing animal goods! Animaru Art & Goods Festa

September 9th (Wednesday)-14th (Monday) / Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building 6F Exhibition Hall *Closed at 18:00 on the last day

At the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, "Animaru Art & Goods Festa" will be held for the first time from September 9th.
A wide range of products from 24 popular writers such as fashion miscellaneous goods that you usually want to wear, accessories, soothing items for home time, living miscellaneous goods, etc. with animals as motifs such as the popular "cat" to the Ueno idol "panda". Introduction.
In addition, at the same venue, there will be a foster-parent counseling session for 6 cats, including cats, dogs, and birds, including "Nekoken," which conducts conservation activities and recruits foster parents.
<Heureux Wool-Sachiyo Kanayama> Mask 1,320 yen
<Heureux Wool-Sachiyo Kanayama> Bag S 7,480 yen
<Chieko Hara> Matryoshka (extra large set of 8) 16,500 yen
<Atelier Pecora Makiko> Rugby love panda 16,500 yen
<Torizo> Parent and child pendant brooch of King penguin (Silver925) 36,300 yen
<Fumito Oe> Brooch of grape and cat 77,000 yen
<Sumiko Ogura> Wool batch 6,380 yen
<Doremi Kanpanie> Hand-painted fan "Ueno no Kaze" 9,350 yen
At the same venue, we carry out foster parent consultation and panel display of protected cats, dogs and birds.
Sponsor: RENSA general incorporated association
<Participating Group> Happy-Wildcats Dream Cat Transfer Party Koto Nekokai
One More Field TSUBASA Nekoken
*There are no actual animals during the exhibition period. Transfer consultation is accepted.
*Opening groups vary daily.