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Milk Soap x BEAMS JAPAN “Recommendations for public baths. 2021” Starts at Kotobukiyu in Higashiueno, Tokyo from April 23 (Friday)

The second of the popular projects that introduces how to enjoy public baths is a public bath picture by Mari Yamazaki of "Thermae Romae" and "Olympia Kyukurosu" that matches sports and public baths.

BEAMS JAPAN Co., Ltd. will hold an event "Sento Recommendation. 2021" to convey the splendor of public baths in collaboration with Milk Soap Kyoshinsha Co., Ltd. This is the second of the popular projects that won the Good Design Award in January 2019, and this time, through a public bath picture drawn by cartoonist and writer Mari Yamazaki, and various projects to enjoy the public bath, sports We will send out the goodness of public baths that will stand out even more with the combination of. At the public bath "Kotobukiyu" in Higashi-Ueno, Tokyo, a public bath picture will be shown from April 23, 2021 (Friday), and at each BEAMS JAPAN store, a pop-up shop will start on April 26 (Monday), "Good Bath Day". I will.

The public bath is a place where you can heal your daily fatigue and make your mind and body healthy, and at the same time, it has been popular as a place for socializing in the community since ancient times. As the lifestyle has changed, the number of users has decreased and the number of public baths has decreased, but even today, the cultural value is inherited by the active lifestyle of the younger generation who are conscious of the wellness of the mind and body. In "Recommendation of sento. 2021", in order to introduce such a lively modern sento to as many people as possible, by matching sports and sento, we will work hard, support, work hard, and work with people. The energy chain that creates vitality by connecting will be enlivened with various contents such as public bath paintings by Mari Yamazaki, various projects to enjoy public baths, public bath goods, and apparel miscellaneous goods. Mizuki Tanaka, a public bath painter, will paint the walls of the bathroom of Kotobukiyu this time as well as last time.

  • Overview of "Recommendations for public baths. 2021"
  • Kotobukiyu
    At the public bath "Kotobukiyu" in Higashi-Ueno, Tokyo, a picture of Mari Yamazaki's public bath is drawn on the wall in the bathroom, and a warm-up is hung with the characters handwritten by Mari Yamazaki on the event title "Recommendation of public bath." I will.
    Public bath picture posting period Scheduled for April 23 (Friday) -September 15 (Wednesday) 2021
    Noren posting period April 23 (Fri) -May 25 (Tue) 2021
    Access address: 5-4-17 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-3844-8886 Business hours: 11: 00-midnight 01:30 (last reception 01:05) Regular holiday: 3rd Thursday URL: http: //www7.plala.or.jp/iiyudana/

    Related products
    A special package of milk soap to commemorate the collaboration, and 13 types of public bath goods and apparel miscellaneous goods using the illustration drawn by Mari Yamazaki for "Recommendation of public bath. 2021" (all prices include tax)

    ・ BEAMS color special package milk soap " Cow Brand Orange Box " ¥ 407

    "Cow brand orange box"

    ・ Cotton T-shirt with handwritten characters printed by Mari Yamazaki ¥ 3,850

    Recommended for public baths. 2021 cotton t-shirt

    ・ Various quick-drying T-shirts with illustrations of 6 sports competitions (wheelchair basketball / sports climbing / throwing / surfing / judo / volleyball) ¥ 3,850

    Recommended for public baths. 2021 quick-drying T-shirt

    ・ Quick-drying towel with illustrations of 6 sports competitions ¥ 2,200

    Recommended for public baths. 2021 Quick-drying washcloth

    ・ Two colors of drawstring bags (beige / navy) printed with a milk soap package drawn in Greek letters, etc.
    Various ¥ 1,980

    Recommended for public baths. 2021 drawstring bag

    ・ Zip case printed with milk soap package drawn in Greek letters, etc. ¥ 1,100

    Recommended for public baths. 2021 zip case

    ・ Folding tub with a milk soap package drawn in Greek letters, etc. ¥ 1,760

    Recommended for public baths. 2021 Bathtub

    Goods related to "Recommendations for public baths. 2021" will be sold at BEAMS JAPAN stores (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Kyoto), BEAMS STREET UMEDA (Osaka / Umeda) special corners, and BEAMS official online shop.
    BEAMS JAPAN (Shinjuku) April 26th (Monday) -June 30th (Wednesday), 2021
    Address: 3-32-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-5368-7300 Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00
    BEAMS JAPAN SHIBUYA 2021 April 26th (Monday) -May 31st (Monday)
    Address: 1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tokyu Plaza 2F TEL: 03-5422-3974 Business hours: 10: 00-21: 00
    BEAMS JAPAN KYOTO April 26th (Monday) -May 31st (Monday), 2021
    Address: 586-2 Rubanocho, Aneyakoji-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Shinpuhkan 1F TEL: 075-708-6848 Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00
    ・ In front of BEAMS STREET UMEDA, HEP FIVE 1F Atrium Event Space May 6th (Thursday) -May 16th (Sunday), 2021 * Closed on May 13th (Thursday)
    Address: 5-15 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka HEP FIVE 1F Atrium event space TEL: 06-6366-3695 Business hours: 11: 00-21: 00
    BEAMS Official Online Shop Reservation accepted from April 12, 2021 (Monday)
    URL: https://www.beams.co.jp/tag/210426_BJ_01/

    Special site
    Published on Monday, April 12 URL: https://www.beams.co.jp/special/teamjapan/sentou/

  • Comment from Mari Yamazaki
  • Since ancient times, exercise and bathing have been essential for humans to keep their mind and body healthy. The importance of bathing, which makes us feel the joy of living by taking off the various armor helmets that we wear in society every day, makes us feel the importance of bathing even in the current pandemic situation. It's just. There is no doubt that the power of the bath, which allows you to reset your mind and body, has influenced the background of ancient Rome's history of 1,000 years. Exercise, like the bath, is a wonderful possibility given to human beings under any conditions to express the joy of living. I wanted to show the importance of staying simple and energetic without imposing extra reasons or burdens on my life, so in this initiative of Milk Soap and BEAMS JAPAN, I tried to focus on exercise and bathing.

  • About "Recommendations for public baths."
  • The first "Sento Recommendation" was held from January to February 2019 as an event to convey how to enjoy public baths, delivered in collaboration with Milk Soap Kyoshinsha Co., Ltd. and BEAMS JAPAN. Events such as stamp rallies and talk shows, using the illustrations of public baths drawn by popular artist Yu Nagaba in the design of public baths and curtains, crossing about 550 public baths in Tokyo, centering on Kotobukiyu in Higashi-Ueno, Tokyo. At the same time, we appealed the appeal of public baths to the younger generation. At the pop-up shop held at the BEAMS JAPAN store, a shooting spot that imitated a public bath was also introduced, and limited-design milk soap, apparel miscellaneous goods, and public bath goods were sold. The 2020 Good Design Award (sponsored by Japan Institute of Design Promotion) is said to have created an opportunity for society to pay attention to the declining sento by connecting the sento with the motivation to go to the sento. Awarded the Promotion Association).

  • About Milk Soap Kyoshinsha Co., Ltd.
  • Since our founding in 1909 (Meiji 42), we have provided products that are "useful for beauty, cleanliness and health promotion," and have always been committed to quality first. Based on the corporate philosophy of "Keeping the gentleness for a long time.", We value the tradition of bath culture, community contribution, and sports support, and if it becomes an opportunity for young people who are not familiar with public baths to visit public baths as much as possible. With that in mind, we will carry out "Recommendations for public baths." We will continue to liven up the good old public bath culture in Japan with many unique and diverse contents.

  • BEAMS started in 2016 as a project to convey the goodness and fun of Japan to the world. Based in 3 BEAMS JAPAN stores in Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Kyoto, we have a collection of products that shine with Japanese technology, local masterpieces backed by tradition, modern culture and art, as well as fashion items such as discerning Japanese brands and original wear. , Disseminates the charm of Japanese goods and things both domestically and internationally. So far, we have collaborated with local governments such as Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, and companies in different industries. I am working on a project in Kobe.