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7/23 (Sat) is Day of the Ox. WEB advance reservation starts from this year! “Unapara!” At Matsuzakaya Ueno store

Until Saturday, July 23 / Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building B1F Hoppe Town

At the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, we will hold "Unapara!" With about 50 kinds of eel menus for the day of the Ox on Saturday, July 23. In addition to the standard eel and eel kabayaki, various eel menus such as eel sushi and eel bread are available. WEB advance reservations for some products will start from this year so that you can shop smoothly at the store! You can enjoy the eel menu according to each customer's shopping style.

<Click here for details on "Unapara!">

  • NEW ◆ WEB advance reservation → pick up at the store
  • Acceptance period: Until 20:00 on 7/19 (Tue)
    Over-the-counter delivery date: Saturday, July 23
    Over-the-counter delivery location: Main Building B1F Hoppe Town Exhibition Hall Pick-up counter

    <Ginza Naruto> Eel Kabayaki (1 skewer) 3,888 yen

    <Totei> Eel lunch (special) (1 meal) 2,950 yen

    * Limited sale on 7/22 (Fri) and 23 (Sat)

    <Izu Ei> Unajū Bento (pine) (1 fold) 3,240 yen

    * Limited sale on 7/22 (Fri) and 23 (Sat)

  • ◆ There is no doubt if you buy this! Popular standard items that can be bought at stores
  • <Totei> Eel Kabayaki (1 skewer) 3,500 yen

    * Limited sale on 7/22 (Fri) and 23 (Sat)

    <Tsukusa> Eel Kabayaki (1 skewer) 1,895 yen

    * Limited sale on 7/22 (Fri) and 23 (Sat)

    <Hokushin Suisan> Domestic eel Nagayaki (cultured / chilled) (1 sheet) 2,980 yen

  • ◆ Such a strange kind! ?? Enjoy various variations of eel!
  • <Taro> Thick grilled eel egg (1) 1,782 yen

    * Limited sale on 7/22 (Fri) and 23 (Sat)

    Thick roasted egg

    <Tagosaku> Eel Okowa (1 meal) 1,080 yen


    <Kyotaru / Sushi Misaki Port> Eel sushi (1) 680 yen

    * Limited to 20 bottles each day

    Pushed sushi

    <Alsace Lorrain> Eel bread (1 piece) 260 yen

    * Limited to 10 each day


  • ◆ "Saturday" cow ""! Beef menu is also recommended
  • <Meat Takumi Ito> Japanese black beef sirloin steak (per 100g) 1,580 yen

    * Limited price on 7/22 (Fri) and 23 (Sat) * Limited to 10 kg each day

    <Paul Bocuse> Rare part Tri-tip luxury moist roast beef pave tailoring (1 pack, 120 g) 1,080 yen

    * Limited price on 7/22 (Fri) and 23 (Sat)

  • ◆ Order and receive at home ♪ Many delivery-limited products!
  • <Osaka / Unagi Jinda> Same-day shipping after baking Charcoal-grilled eel kabayaki (domestic eel kabayaki x 2, sauce x 1, sansho x 2) 11,880 yen * Shipping included / refrigerated, <Shiga / Omi Imazu / Nishitomo> specially selected eel Chazuke (specially selected eel chazuke, hon wasabi, bubuarare x 1 each) 5,400 yen * Shipping included / refrigerated, <Osaka / Uoi> Charcoal-grilled eel kabayaki / liver sucking assortment (domestic eel kabayaki x 3, liver sucking set x 4, with eel and eel) 10,800 yen * Shipping included / frozen, etc.

    * All prices include tax.