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Valentine 2023 of Daimaru, Matsuzakaya

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store will hold “Daimaru Matsuzakaya Valentine 2023” at each store and Daimaru Matsuzakaya Online Store. This Valentine's Day, we will propose three ❝ encounters ❞ based on the concept of "happiness of giving gratitude to someone important / happiness of buying a reward for yourself" in response to customer's purchasing needs.

In addition, we have strengthened the lineup of overseas brand chocolates, which rebounded significantly last year, and each store has a unique lineup of new brands of sweets such as baked confectionery, for which the demand is increasing year by year.

Daimaru Matsuzakaya online storehttps://www.daimaru-matsuzakaya.jp/valentine/ Acceptance period Friday, January 6, 14:00 → Wednesday, February 8

* Acceptance period may vary for some products.

*Products are subject to change due to circumstances.
*The deployment location and period of the listed products differ depending on the store and brand. For details, please see Daimaru Matsuzakaya's special Valentine's site ( https://dmdepart.jp/valentine/ ), catalogs, websites, etc.

  • “Encounter” sweets that are heart-throbbing and socially good
  • “COMME PARIS” and “Kava no Kimochi” are brands run by a female owner who has a deep commitment to ingredients and health, as well as deliciousness. In addition, "BLOCK BLOCK TOKYO" is a brand that makes social good efforts such as creating a workplace where women can work comfortably.
    Denenchofu petit canelé specialty store COMME PARIS

    Available stores: Umeda store, Kyoto store, Kobe store, Tokyo store, Sapporo store, Nagoya store, Ueno store, Shizuoka store
    The concept of this brand is “what moms want their children to have and what they want them to eat”. The richness of Nasu eggs and the gentle sweetness of cane sugar. Five types of petit canelés created through trial and error so that you can enjoy a crunchy outside and chewy inside without using any preservatives or colorings. In an original can decorated with a special ribbon.

    Mari Hashimoto, Representative Director

    Première-Valentine's Limited- Première Valentine Limited (12 pieces) Tax-included 3,650 yen

    Feelings of Hippo
    Available stores: Umeda store, Kyoto store, Kobe store, Tokyo store, Sapporo store, Nagoya store, Ueno store, Shizuoka store
    A brand that was launched with the owner's desire to "make delicious sweets that are low in sugar." Butter sandwich with the aroma of fermented butter. A cute Valentine limited item with the theme of "jewels". I used French Valrhona chocolate for chocolate. Supervised by Mr. Toshiaki Fukuhara of the famous Kobe confectionery store <Bocksun>, it comes with a delicious origami.

    Honami Ichinose, Representative Director

    Jewel Chocolate (4 pieces) 2,160 yen including tax (7 pieces) 3,780 yen including tax

    Available stores: Umeda store, Kyoto store, Kobe store, Tokyo store, Sapporo store, Ueno store, Shizuoka store
    It is a lively workplace where women of all ages work, such as housework, childcare, and those with grandchildren. All the production staff are women. By valuing the lifestyle of all the staff first, power is born in work, leading to satisfying sweets making
    I'm here.

    Chocolat & Basic Basque Cheesecake MIX Set (2 each of chocolate and basic) 2,160 yen including tax

    A basic set that uses plenty of rich Danish cream cheese and is fragrantly baked at a high temperature for a short time, and a chocolate with a rich texture that is baked by kneading rich chocolate into the cheese dough. At room temperature, refrigerated, semi-frozen, warmed up… Find your favorite way to eat and enjoy the rich taste of rich cheese with different expressions.

  • “Encountering” popular chocolate brands in Japan and overseas
  • Nakamura Chocolate
    Available stores: Kyoto store, Kobe store, Tokyo store, Nagoya store
    A Japanese chocolatier active in Perth, Australia. The essence of <Nakamura Chocolate> is the delicate combination of flavors that cannot be achieved with just one ingredient.

    Celebration BOX (9 pieces) 4,212 yen including tax

    A special BOX inspired by the world's luxury tastes. Whiskey & Smoked Oak, Mascarpone & Espresso, Strawberry & Champagne, etc. 9 grains with a sense of taste are limited to Valentine's Day.

    Pierre Redon
    Available stores: Umeda store, Kyoto store, Kobe store, Tokyo store, Sapporo store, Nagoya store, Ueno store, Shizuoka store
    A chocolatier from the ancient city of Liege, Belgium, who has earned a high reputation as a patissier with creative ideas.

    Cinque Etoile Plus Cool (10 pieces) 3,888 yen including tax

    We added the standard heart chocolate to the creative assortment of 5 types of chocolate “Cinque Etoile”.

    ■Pierre Marcolini
    Available stores: Kyoto store, Kobe store, Tokyo store, Sapporo store, Nagoya store, Ueno store, Shizuoka store
    In 2015, Chocolatier representing the country was awarded the honor of the Belgian Royal Warrant. The biggest feature is the commitment to cacao. We handle the entire process ourselves, from developing cacao procurement routes to refining.

    Top right: Coffret Coeur (9 pieces) 4,050 yen including tax Bottom left: Nouvelle Selection (9 pieces) 3,996 yen including tax

    A luxurious assortment of 6 types of the new “Les Claire Nouveau” series, the red heart “Cool Framboise” that represents the brand, and the “Grand Cru” series that uses carefully selected cacao.

  • ​“Encounter” popular sweets with queues
    Available stores: Kobe store, Tokyo store
    "Not the best in the world, but the best in your life." With such a wish, the chef of the French restaurant traced his delicious memories and finally realized "Tokyo Cheesecake". The chef's sensitivity to the aroma and taste that can be enjoyed depending on the temperature
    and reliable technology are utilized.

    Mr. CHEESECAKE with Cooler Bag (1) ¥3,456 including tax

    〈Mr. CHEESECAKE〉It is characterized by a rich and fleeting mouthfeel like a restaurant dessert, and a sweet and refreshing scent that combines vanilla, lemon, and tonka beans. Valentine's limited flavors are also scheduled to appear.

    Available stores: Kyoto store, Tokyo store, Nagoya store, Shizuoka store
    Create new sweets by arranging the expressive sweets of New York, a city where the individuality of the world is condensed. Based on years of research, we will deliver excitement to the world with <NYCSAND> style that is particular about materials and manufacturing methods.

    NY Rich Cookies & Cranberry Jam Assortment (4 pieces) 1,512 yen including tax

    New NY Rich Cookie & Cranberry Jam and NY Caramel Sand are packed in a special gift box for Valentine's Day.

    Held schedule
    <Daimaru Umeda>
    ・ January 18 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday): 15th floor Chocolat Promenade (closed at 18:00 on the last day), 1st floor west
    ・ February 4th (Sat) → 14th (Tue): 1st floor east

    <Daimaru Kyoto store>
    ・January 25 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday): 6th floor event hall (closed at 17:00 on the last day)
    ・ February 1st (Wednesday) → 14th (Tuesday): 5th floor Hot Spot
    ・January 25th (Wed) → February 14th (Tue): Special sales area in front of the information desk on the 1st floor ・Special sales area next to the information desk in the store, basement floor

    <Daimaru Kobe store>
    ・January 11 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday): Basement 1st floor
    ・January 18 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday): Special venue next to the main stage on the 1st floor
    ・January 25 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday): In front of the main stage on the 1st floor
    ・ January 25 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday): 9th floor Event Hall Chocolat Promenade
    (Closes at 19:00, closes at 18:00 on the last day)
    ・February 1st (Wednesday) → 14th (Tuesday): Sweets event on the first floor of the basement
    ・February 4th (Sat) → 14th (Tue): B1F Food Exhibition Hall

    <Daimaru Tokyo store>
    ・ January 25 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday): 1st floor 2023 Chocolat Promenade 1st venue,
    Basement 2023 Chocolat Promenade 2nd Venue
    ・ January 26th (Thursday) → February 14th (Tuesday): 2023 Chocolat Promenade Special Venue on the 11th floor

    <Daimaru Sapporo store>
    ・January 25 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday): Valentine chocolate special venue on the 7th floor
    1st basement floor Valentine's Special / Hoppe Town
    Valentine special venue on the 1st floor * Part of the 1st floor January 18th (Wednesday) → February 14th (Tuesday)

    <Matsuzakaya Nagoya store>
    ・January 18 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday): Main building 7th floor large exhibition hall (closes at 18:00 on the last day)

    <Matsuzakaya Ueno store>
    ・February 1st (Wednesday) → 14th (Tuesday): Valentine special venue on the 1st and 6th floors

    <Matsuzakaya Shizuoka store>
    ・January 25 (Wednesday) → February 14 (Tuesday): Large exhibition hall on the 8th floor of the main building (closes at 17:00 on the last day), basement of the main building