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The Tokyo National Museum exhibits special items named after “Sakura” Annual project of Spring “Cherry-blossom viewing at the museum” March 14 ~ Implemented ~ Planning of garden light up and participatory event etc. are also packed! ~

The Tokyo National Museum (Ueno Park, Tokyo) will exhibit the masterpieces named after the cherry blossom from March 14 (Tuesday) to April 9 (Sun) in 2017, and holding the various events at the Spring’s regular project “Museum Cherry blossom viewing “will be carried out.

In the exhibition room, cherry blossoms bloom in masterpieces, and about 10 kinds of cherry blossoms bloom in the boasting garden.

[Highlight 1]

■ Main Cherry Blossom viewing
In the main building, various works related to cherry blossoms such as national treasure “foliage foliage of flower underground music screen” such as paintings depicting cherry blossoms, crafts with motif of cherry blossoms, Buddhist images of cherry wood are displayed. Sakura mark is attached to the corresponding work. It is possible to find your favorite cherry blossoms in the exhibition room.
■ Sakura Stamp Rally
You can press a stamp at five points in the main building exhibition room during the “Cherry-blossom viewing at the museum” period. Once you have 5 pieces you will receive an original can badge. “Cherry-blossom viewing at the museum” Every day during the period.
※ distribution of the backing sheet / badge exchange place: Main building entrance (exchange is from 10: 00 to closed)

[Highlight 2]

■ Opening of the garden in spring
Open the garden boasting of our hotel for a limited time only. In 2017, we will do it specially longer than usual. After seeing the works of cherry blossoms in the exhibition room, you can enjoy the cherry-blossom viewing relaxingly in the garden.
Also, in accordance with the opening of the special exhibition “Cha no yu”, you can see the interior of Ryuni from the outside from April 11 (Tue) to May 7 (Sun).

Duration: March 14 (Tue) – May 7 (Sun) 10: 00 ~ 16: 00
(The light up date is until 19:30)
■ Garden light up
March 31 (Fri), April 1 (Sat), 7 (Fri), 8 (Sat), 19: 30
■ Sakura Cafe
March 14 (Tue) – May 7 (Sun) 10: 00 ~ 16: 00 (Light up date is until 18:00)
※ Last order 15 minutes before closing
There are cases when it is canceled due to bad weather

[Highlight 3]

Cherry blossoms event
There are lots of events that you can enjoy more of the cherry blossoms. Regarding the events below, all reception on the day, no advance application required. Join free (however, entrance fee on the day is required).
■ Sakura Gallery Talk

· “Spring scent”
Date and time: Thursday, March 16 (from 14: 00 to 14: 30)
Lecturer: Rumiko Tanabe (Associate Fellow, Registration Office)
Venue: Main lounge underground lion (Education Spreading Space)

· “Cherry blossoms on the screen”
Date and time: Wednesday, March 29 (Wed) 14: 00 ~ 14: 30
Lecturer: Mayumi Ono (Senior Researcher for Lending Special Viewing Room)
Venue: 8 main rooms

· “Cherry blossoms in bowl”
Date and time: Friday, April 7th 18: 30-19: 00
Lecturer: Azusa Yokoyama (Researcher, Preservation and Restoration Room)
Venue: Main lounge underground lion (Education Spreading Space)
■ Appreciation Guide
I will introduce the highlight of the work named after the cherry blossom with a digest.
※ Both the lion in the main building underground (educational spreading space)

Date: March 22 (Wednesday) 14: 00 ~ 14: 30
Lecturer: Kazuki Katsuki (Department Manager of Educational Lecture)

Date and time: Friday, March 31, 18: 30-19: 00
Lecturer: Maki Kobayashi (Director of Museum Education Section)

Date: Wednesday, April 5 (Wednesday) 14: 00 ~ 14: 30
Lecturer: Shimabe Shinko (Senior Researcher at the Education Lecture Room)
■ Cherry Blossom Seminar
“Beauty and heart seen in the paintings of cherry blossoms”
Cherry blossoms are one of the motifs to call icons representing Japan. Think of the reason why Japanese people loved cherry blossoms through Japanese paintings in which cherry blossoms were drawn.

Date and time: Saturday 8th April 13: 30 ~ 15: 00 (scheduled to open 13:00)
Lecturer: Yoshiya Yamashita (Painting & Sculptor Chief Researcher)
Venue: Heiseikan large auditorium capacity 380 (in order of arrival)
■ Guided Tour by Volunteers
We will show “Tohaku no Sakura” with various themes such as works named after the cherry blossoms and cherry blossoms at the best time of the premises.
※ The date and time will be updated on our website from time to time.
■ Higashihiro Honorable meeting “One clique at the cherry blossoms”
It is an event of writing a phrase on the theme of a work with a cherry-blossoming garden or cherry blossoms motif. We are looking for haiku in postwriting posts. The prize-winning works will be presented at the “Tokyo National Museum News August-September”, announced at the website of the hotel, and a souvenir will be presented.
※ Receive everyday during the period “Cherry-blossom viewing at the museum”
■ Sakura Workshop “Spring Ranman Sakura Coloring”
It is the coloring of the work which made the motif of cherry blossoms exhibited in the main building. You can create your own spring-like work.

Date and time: Thursday, March 23, 2017 to Sunday, 26 March 2017 11: 00 ~ 16: 00 each day
Venue: Main Building 2F Lounge

※ Coloring sheets end as soon as
■ Cherry Blossom Music Concert
It is a free mini concert by participating artists “Tokyo · Spring · Music Festival”.

· Cello · solo
Cast: Hayashi Haruka
Date and time: March 31 (Fri) 13: 00-13: 20
Venue: Main Staircase Stairs

· Violin and viola duo
Cast: Violin Eri Sato, Viola Kuroki Yuki
Date and time: April 3 (Mon) 13: 00 ~ 13: 20 Horyuji Treasures Entrance

<Organizer · Inquiry>
Tokyo · Spring · Music Festival Executive Committee
TEL: 03-5205-6497
Website: http://www.tokyo-harusai.com/

■ Outline Summary ■

Event name: Cherry-blossom viewing at the museum

Period: March 14 (Tue) – April 9 (Sun) in 2017

Opening hours: 9: 30-17: 00
※ Friday and Saturday until 20:00, until 4:00 on Sunday 2nd (Sunday) and 9th (Sunday)
※ Admission until 30 minutes before closing

Closed: Tuesday, March 21

Admission fee: 620 yen (520 yen) / university students 410 yen (310 yen)
* In parentheses, group fee of 20 people or more
※ For high school students and below, and those under the age of 18 and over 70 are free.
Please show us what you know of your age when entering the building.
※ One person with disabilities and their carers is free.
Please present a handicapped person such as a handicapped person when entering the building.