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Uchino Ichioshi (Our Best Recommendation) “Usagiya”

《The best way to dat the Dorayaki》


“I recommend you to eat a Dorayaki while it’s hot. The pancake and Anko have not merged together yet, but they mix very well in your mouth.” says Mr. Taniguchi.


《Dora-An Soft au lait (Anko-flavored soft serve ice cream)》

usagiya-4Right after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Mr. Taniguchi was trying to create an interesting new product attracts people, and started to offer soymilk soft serve ice cream. However, the ingredients soon became unavailable. At such time, his friend in Mombetsu city, Hokkaido, invited him to come to the city to appreciate ice floes, and he was introduced to the president of North Plain Farm (dairy farm). At first, he thought Usagiya should not offer any dairy product; however, the great flavor of the milk produced by the farm changed his mind, and he was sure the mixture of the milk and his Anko will be something great.

Dora-An Soft au lait was thus produced. The soft serve is not too thick. The milk flavor enhances the goodness of the Anko. This unique soft serve is now becoming popular by words of mouth.



《Usagiya CAFE》

This summer, Usagiya is enjoying a new challenge. Usagiya CAFE located close to the shop is now offering something not offered at the shop under the theme “Collaboration.”


Its Ichioshi is “Usa-gori” shave ice. The ice cold sweet treat is made with Usagiya’s Anko, honey used for Dorayaki pancake, and “Hawaii Water” ice made of water actually brought from Hawaii. It looks so simple, but the harmony of the three superb ingredients is just awesome. In addition, you can pour the selected sake of Hiroshima pref. on your Usa-gori. The sake merges with the sweetness gives you a great change of flavor.

usagiya-15Another Ichioshi is “Sui-han.” This is a unique cold meal great during the summer months. Pour the cold Hawaii Water on the rice topped with Tsukudani. The cold pure water enhances the natural goodness of rice and Tsukudani. It’s worth a try!

They will add new items on the menu and change them depending on the season. I am looking forward to seeing more new ideas.


《What is fascination of Ueno? Do people from overseas visit the shop?》

usagiya-13“Ueno is an interesting town that features cultural facilities such as museum and art museum up on the hill in addition to the bustling shopping areas. I hope visitors enjoy all the aspects of Ueno.” says Mr. Taniguchi

Usagiya has enjoyed long-term relationships with many regular customers of successive generations. On the other hand, it always hopes a lot of new customers and customers from overseas countries enjoy their confectionery.

He says there are so many Thai visit the shop recently, and then, it is followed by Chinese and Korean customers.

The two things I consistently felt while interviewing him were his passion and sincerity. It is not very hard to imagine that working on something new while keeping the tradition requires a lot of energy, but I am sure he will constantly bring something new and delicious!