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【National Museum of Western Art】 “Rubens Exhibition – Birth of Baroque” Press Conference Report

A press conference was held on March 29th, "Rubens exhibition – the birth of Baroque" to be held at the National Museum of Western Art from October 16 (Tue) 2018 to January 20 (Sunday) 2019. I will report the situation this time.

One of the painters representing the 17th century, Rubens (1577-1640). His work at the Spanish Netherlands (presently around Belgium) is a sample of the baroque art that had dominated Europe at that time due to its rich colors and a composition full of movement. Rubens, born in a venerable name family, who was also useful as a diplomat from its advanced education, on the other hand has a large workshop and gained fame as a painter.

This exhibition will focus on the relationship with Italy where Rubens stayed and will exhibit works of Rubens and works of ancient art and Renaissance influenced by him as well as works of Italian artists from the same era.

The venue was the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Kojimachi

Honorable Italian Ambassador to Japan Giorgio Stalache

"Rubens gained the inspiration of the painting from Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance, and we can proudly say that, for the eight years I lived in Italy, It became an important thing, and Maestro in this Flemish province became known as "the last large painter of the Renaissance."

At the beginning of the press conference there was a greeting by the ambassador, from the Italian Ambassador to Japan Giorgio Starkache told about the influence of Rubens and Italy, and the influence of Italy and Renaissance.

"By touching classical art directly in various places in Italy, features that can not be erased were created in Rubens and its workshops.The unique aesthetic sense of Italy, in modern world, various fashion and design I think that we can find it in other fields. "

Until now, Rubens' exhibition has been held several times in the country, but both focused on the relevance to the Nederland art in her home country.
However, "Rubens exhibition – the birth of Baroque" will rethink Rubens' paintings from the context of Italian art, and it will be the first attempt in Japan to treat Rubens as an "Italian painter".

Let me introduce representative ones from this exhibition.

(All of the following works are by Peter, Paul, Rubens)

"Death of Seneca"

Madrid, Museo de Prado © Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado

The whole image of Seneca, an ancient Roman philosopher Seneca, who was dressed in a rebellion wet clothing and ordered the suicide by the emperor. The posture quoted familiar ancient sculpture almost as it is, showing the result of learning of ancient art by Rubens.

"Two children sleeping"

Tokyo, Collection of the National Museum of Western Art

A portrait feels affection for two young children. The model is thought to be children of Elisabeth Elispiel Phillips. This picture is thought to be written to be a sample for making large works, there are works where the same head appears as an angel or an infant Jesus.

"Mars and Rare Sylwia"

Vienna, the Liechtenstein curtain collection © LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections, Vaduz-Vienna

A scene where Romulus and Romus's mother, Princess Rare Sylwia, who will become the legendary founder of Rome, are to be seen by Military God Mars. With the shrine set in the shrine, Mars which came on the clouds fell, Cupid is tying the two. It is a painting work that tells us that Rubens was familiar with ancient literature.

"Venus, Mars and Cupid"

London, Darwin Painting Hall Collection By Permission of the Trustees of Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Venus is a god of love and beauty, Mars is a god of war. Since the Renaissance it was often drawn that the martial arms are released by the beauty and love of Venus. In Chapter 6, we display ancient sculptures of a whole body image of female nude in the same space as painting work.

Also, various related projects are scheduled for holding this exhibition.
This is Nero and Patrasche of "Flanders dog" that appeared in the saying that Belgium …. Rubens was a setting that Nero 's yearning person.
"Dog of Flanders" is scheduled to be broadcasted on the CS · TBS channel this autumn, and a tie-up plan with this exhibition is ongoing. I am looking forward to it too!

The session will be from October 16 (Tuesday) 2018 to January 20 (Sun) of 2019.
The encounter between Rubens and Italy, which will greatly rewrite the history of painting.
In recent years, "Rubens exhibition – the birth of baroque" which becomes the largest scale, please do come and see if it is held.