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Ueno Royal Museum Van Gogh exhibition and collaboration “Sitamachi Halloween 2019” will be held!

“Sitamachi Halloween 2019” will be held in Ueno / Okachimachi / Yushima area for one month from October 1, 2019.
This project was attended by about 50,000 people in total last year.
This year, in collaboration with the Van Gogh Exhibition (Ueno Royal Museum), a huge object of Van Gogh ’s masterpiece “Hitosugi” will also appear.
Please participate with your children this year.

This year, “Citahalo” will hold a total of seven events, including “Trick or Treat” and “Disguise Parade & Contest” where you can receive not only sweets but also stationery.
Luxurious products are available for winners of the costume contest. (Please refer to the official website for details.)

Introduction of " TEAL PUMPKIN PROJECT ~ Teal Pumpkin Project ~ "

TEAL PUMPKIN PROJECT ~ Teal Pumpkin Project ~

Introducing the “TEAL PUMPKIN PROJECT” project, which is designed to allow children with allergies to enjoy “Trick or Treat”, so that children with allergies can also enjoy themselves.


October 1 (Tuesday) to 31 days (Thursday)
【Stamp Rally】
You can get an original can badge of Shitamachi Panda x Hoggo on the spot when you press the stamp of "Sitamachi Panda" placed at 7 shops.
In addition, if you go to the Van Gogh Exhibition (October 11 to January 13, 2020, Ueno Royal Museum), you can get “Hoggo-san Stamp” and exhibition-only sweets that can only be pushed there.
* If you collect all the stamps from the seven store associations and take them to the Ueno Royal Museum's Van Gogh exhibition ticket office, you can purchase 100% off the same day tickets for the Van Gogh exhibition.
(Effective once for up to 4 people per free sheet of stamp mount. Can be used in combination with other discounts.)
* Only the person who has viewed the Van Gogh exhibition can stamp the Hoggo-san stamp. No can badge is distributed.
* The Van Gogh exhibition will be over as soon as the limited sweets are gone.

Sitamachi.Panda x Hoggo's Original Can Badge

October 1 (Tuesday) to 31 days (Thursday)
[Halloween Bazaar]
A total of 55 stores from Ueno, Okachimachi, and Yushima areas participate!
* Please refer to the free paper for participating stores and benefits.

October 2, 5 (Friday) to 2 7 (Sunday) (10:00 to 20)
[Bentenmon Halloween Food Village]
Venue | Ueno Zoo Bentenmon Square
* Rainy weather and stormy weather cancellation. * Program may change depending on weather.

Enjoy local specialties and delicious gourmet food!
“ Bentenmon Halloween food stall village '' will appear again this year, lined with kitchen cars and food stalls along the Shinobazu Pond
Please enjoy local specialties and delicious gourmet food.
This year, in collaboration with the Van Gogh exhibition, a huge cypress object will appear!
An excellent work of the “mini lantern face design contest” drawn by the visitors of “Sitamachi Factory” held in August and September is a real lantern attached to the giant cypress object And illuminate the square. (Hereafter, image diagram)

Bentenmon Halloween Food Village

Giant cedar object

October 2, 6 (Saturday) (11:00 to 16)
【Trick or Treat】
Reception area | Ueno Zoo Bentenmon square
How to participate | Start the trick or treat when you receive the bag and the stamp mount distributed at the reception!
* Up to 10 stores per person.

October 2, 6 (Saturday) (11 am to 18 pm) October 29 (Tuesday), 3 0 days (water) (holding time depends on each store.)
[Disguise parade & contest]
Time | Reception / 11: 00-14: 00
Parade / 16: 00-17: 00
Contest / parade end-18:00
Reception area | Ueno Zoo Bentenmon square
Target | Those who have purchased a ticket and received an entry pass at the reception
Fee ( advance ticket ) | Adult 1,000 yen, Child (elementary school age or younger, accompanied by a guardian) 500 yen
(Same-day ticket ) | Adults 1,500 yen, children (elementary school students and younger, accompanied by a guardian) 800 yen
* Advance tickets are on sale at Confetti https://www.confetti-web.com/detail.php?tid=54881&
* One ticket is required per person. Tax included. Preschool children also need children's tickets.

[Panda Square Stage Event]
October 26 (Sat), 27 (Sun)
Lots of stage events and booths for children to enjoy

Stage schedule

About the booth
1-2 | "K4 Planning Handmade City"-Sale of Halloween goods and miscellaneous goods
3-4 | “Tokyo Metropolitan Workshop”-Make an original mask!
5-6 | “Bunka Gakuen University Workshop”-Halloween original sand art & can batch making, “Hitosugi” and other coloring pages
7-10 | "Kabaya Children's Fair"-Shooting, Super Ball Rake, Ring Throw, etc.
11 | "Kabaya"-Shooting with crunchy pandas and presenting new products
12 | “Gogh Exhibition PR Corner”-Maybe you get a nice present !?
13 | “Minna no Yatai”-10/26 Chocolate Banana, 10/27 Gluten-Free Takoyaki
14-16 | Food and drink tents-cotton candy, popcorn, crepes, etc.
17 | “Matsuzakaya Ueno: Halloween de Ekofu”

Booth layout

[Night if you don't eat Night 2019 Ueno Nakamachi / Yushima Shiroume 13th]

How to participate | If you purchase a can badge at participating stores, you can buy a set of meals and drinks for ¥ 800.
Can badges | Advance 500 yen, the day of 600 yen
Official Website | tabe-noma.com

If you don't eat it, you can drink night 2019 Ueno-Nakacho / Yushima Shiroume 13th

[Overview of "Sitamachi Halloween"]
Holding area | Ueno, Okachimachi, Yushima area
Free paper location | Please refer to the official website.
Sponsorship | Ueno Chuo-dori Shopping Association / Ueno Nakatsu Shopping Street Promotion Association
Support | Taito
Cooperation | Ameyoko Shopping Street Federation / Yushima Shiroume Shopping Association / Jewelry Town Okamachi / Okachimachi Station South Exit Shopping Association / Ueno 6-Chome Shopping Association Association / Tokyo Bunka Kaikan / Keisei Ueno Station / Comogomo Exhibition Exhibition | Ueno Marui / Atre Ueno / Ecute Ueno / UENO3153 / Marugoto Nippon / Asahi Shinkin Bank Ueno Branch / Tokyo Subway Co., Ltd. / Kabaya Foods Co., Ltd.
Support | Taito
SPECIAL THANKS | Van Gogh / Credit Saison Official Site | shitamachi-halloween.com/

Sitamachi.Panda x Hoggo