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[Store support project] Oyster table Ueno Sakura Terrace store’s gorgeous take-out menu♪

On the go self-restraint and actions restricted by the new coronavirus, I have followed every day that does not somehow calm.

Every day, in a changing and uncertain situation, the world is overwhelmed by heavy air and tends to look downward.
However, even in such a situation, there are many shops and facilities who are doing their best to do their best.
The Kokosil editorial department will introduce such stores and facilities as "Store Support Project" .
I would like to introduce you to the outline of stores and facilities, recommended menus, services that are devised because of this situation, things that are important to you.

This time, we are allowed to pick up is started luxurious takeout menu "Oyster tables Ueno Sakura Terrace store"'s.
See it!

◎We asked Oyster Table Ueno Sakura Terrace store and PR manager Takase about the gorgeous takeaway menu and the store . We also received comments from the manager.

The takeout food at the Oyster Table Ueno Sakura Terrace store has a gorgeous menu.

Q: You started taking out at the Oyster Table Ueno Sakura Terrace store!
Could you tell me some recommended products?

A: "Yes, we have taken-out sales since May 10. We would like to introduce 9 recommended menus."

■Oyster complete 20-piece set 3,900 yen (tax included)

"It is a set that you can thoroughly enjoy the popular oyster dishes at the oyster bar. You can enjoy a variety of oyster flavors with various dishes such as unglazed, buttered saute, grilled oysters, steamed wine, fried oysters, oyster cream croquettes. "

◎ In addition to the Oyster Complete Set, a 10-piece set of 2,200 yen (tax included) is also available.

■ Oyster cream risotto set 1,700 yen (tax included)

" It is a rich cream risotto full of oyster umami. 4 kinds of appetizers and salad are also included."

■ Seafood tomato cream risotto set 1,700 yen (tax included)

"It 's a tomato cream risotto full of umami, seafood such as oysters, shrimp, mussels and tomatoes .
Four kinds of appetizers and salad are also included in the set.

■ Seafood Gumbo Rice 1,300 yen (tax included)

" Gumbo has been a popular menu since its establishment, with spicy spices and plenty of okra and seafood ! "

*Gumbo is the South African sole hood.

■Various 2 pieces of oysters 600 yen each (tax included)
*The photo shows 1 piece, but actually 2 pieces.

・Sea urchin and oyster oyster oil grilled oysters

"It's the most popular sea urchin and oyster soy sauce grilled oysters."

・Grilled anchovy garlic oysters

"It's a dish that matches the taste of anchovies with the taste of oysters."

・"Oyster Rockefeller" White sauce and spinach oysters

From May 29th (Friday), we also started takeout sales of raw oysters.

◎ For details, please see the following article. (With a video showing how to peel raw oysters)


The oyster table Ueno Sakura Terrace's take-out drink goes very well with oyster dishes.

Q: Can you tell me some recommended take-out drinks?

A: “ We have our original CACCCI series developed for oysters. We have a lineup from No. 1 to No. 7, so please enjoy your favorite pairing. "

■Original original wine "CACCCI" series (No.1 to No.5) wine (bottle)
2,000 yen each (tax included)

For white wine lovers, we recommend the refreshing dry Sauvignon Blanc (No.1) and the refreshing Chardonnay (No.2).

Red wine is also recommended for dishes that use soy sauce or sauce.
We also have a lineup of red wines with fruity taste, easy to drink, Pinot Noir (No.3) and red wines that you can feel rich, Cabernet Sauvignon (No.4).
In addition, this year, a new dry rose wine (No.5) has joined the group!

Original sake that matches oysters "CACCCI" series (No.6 to No.7) 300 ml bottle of sake
2,000 yen each (tax included)
*The picture is a 500ml bottle, but the takeout sale is only a 300ml bottle.

This is the sake for oysters that we have been providing since this year. There are two types of sake, a slightly cloudy micro-foam type (No.6) and a super dry type (No.7).
No.6 is a sparkling sparkling cloudy shot. It is a sweet drink for women who are sweet and sour and who are not good at sake . No. 7 is a so-called dry Japanese sake, but the mouth is refreshing and you can feel the taste of rice firmly. Excellent compatibility with oysters.



Please tell us about the oyster table Ueno Sakura Terrace store.

Q: Store features

A: "The Oyster Table Ueno Sakura Terrace is a 1-minute walk from the Shinobazu Exit of Ueno Station. You can feel the warmth and warmth of wood grain while the counter seats, so even one person can feel free to drop by. receive"

Ueno store exterior

Ueno store

Q: What is the pride of the store?

A: "We are proud of the variety of oyster dishes that you can only find in an oyster specialty store!"
"In particular, the raw oysters are very safe, and all arrive at the shop via the purification center in Toyama Prefecture."
"We use the patented technology to purify raw oysters grown by our producers in deep sea water for approximately 2 days or more. This technology makes the raw oysters as safe as possible. "

Q: What do you value as a store?

A: “Our company handles food called oysters, so hygiene management is always done on a regular basis. For example, we have been sterilizing with slightly acidic electrolyzed water .
In addition, we are striving to create an environment where customers can come to our store even more comfortably by requesting customers to use slightly acidic electrolyzed water, blowing up inside the store, wearing employees' masks, and so on. "

※ The slightly acidic electrolyzed water, have a higher than alcohol germicidal, bactericidal effect of the general bacteria and viruses have been recognized, et al. It is also designated as a food additive and is safe for people and foodstuffs.

Oyster table Ueno Sakura Terrace store Comments from the manager to the customer

At the Oyster Table Ueno Sakura Terrace store, we are welcoming our customers with thorough hygiene management of the store and physical condition management of employees. First of all, please feel secure in hygiene and add "comfort" We try to be a "place of healing"."

“In addition to hygiene management, we encourage employees to treat our customers with a positive attitude to create a bright and comfortable space for the entire store.

“I would like to thank all the customers who come to our store to eat oysters even under these circumstances. I cannot thank you enough.”

"By all means, come and enjoy our oyster dishes, both in takeaway and in the store!"


We have introduced Oyster Table Ueno Sakura Terrace store.
The gorgeous oyster takeaway menu is a lineup that will satisfy your stomach and heart when you eat and drink.
Of course, you can enjoy it in the store.

Even under these circumstances, Kokosil editorial department will continue to support the oyster table Ueno Sakura Terrace, who is working hard looking forward.

Basic information

■Address: Ueno Park Sakura Terrace 3F, 1-54, Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo
■ Access: 1 minute walk from JR Ueno Station
Phone number: 050-3462-1308
■Operating Hours: Mon-Fri Lunch 11:00-15:00 (LO14:30, Drink LO14:30)
Dinner 17:00~22:00 (LO21:00, drink LO21:30)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Lunch 11:00~15:00 (LO15:00)
Dinner 17:00~22:00 (LO21:00, drink LO21:30)
■ Regular holiday: None
■Average budget: 4,600 yen (normal average) 4,000 yen (banquet average) 1,180 yen (lunch average)
■Other charges: Service charge: After 17:00 Seat charges 320 yen (tax excluded)
Credit Card: VISA MasterCard JCB American Express Diners Club
■Store HP: https://www.oysterbar.co.jp/shop/detail.php?sid=HW0005
■ Takeout reservation information: https://www.tablecheck.com/shops/oystertable-ueno-pickup/reserve