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Evil incarnation, Queen of Reversals … An exhibition that unravels the “person” of the royal family. [Ueno Royal Museum] (~ 2021/1/11) “KING & QUEEN Exhibition” Press Preview Report

The "KING & GUEEN Exhibition" is being held at the Ueno Royal Museum from Saturday, October 10, 2020 to Monday, January 11, 2021. A special preview for the media was held the day before the release, so this time we will tell you about it.

The story of the British royal family, traced in portraiture.

Exhibition hall entrance. The portrait of Queen Elizabeth II decorates the front

Portrait of Elizabeth I (author unknown). Built the foundation of the British Empire and wielded power

The venue is divided into five areas, and portraits are exhibited for each dynasty. This is the Stuart morning area

Many of the portraits are very large and are spectacular. This is Queen Anne, who marked the end of the Stuart dynasty

Exhibition of works with beautiful marble statues in Queen Victoria's area

Today, the medium of photography has replaced portraiture. In the foreground are Prince Harry and Princess Megan.

Like Japan, Britain is a country that has a royal family as a nation and continues to maintain its history.
Habsburg, Omanov, Ottoman Turkey … While many dynasties have collapsed after the First World War, the British dynasty has inherited its bloodline for more than 500 years while changing its name and form in the times. ..

"KING & QUEEN Exhibition" is an exhibition that traces the history of the British royal family, which continues to attract attention from all over the world, with portraits. The collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London, one of the world's leading museums of portraiture, will showcase about 90 precious portraits and photographs from the Tudor dynasty to the present Windsor dynasty.

Mrs. Devi, a supporter of this exhibition, has also appeared!

In addition, Mrs. Devi, who became a supporter of this exhibition, appeared at the press preview.
Mrs. Devi, who was formerly called a "genius" in painting, once thought about pursuing that path. While showing solid insight into painting and royal fashion, there were many "celebrity" stories that only Mrs. Dewi could tell, such as the episode she met at a horse racing festival with Princess Diana.

Finally, when asked, "What is the point of wanting you to see here in the exhibition?"
"British history, the background of the event, and what the fate of the person was. It may be little known to the Japanese, but portraits are really deeply appealing. By all means, I hope that you will deepen your understanding by watching the captions while reading them carefully. "
As a supporter, he talked about how to enjoy this exhibition.

A portrait is a story.

Britain is also famous as the birthplace of the great playwright Shakespeare. In other words, the British people are naturally fond of people, history, and stories.

One of the ways to enjoy painting is to enjoy the colors and composition involuntarily, but the changes in style and fashion sense with the times, the allegations in the details of the screen, and the "story" in the background of the painting … .. By tasting such things, there may be a moment when the painting in front of you comes to life.

Here, the Kokosil editorial department picked up three points from the exhibited portraits. I will introduce a little "story" that flows in the background!

《Henry VIII》 Author unknown (based on the original work of Hans Holbein [child]) 17th century?

Love or faith? The cruelest king in British history.

A portrait of Henry VIII, allegedly based on what Hans Holbein [child] painted in 1536. The traditional royal representation, adorned with gorgeous clothing and jewelery, shows the dignity of Henry VIII at the very top of his power.

What is surprising about him is that he has married six wives throughout his life, divorced and expelled them, and even executed them. He even turned the divorced Roman Church into an enemy to marry his second wife, Anne Boleyn, and finally founded the Anglican Church. This is exactly the beginning, and the storm of religious reform will blow in the world.

It may be said that he is a man who is crazy about love and changed history because of love.

《Lady Jane Gray》 Author unknown Around 1590-1600

A 16-year-old ephemeral life scattered on the decapitation stand.

Kyoko Nakano " Lady Jane Gray 's Execution" by Paul Delaroche, who was featured in "Scary Picture" and became famous. This is a panel painting drawn to mourn Lady Jane Gray after death, not before life. Scratched scars remain on both eyes and mouth, indicating that they have been attacked to destroy the icon in its history.

Her reign, the granddaughter of Henry VIII, lasted only nine days, being robbed of the throne by Mary, a Roman Catholic, and dying her young life on the decapitation at just 16 years old. ..

"George IV" Thomas Lawrence circa 1814

Pretty handsome. But is the nickname "Prince Whale"?

George IV, who was handsome and well-educated from a young age and was also called "England's most gentleman". He ruled the country on behalf of George III, who suffered from a mental illness, and was crowned by the death of his father. In particular, he is known to the world for his excellent artistic support activities.

A beautiful figure that is not ashamed of the name of "Gentleman". This fascinating sculpture was made for medals, but in the end the medals were never cast. why.
That's because he got fat without the shadow he saw … He was constantly wasting money and prodigal, and he didn't seem to be good at complimenting him, so his nickname was "Prince Whale . " Well, sorry!

Outline of the event

Exhibition name Collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London
KING & QUEEN Exhibition-British Royal Story to Read with Masterpieces-
Session October 10, 2020 (Sat) -January 11, 2021 (Mon / holiday)
10: 00-17: 00 Fridays 10: 00-20: 00 <January 1st (Friday) until 17:00>
* Last admission is 30 minutes before closing
* Open all year round
Admission fee Weekdays General ¥ 1.800 High school / university students ¥ 1,600 Elementary / junior high school students ¥ 1,000
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays General ¥ 2,000 High school / university students ¥ 1,800 Elementary / junior high school students ¥ 1,200
This exhibition will introduce a designated date and time system.
Please check here for admission methods and ticket purchases .
Venue Ueno Royal Museum
Official site https://www.kingandqueen.jp/