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Grilled spaghetti specialty store “Lome Spa Balboa” Limited time special spaghetti “Shirunashi Tantanmen”

Sale period: May 17, 2021 (Monday) to late June (planned)

Spicy taste stimulates appetite!

At the grilled spaghetti specialty store "Lome Spa Balboa", the special menu "Shirunashi Tantanmen" will be on sale for a limited time from May 17th (Monday).

At "Lome Spa Balboa", which has 5 stores in Tokyo as a specialty store for grilled spaghetti with a punchy and addictive taste, the special menu "Shirunashi Tantanmen" will be on sale for a limited time from May 17th (Monday). To do.

The spaghetti provided by Lome Spaghetti is a grilled spaghetti known as "road surface spaghetti", which is made by stir-frying extra-thick noodle spaghetti that has been boiled and left overnight with various sauces. It is characterized by its dark, punchy and addictive taste, and its overwhelming volume is one of its attractions. Spaghetti born from Japanese noodle culture and Western food culture, which is different from Italian pasta boiled in al dente.

From that Romespa Balboa, the special menu that will appear for a limited time is "Shirunashi Tantanmen". It is a unique creative spaghetti that Italian, Japanese, and Chinese teamed up. The thick spaghetti with a chewy texture is fried with Japanese mustard spinach and onions, and topped with Zhajiangmian, which is finished with Tianmian sauce. Please mix vigorously and enjoy. The scent of Chinese pepper that spreads in the stimulating spiciness creates a gorgeous spiciness.

Please look forward to the future of Romespa Balboa, which always pursues delicious dishes and continues to take on challenges without being bound by preconceived ideas.

■ "Lome Spa Balboa" Special Menu "Shirunashi Tantanmen" Sales Overview
◇ Menu name:
Shirunashi Tantanmen
◇ Sales period:
May 17, 2021 (Monday) to late June (planned)
◇ Price:
Normal serving (350g) 750 yen / Large serving (500g) 950 yen / Special serving (700g) 1,200 yen
* All tax included, 20 yen discount for each size at Okachimachi store.
◇ Store:
Toranomon store / Nihonbashi Muromachi store / Kasumigaseki Iino Building store / Kanda Ogawamachi store / Okachimachi Ameya Yoko store

■ "Lome Spa Balboa" store list
・ Kasumigaseki Iino Building
2-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Iino Building B1 TEL.03-5521-5312
・ Toranomon store
1-16-2 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Iwao Building 1F TEL.03-5510-6821
・ Nihonbashi Muromachi store
4-3-12 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo DK Taiyodo Building 1F TEL.03-3273-3088
・ Kanda Ogawamachi store
2-6 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Koike Building B1 TEL.03-3518-6166
・ Okachimachi Ameya Yoko store
4-2-1 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo Edokko Building B1 TEL.03-5816-8221

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