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[Summer only] All-you-can-eat homemade fresh cheese for 500 yen ?! All-you-can-eat plan with too high cost performance started by a popular cheese specialty store of rumor! !! !!

Cold fresh cheese in the hot summer! In fact, cheese is full of nutrients that should be eaten in the summer! Let's survive the summer with cheese power.

From Thursday, July 1, 2021, "Summer only! Homemade fresh cheese all-you-can-eat 500 yen" will be on sale at all 9 stores of "Garden Farm" and "Terrace" operated by GOSSO Co., Ltd. with an all-you-can-eat plan. .. * Stores other than Yokohama Garden Farm are currently closed, so we will start after reopening.

  • Cool cheese to enjoy summer! The charm of "fresh cheese".

  • Fresh cheese with a gentle cheese flavor and refreshing acidity that is perfect for summer. Cheese A classic cheese that is widely liked by beginners and advanced players. There are various types of fresh cheese. It is a popular secret that you can not only eat it as it is, but also enjoy it with your favorite arrangement such as honey, olive oil, and pink salt.

    Summer only! "All-you-can-eat 4 kinds of homemade fresh cheese" 500 yen (tax included)

    A summer-only all-you-can-eat plan where you can enjoy and compare homemade fresh cheese, which boasts a fresh and refreshing flavor. What a reasonable "500 yen"! All-you-can-eat 4 types of "cottage cheese", "cream cheese", "ricotta cheese" and "mascarpone cheese". Find your favorite way to eat in combination with olive oil, honey, black pepper and more.

  • Can you survive the summer with cheese? !! The unknown power of cheese!
  • Many people tend to avoid saying, "Cheese is high in calories and may be a little heavy in summer …".
    In fact, cheese is full of nutrients that should be eaten in the summer! Rich in calcium and high-quality protein, it also has a positive effect on skin beautification and health, making it a perfect food for preventing heat fatigue. Let's survive the summer with cheese power.

  • Offer store overview
  • [Kamakura Vegetables and Cheese Fondue Garden Farm]
    ・ Ginza https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/ginza
    ・ Yokohama https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/yokohama
    ・ Musashi Kosugi https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/musashikosugi
    ・ Machidahttps://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/machida
    ・ Omiya https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/oomiya
    ・ Umeda https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/umeda
    ・ Meieki https://kamakura-garden-farm.com/shop/meieki

    [Raclette cheese shop terrace]
    ・ Shinjuku https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1304/A130401/13187399/
    ・ Ueno https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1311/A131101/13247042/

  • Company Profile
  • Headquarters: Udagawacho Building 6F, 14-13 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0024
    Representative: Representative Director Takeshi Fujita
    Established: December 2005
    Phone number: 03-6316-8191 (representative)
    URL: http://www.gosso.co.jp/
    Business: Management / planning / operation of restaurants (bars, restaurants, etc.), production and FC development, beauty salon management