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“Ekiben Aji no Jin 2021” 10th anniversary this year! -67 ekiben items from the JR East area have been entered! 10th Anniversary Award Setting ~

〇 In JR East, we will select the No. 1 ekiben of JR East again this year for the purpose of disseminating the charm of each region and promoting regional revitalization through ekiben that makes the best use of the characteristics of the region. "It will be held.

〇During the period, customers who purchase ekiben at entry ekiben stores will be given a voting ticket with a two-dimensional code. The two-dimensional code is read, and the "ekiben general" is determined by the total of the results voted from the dedicated site.

〇 This year, which marks the 10th time, customers will be asked to vote for the 10th Anniversary Award from among the ekiben that have won the ekiben general and deputy generals in the past nine times.

〇 This time, with the main theme of "ekiben is a reward for traveling," event sales will be held at stations and station buildings near the Tokyo metropolitan area during the period, and entry ekiben will be sold. This year, we will hold an event to sell entry ekiben at some Kinokuniya stores.

〇 In conjunction with this event, we will open a gallery of past award-winning products of the "Everyone wants to give a gift. JR East Souvenir Grand Prix" held from 2017 to 2020, and will disseminate the charm of each region through souvenirs together with ekiben. In addition, we will open a special page for "Souvenir Grand Prix x Tohoku MONO" triggered by the Tohoku Destination Campaign (April to September 2021) to further introduce the charm of souvenirs in the Tohoku area.

1. 1. About "Ekiben Aji no Jin 2021"
○ Period: October 1st (Friday) -November 30th (Tuesday), 2021
○ Sponsor East Japan Railway Company
○ Voting / application method (1) Access the dedicated site from the voting ticket to vote / apply
* Voting tickets will end as soon as they run out.
(2) Vote and apply from the official website of "Ekiben Aji no Jin 2021"
Official website: https://www.ekiben-ajinojin.com
○ 67 entry products in total (1 metropolitan area and 14 prefectures in the JR East jurisdiction)
* Please check the attached sheet and the official website for the entry products, including the past 9 times of Ekiben General and Deputy General.
○ Handling stores Gransta Tokyo Station Benya "Festival", Sendai Station, Niigata Station, etc. 69 station Bento stores and event sales within JR East Station
* Depending on the store, some entry ekiben may not be available.
* The event schedule and the lineup of ekiben for sale are subject to change.

Main visual

○ Each award
(1) Determined by voting from the voting ticket
① Award selected from all entry ekiben
・ "Ekiben General" ・ "Ekiben Deputy General"
・ "Taste Award" ・ "Sake Award" ・ "Kakegami Award" ・ "Most Application Award"

(2) Award selected from new ekiben (newly released ekiben)
・ "First Team Award" * 30 new ekiben entries entered this year

③Award selected from each entry area
・ "Area Award" North Tohoku category, South Tohoku category, Koshinetsu category, North Kanto category, South Kanto category

(2) Determined by voting from the official website (voting is possible with or without purchase)
・ "Shogun Aroused" * Ekiben with the most votes on the official website
・ 10th Anniversary Award
Of the 17 ekiben products that won the ekiben general / deputy general in the past 9 times, the ekiben that received the most votes on the official website
* "Ebi Senryo Chirashizushi" has been awarded the 2021 Ekiben Deputy General and the 2017 Ekiben General, so they are duplicated.

○ Announcement of results We are planning to announce the results in early December.

2. Prizes will be presented by lottery from those who applied!
○ Prizes
(1) Those who voted / applied from the voting ticket
・ JRE POINT 10,000 points 10 people
・ JRE POINT 5,000 points 30 people
・ JRE POINT 1,000 points 100 people

(2) Those who voted / applied from the official website
・ Hotel pair accommodation voucher for 5 people
* Tokyo Station Hotel, Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura, Hotel Metropolitan Sendai East, Hotel Metropolitan Morioka Newing, Hotel Metropolitan Akita North Wing
・ Accure Maid Selectable product voucher for 30 people

3. 3. During the campaign period, we will carry out special event sales of entry ekiben!
○ Kawasaki Station ○ Kokubunji Station
Date: October 2nd (Sat) to 3rd (Sun) Date: October 8th (Fri) to 10th (Sun)
Venue: Inside the central south ticket gate of Kawasaki Station Venue: In front of Celeo Kokubunji Free Passage

○ Omiya Station ○ Sendai Station
Date: October 9th (Sat) to 10th (Sun) Date: October 9th (Sat) to 14th (Thurs)
November 20th (Sat) -21st (Sun) Venue: Sendai Station 2F, outside the conventional line ticket gate, in front of the stained glass
Venue: Omiya East-West Communication Passage

○ Hachioji Station ○ Ueno Station
Date: October 14th (Thursday) to 17th (Sunday) Date: October 16th (Saturday) to 17th (Sunday)
Venue: In front of the Midori no Madoguchi Venue: Ueno Station Grand Concourse

○ Akita Station ○ Musashi Mizonokuchi Station
Date: October 16th (Sat) to 17th (Sun) Date: October 30th (Sat) to 31st (Sun)
Venue: Akita Station Building Topico 1st floor Venue: View Plaza Site

○ Akabane Station
Date: November 27th (Sat) -28th (Sun)
Venue: Akabane Station North Exit Ticket Gate Square (Yorimichi Square)

○ JR East Retail Net Co., Ltd.
Date: October 22nd (Friday)
Venue: NewDays Ecute Keiyo Street, NewDays Machida, NewDays Tachikawa, NewDays Kumagaya, etc.

○ Kinokuniya Co., Ltd.
Date: November 1st (Monday) to 10th (Wednesday)
Venue: Kinokuniya International (Aoyama store), Kunitachi store, Kamakura store, Todoroki store, Kichijoji store, Nishiogikubo station store
Musashi-Kosugi Station Store, Ecute Ueno Store, Ecute Tachikawa Store, LUMINE Shinjuku Store, Atre Kichijoji Store, Entre Gransta Store
* Ekiben, etc. are subject to change depending on the schedule and location of the event.
* Please refer to the official website for details on the venue.

Four. "Everyone wants to give. JR East Souvenir Grand Prix" Past award-winning product gallery opening
○ Opening date October 1, 2021 (Friday) ~
○ URL https://jreast-omiyage.jp/
○ Contents (1) Introducing a total of 73 products that won the Grand Prix held from 2017 to 2020. In addition, a special page will be set up so that some products can be purchased within JRE MALL.
(2) During the period from October 1, 2021 (Friday) to February 28, 2022 (Monday) in JRE MALL, a total of 3,000 products will be included in the special page of "Everyone wants to give. JR East Souvenir Grand Prix" 500 JRE POINTs will be given to 200 people by lottery from customers who purchase yen (tax included) or more!
* The special page is scheduled to open on October 1st (Friday).
* Points will be awarded in late March 2022.
* The points presented this time will be limited to the end of April 2022.
* Limited time points cannot be used to charge Suica.
* Customers who have registered as a member of JRE MALL and have linked with JRE POINT are eligible.
(3) We will open a special page for Souvenir Grand Prix x Tohoku MONO to further introduce the charm of souvenirs in the Tohoku area. Some products can also be purchased at JRE MALL.

<Reference> What is Tohoku MONO?
With Tohoku MONO, the JR East Group is collaborating to accelerate the reconstruction of the Tohoku region, triggered by the "Tohoku Destination Campaign" that has been implemented since April 2021, which is the 10th year since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The project to be done.
Energetic and prosperous through the four actions of "1. Creating a new Tohoku brand," "2. Holding a direct market, product exhibition, and food fair," "3. Building a network with local businesses," and "4. Tourism promotion." We are further disseminating the charm of Tohoku.

Note) In this case, the contents may change without notice.