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Fukuoka’s popular confectionery, fig butter sand, is here for the first time! Matsuzakaya Ueno store Seasonal gourmet

October 6th (Wednesday) -October 19th (Tuesday), 2021 Matsuzakaya Ueno Store 1st floor, 1st basement floor Hoppe Town Event Space

A fig butter sand from <Frau Atsuko Kayashina> using figs from Fukuoka prefecture will be available for 2 weeks only! In addition, a fun seaweed lunch box will be released for the first time as you advance the chopsticks of <Ginza Jukkoku>. In addition, we will introduce 8 seasonal gourmet brands of Matsuzakaya Ueno store, such as the rich gateau chocolate of <KEN'S CAFE TOKYO> and the blessing of <Setagaya Kameya> in the shape of a beckoning cat.

The fig "Toyomitsuhime" from Fukuoka Prefecture is carefully soaked in the fragrant rum from Minamidaito Island, Okinawa Prefecture, and combined with a rich butter cream.
<Frau Atsuko Kayashina> Fig butter sand (6 pieces) 1,469 yen / Main building 1st floor Japanese and Western confectionery event space

First appearance!

October is the season for new rice! A large collection of delicious new rice from Tohoku!
<New rice fair> Specially cultivated Koshihikari from Niigata Prefecture, etc./Main building B1F Subway connection event space
* From Wednesday, October 13th

New rice!

A rich and bitter gateau chocolate that is luxuriously kneaded with the world's best chocolate (56% cacao). By baking it carefully, it melts in your mouth like raw chocolate, and the rich aroma of cacao beans spreads.
<KEN'S CAFE TOKYO> Gateau chocolate (1 piece) 350 yen / Main building 1st floor Edo Shinmachi event space
* Until 10/12 (Tue)

A seaweed valve that contains fish, seaweed, rice, dried bonito flakes, soy sauce, mentaiko, and chikuwa.
<Ginza Jukkoku> Meita Nori 2-stage lunch box-Ginza salmon miso-zuke- (1 meal) 1,296 yen / Main building B1F Hoppe Town Exhibition Hall
* Until 10/12 (Tue)

First appearance!

Founded over 400 years ago, the traditional "Gosanyaki Castella" is a genuine taste that cannot be mass-produced and is carefully baked by skilled craftsmen.
<Matsui long-established store> Gosanyaki Toyojun Nagasaki Castella (5 pieces) 1,350 yen / Main building 1st floor Japanese and Western confectionery event space
* From Wednesday, October 13th

A handmade croquette made by a delicatessen shop in Sapporo, Hokkaido, with a sweetness finished with the Hokkaido potato "Kita Akari". <Northern Fuka> Kita Akari Croquette (1 piece) 216 yen / Main building B1F Central staircase
* Until 10/12 (Tue)

Among the blessings designated as Setagaya Ward official tourist souvenirs. It is shaped like a cute beckoning cat named after Setagaya and Gotokuji, and you can enjoy three kinds of flavors: red bean paste, white bean paste, and red bean paste.
<Setagaya Kameya> Blessed Monaka (6 pieces) 594 yen / Edo Shinmachi event space on the 1st floor of the main building
* From Wednesday, October 13th

Hokuhoku Kuri-kinton with a harmonious scent of chestnuts and astringent sweetness.
<Nakatsugawa Japanese sweets shop Matsuba> Kuri-kinton (1 box, 6 pieces) 1,660 yen / Main building B1F Subway connection event space
* From Wednesday, October 13th

* All prices include tax.