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[Restaurant subscription new product] ❝ Enjoy “everyday with wine” at the restaurant! A new membership system that allows you to order more than 100 types of wine at a special price is now available at 6 “Wine Hall Glamor” stores in Tokyo! There is also a free campaign for the first month for a limited time!

Casual Italian "WINE HALL GLAMOR" where you can easily enjoy pairing with carefully selected sommelier wines In Ginza, Akasaka, Shimbashi, Tamachi, Ueno, Ikebukuro, the restaurant Subx starts from a monthly fee of 500 yen!

Casual Italian "WINE HALL GLAMOUR", which you can easily enjoy pairing with carefully selected sommelier wines operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings Co., Ltd., has more than 100 types of wine in the store. We started online sales of advantageous subscription membership tickets that allow you to order at a special price from October (some stores start from November 1st). It can be used from the day of enrollment and you can feel the value from the first order. We have also renewed the cooking menu that you can enjoy with wine, so we will inform you as follows.

❝ With the concept of "everyday with wine", the "WINE HALL GLAMOR membership system" has been introduced, which provides opportunities to come in contact with wine at a reasonable price.
I want to enjoy the pairing of wine and food more freely, but the choice of wine at the restaurant tends to be tied to the price … This membership system solves that problem.
There are 3 types of membership, gold, platinum, and diamond, and the monthly fee starts from 500 yen. This is a subscription membership system that offers services that rank up for each type.
If you become a member, you can use it in common at all 6 "WINE HALL GLAMOUR" stores in Tokyo such as Ginza, Ikebukuro, and Ueno.
Please enjoy "everyday with wine" with "WINE HALL GLAMOR membership system".

  • Information on "WINE HALL GLAMOR Membership System" subscription service
  • [Wine special price Gold member ¥ 500 / month (tax included) * Applicable to up to 2 companions]


    ▽ Bonus ①: Approximately 100 types of bottled wine are offered at a great price [Gold member-only wine list]
    [Example of wine price]
    ■ Dancing Flame Chardonnay
    Usually 2,000 yen ⇒ Gold member 1,200 yen
    ■ Farnese Casale Vecchio Montepurciano Doublezzo
    Usually 4,800 yen ⇒ Gold member 3,600 yen
    ■ Moet & Chandon Imperial
    Usually 10,000 yen ⇒ Gold member 8,000 yen
    ▽ Bonus ②: Cheers sparkling service after the second visit in the same month
    ▽ Benefit ③: Referral privilege Free first month membership fee for the introduced person (Gold members only)

    [Wine special price Platinum member ¥ 980 / month (tax included) * Applicable to up to 4 companions]

    ▽ Bonus ①: Approximately 100 types of bottled wine are offered at a more advantageous [Platinum member-only wine list] price
    [Example of wine price]
    ■ Dancing Flame Chardonnay
    Usually 2,000 yen ⇒ Gold member 1,200 yen ⇒ Platinum member 800 yen
    ■ Farnese Casale Vecchio Montepurciano Doublezzo
    Usually 4,800 yen ⇒ Gold member 3,600 yen ⇒ Platinum member 2,900 yen
    ■ Moet & Chandon Imperial
    Usually 10,000 yen ⇒ Gold member 8,000 yen ⇒ Platinum member 5,000 yen
    ▽ Bonus ②: Cheers sparkling service for each visit, plus 1 appetizer service from the second time onwards
    ▽ Bonus ③: Referral privilege: Free membership fee for the first month of the introduced person (gold or platinum)

    [Wine special price Diamond annual member ¥ 20,000 / year (tax included) * No upper limit for companions]


    ▽ Bonus ①: Twice a year sommelier carefully selected wine gifts Equivalent to a total of 20,000 yen (from our regular sales amount)
    ▽ Bonus ② Offer bottled wine at a special price (platinum member price)
    Example) Farnese Casale Vecchio Montepurciano Doublezzo
    Regular price 4,800 yen Gold member price 3,500 yen Platinum member price 2,800 yen
    ▽ Bonus ③: Cheers sparkling & 1 appetizer service for each visit
    ▽ Bonus ④: Referral privilege Free membership fee for the first month of the introduced person (gold or platinum)

    In addition, by introducing Diamond members, a bottle of wine worth 10,000 yen will be presented to the introducer.

  • If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the contract and there is no cost! "Limited time first monthly fee free campaign"
  • From November 1st, store staff will guide you at each store. If you join when using the store, you can use it from the day.
    ▽ Target period: November 1st (Monday) to November 30th (Tuesday)

    ▽ Target: Those who joined Gold member or Platinum member during the above period

    ▽ Campaign details: Free of charge for the first month of the subscription service that can be used for one month from the date of enrollment
    ・ Gold member monthly fee 500 yen → 0 yen
    ・ Platinum member monthly fee 980 yen → 0 yen

  • Information on stores that carry out the "WINE HALL GLAMOR membership system"

    ▽ WINE HALL GLAMOR Akasaka
    ▽ WINE HALL GLAMOR Shimbashi
    ▽ WINE HALL GLAMOR Tamachi
    ▽ WINE HALL GLAMOR Ikebukuro * Starts on November 1st
    ▽ WINE HALL GLAMOR Ueno * Starts on November 1st

  • Information on new menu
  • "WINE HALL GLAMOR" delivers everyday life with wine from everyday use to special occasions.
    We have about 100 kinds of carefully selected sommelier wines that you can enjoy at a reasonable price, and we have dishes that you can enjoy pairing with wine.
    Enjoy the luxurious time spent with wine at "WINE HALL GLAMOR" along with the gorgeous food.

    ◆ Main dish ◆

    ▽ "World-class ultimate material" Japanese black beef "and foie gras mariage WINEHALL grill 2,508 yen
    A plate of Japanese beef and carefully selected rare parts of A4 rank, Ichibo and foie gras! !! Please enjoy the special sauce and the taste of meat with red wine.

    ▽ Grilled Japanese black beef with natural salt (120g) with Andean natural salt and wasabi ¥ 2,398
    You don't need anything extra to taste the deliciousness of Wagyu beef … Enjoy it with Andean natural salt and wasabi that enhance the taste of the meat.

    ▽ Japanese black beef cheese steak red wine sauce 2,178 yen
    Enjoy the Trinity of special cheese and red wine sauce that hides Japanese beef.

    ▽ Japanese black beef black pepper sukiyaki finished with scented warishita 2,398 yen
    Japanese black beef black pepper sukiyaki finished under a scented warishita
    Enjoy the hot iron plate with Japanese black beef and black pepper scented special warishita torotoro egg yolk and meat.

    ▽ US beef ribs Grilled charred onion sauce 1,848 yen
    US Beef Ribs Grill Grilled Onion Sauce
    The most delicious and rich quality meat around the bones! The taste of lean and fat spreads throughout your mouth, and it goes well with homemade onion sauce.

    ▽ Grilled vegetables Bagna sauce 990 yen
    Dip seasonal vegetables to your heart's content in Bagna cauda sauce with garlic and anchovy flavors.

    ◆ Antipasto ◆

    ▽ Appetizer carpaccio to enjoy 4 kinds of seafood 1,078 yen
    A dish with an arrangement of each of the four types of seafood (tuna, salmon, North Sea octopus, mackerel).

    ▽ Japanese black beef and Grana Padano carpaccio half 1,078 yen
    Carpaccio with Grana Padano in a simple seasoning of Japanese beef, virgin oil and salt cooked at low temperature! Accented with salmon roe. Amount for 1 or 2 people.

    ▽ Pork rillette 638 yen
    A dish of pork that has been simmered until it becomes simmered, and then loosened and smoothed. Please enjoy with balsamic vinegar and bucket.

    ▽ Serious oil sardine made for Japanese people 748 yen
    The chef carefully prepares fresh sardines one by one and makes them with oil, salt and rosemary.

    ◆ Salad ◆

    ▽ Caesar salad of shaving cheese 968 yen
    The aroma of grilled lettuce and freshly cut cheese are a bit different from the royal Caesar salad!

    ▽ Beef tendon potato salad 1,078 yen
    Potato salad with stewed beef tendon and soft-boiled egg. The stimulus of yuzu pepper that is spicy to the accent of the taste becomes addictive.

    ◆ Bruschetta ◆

    ▽ Bururu Sketta 1P (Please order from 2P) 418 yen

    ・ Gorgonzola and turnip
    A dish with a pleasant taste and texture of turnips, and the creamy and salty taste of Gorgonzola.
    ・ Tomato and Camembert
    The moderate richness and mellowness of Camembert cheese is perfect for the acidity of tomatoes!
    ・ Salmon and dill cream
    The cream with dill, which has a refreshing scent and bittersweet taste, goes well with salmon.

    ◆ Ahijo ◆
    ▽ Shirakami Awabi Mushroom Mushroom Ahijo 858 yen (tax included)
    Ahijo for mushroom lovers using 4 types of mushrooms based on abalone mushrooms!

    ▽ Ahijo with gizzard and gizzard 858 yen (tax included)
    A dish with a black pepper scent of pepper, gizzard and light! !!

    ◆ Appetizer ◆

    ▽ Beef tendon croquette 715 yen (tax included)
    A croquette that explodes the taste of Toro Toro beef tendon trapped in a crispy batter. Tomato sauce is even more intriguing.

    ▽ Truffle omelet 858 yen (tax included)
    Enjoy the semi-ripe omelet that the chef cooks one by one with a special truffle-scented red wine sauce.

    ▽ Sicilian frit of squid and white fish 1,078 yen (tax included)
    Squid and white fish were fried in crispy clothes. Enjoy with the melted Grana Padano and lemon.

    ▽ Mozzarella cheese Bolognese oven-baked 968 yen (tax included)
    The bolognese sauce of minced meat and onion goes well with the thick mozzarella cheese.

    ▽ Today's cheese selection 2 types 1,210 yen (tax included)
    Cheese platter to enjoy the marriage with wine

    ◆ Sausage & SMOKE ◆

    ▽ Assorted 3 kinds of sausage 1,738 yen (tax included)
    You can compare the taste of coarsely ground wiener, sausage, and boudin noir.

    ▽ Today's smoked 5 kinds assortment 1,078 yen (tax included)
    Smoked food that you can enjoy with the aroma, of course, it goes well with wine and is GOOD !! Enjoy with 5 kinds and various ingredients.

    ◆ Pasta & Risotto ◆

    ▽ Bolognese 1,408 yen (tax included)
    We use fresh pasta made with particular attention to temperature and humidity on "Awaji Island", which has a climate close to the Mediterranean. Excellent compatibility with homemade sauce made by carefully simmering vegetables such as minced meat and tomatoes.

    ▽ Sea urchin and salmon roe cream sauce 1,408 yen (tax included)
    Thick sea urchin cream sauce is entwined with fresh salmon roe. A little extravagant pasta.

    ▽ Stone-grilled cheese risotto 1,100 yen (tax included)
    The rich cheese risotto is grilled with stone to make it fragrant. The sardines are also excellent.

    ◆ Dolce ◆

    ▽ Earl Gray Panna Cotta 495 yen (tax included)
    A popular dessert born in Italy. Enjoy the rich milk and the aroma of black tea that spreads in your mouth.

    ▽ Frozen strawberry parfait 528 yen (tax included)
    Bring the deliciousness of sweet and sour strawberries together. Accented with a crispy granola.