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A store specializing in freshly baked custard apple pie is now available! Matsuzakaya Ueno store Seasonal gourmet

October 27th (Wednesday) -November 2nd (Tuesday), 2021 Matsuzakaya Ueno Store 1st floor, 1st basement floor Hoppe Town

Introducing the <RINGO> apple pie, which features crispy pie dough, apple cubes with a crunchy texture, and plenty of custard cream! In addition, we will introduce the 7 latest gourmet brands of Matsuzakaya Ueno store, such as the signature product "Original Raison Witch" of <Basho Ogawaken> and the bread with a "raw" texture to the ears of the high-class bread specialty store <Shinjitsu Appearance>. increase.

An apple pie with 144 layers of homemade crispy pie dough, plenty of custard cream, and apple cubes that you can enjoy the texture and aroma.
<RINGO> Custard apple pie (1 piece) 399 yen * Price revised from 11/1 (Monday) to 420 yen / Main building B1F Subway connection event space

Very popular!

A signboard product of <Basho Ogawaken>. Thick raisins soaked in Western liquor and special cream sandwiched in cookies are delicious sweets.
<Basho Ogawaken (Shimbashi / Meguro)> Original Raison Witch (10 pieces) 1,188 yen / Main Building 1st floor Edo Shinmachi Event Space

* On 11/1 (Monday), "Original Raisin Witch" will be on sale after 13:00.

Signboard products

A high-class bread specialty store that uses flour, cream, domestic butter, rose salt ®, and selected ingredients. The delicate dough has a "raw" texture to the ears.
<Shinjitsu Appearance> Shomai (Plain) (1) 870 yen, Karen (Raisin) (1) 1,170 yen / Main Building B1F Hoppe Town Exhibition Hall

"Raw" texture

We are in the process of hand-making the bean paste with plump fertilizer sandwiched between the savory monaka seeds made from glutinous rice from Omi.
<Taneya> Fukumi Tenpyo (6 pieces) 1,209 yen / Main building 1st floor Japanese and Western confectionery event space

* From now on until 2022/1/11 (Tuesday)

Representative confectionery

The octopus legs and stalk wasabi from Hokkaido are finished in a spicy flavor.
<Kaihokutei> Hokkai Takowasabi (100g) 770 yen / Main Building B1F Hoppe Town Exhibition Hall

Yamagata's slightly thick black soba. It has a pleasant taste and is as smooth as raw noodles.
<Showa Noodles> Zao's Ginrei Soba (1 bundle, 270g) 454 yen / Main building B1F Subway connection event space

<Yonezawa beef Makiya> The most popular delicious croquette filled with the umami and sweetness of Yonezawa beef.
<Yonezawa beef Makiya> Yonezawa beef croquette (1 piece) 297 yen / Main building B1F Central stairs

* All prices include tax.