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For the first time in two years, a special event at the end of the year by a gourmet hunter from the north is back! I don’t even know about Hokkaido support projects and the people of Hokkaido! ?? Surprised gourmet also appeared Hokkaido product exhibition

December 14th (Tuesday) to 30th (Thursday), 2021 * Closed at 17:00 on the last day Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building 6th Floor Exhibition Hall

From December 14th (Tuesday) to December 30th (Thursday), the Matsuzakaya Ueno store will hold a very popular special event "Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition" every time. It was held at the exhibition hall in April this year for the first time in 1 year and 4 months, but it was canceled in 4 days due to the state of emergency. This time, we will hold a gorgeous "Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition" at the end of the year for the first time in about two years while working hard on infectious disease control. At the venue, a large collection of 67 Hokkaido gourmet restaurants selected by Daimaru Honda, a buyer dedicated to the Daimaru Matsuzakaya Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition, who is known as the "Northern Gourmand Hunter" in Sapporo! Now that you can't easily visit Hokkaido, you can eat and buy in Ueno, Tokyo, and enjoy the feeling of traveling to Hokkaido.

  • Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition Buyer Honda Daisuke
  • Daimaru and Matsuzakaya full-time buyers all are responsible for the Hokkaido product exhibition. It has been 18 years since I moved to Sapporo for a product exhibition. In order to deliver delicious food to our customers, we are searching for delicious food every day and eating around Hokkaido. Known as "Northern Gourmet Hunter". Since I arrived, my weight has increased by more than 20kg! The Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition, which has shops that Honda has confidently collected, boasts an overwhelming ability to attract customers every time.

  • Eat-in: A popular ramen shop in Hokkaido is relayed! A gorgeous seafood bowl using yellowtail!
  • ■ 12/14 (Tuesday) → 23 (Thursday) * Ends at 18:00 on the last day
    <Ramen Takema> has become popular despite being in a residential area. The popular store that was scheduled to open in April this year has finally opened its first Matsuzakaya Ueno store! The soup made only with chicken and water has no unpleasant taste and has a light yet deep taste.
    Sapporo <Ramen Takema> Special Hokkai Gorgeous Sheng White Soy Sauce (1 cup) 1,280 yen * Limited to 150 cups each day

    First store opening

    ■ 12/24 (Friday) → 30 (Thursday) * Ends at 16:00 on the last day
    The most difficult ramen shop from Tokyo, which takes hours to transfer between planes and ferries! ?? It is a popular shop where you can line up even though it is said. A soy sauce sauce is burnt and blended into a soup that uses plenty of Rishiri kelp. This time, a soup curry using Rishiri kelp from Ambaron, a sister store of Miraku, will also be available!
    (Top) Rishiri <Rishiri Ramen Miraku> Grilled soy sauce ramen (with scallops) (1 cup) 1,340 yen * Limited to 30 cups each day (Bottom) Rishiri <Amberon> Supreme Dashi Soup Curry (with scallops) (1) Meals) 1,650 yen * Limited to 50 meals each day

    <Use "yellowtail" whose landing volume is increasing in Hokkaido! >
    A menu using fresh "yellowtail" from Hokkaido, whose landing volume has been gradually increasing since the 2000s, is now available for the first time!
    Sapporo <Sushi Ryugi> Premium seafood bowl with yellowtail, grilled scallops and four major crabs from Hokkaido (with seaweed soup) (1 meal) 3,410 yen

    * Limited to 30 meals each day

    First appearance

    Sapporo <Sushi Ryugi> Yellowtail bowl (with yellowtail juice) (1 meal) 2,640 yen * Limited to 30 meals each day

    First appearance

    * All prices include tax.

  • Luxury winter bento: Support Hokkaido using Hokkaido rice "Nanatsuboshi"! !!
  • It reduces the demand, such as from the province of accommodation facilities and restaurants in the influence of corona epidemic, had left over Hokkaido of delicious rice. Therefore, we support farmers in Hokkaido by using and selling the brand rice "Nanatsuboshi" from Atsuma Town, Hokkaido, for a luxurious lunch box with plenty of winter taste!

    The lunch box of the butcher shop <Hachikenen>, which was directly managed by a meat wholesaler who had refrained from doing business due to the corona, is now available for the first time! The sirloin uses the brand beef "Saroma beef" that was raised with all our soul in the Saroma district in northeastern Hokkaido. A gorgeous bento that allows you to eat and compare the three parts of Hokkaido Japanese black beef.
    Sapporo <Hachikenen> Hokkaido-produced Japanese black beef 3 kinds of eating comparison lunch (1 meal) 3,480 yen * Demonstration

    First out of Hokkaido

    Shakotan <Uminoya> Hanasaki Crab and Ezo Abalone Set (1 meal) 3,240 yen * Limited to 30 meals each day * Demonstration

    Sapporo <Shione> 3 large crabs and 3 kinds of Hokkaido shellfish gorgeous lunch (1 meal) 3,888 yen * Demonstration

  • 1,080 yen bento is limited to 30 meals each day at each store!
  • Sapporo <Hachikenen> Hokkaido hamburger and fillet steak lunch (1 meal) 1,080 yen * Limited to 30 meals each day * Demonstration

    Sapporo <Sushi Ryugi> 12 seafood lunch boxes (1 meal) 1,080 yen * Limited to 30 meals each day * Demonstration

  • Sweets: Hokkaido people can't eat it easily! ?? Enjoy luxurious ingredients!
  • <Bananas grown in northern countries! ?? Ibara crab that is difficult to obtain to the general public! ?? Is gelato! >

    From Abashiri's popular Italian gelato shop <Rimo>, gelato using "Kushiro banana" grown in the frigid region of Kushiro and "Ibara crab" that is hard to get even for the people of Hokkaido has appeared!
    Abashiri <Rimo> (top) Kushiro banana and hazelnut & strobe rich (double) 590 yen, (bottom) ibara & milk (double) 590 yen

    Kushiro banana

    Thorny crab

    <Goat milk sweets are now available for the first time! >

    ■ 12/14 (Tuesday) → 22 (Wednesday)
    At our own farm of <Petite Chevre> in Hidaka Town, we are particular about production methods and breeding methods, and "goat milk" has achieved a refreshing and natural sweetness. Soft serve ice cream, sweets and bread made with nutritious goat milk are now available!
    Sapporo <Petite Chevre> Goat milk soft serve (1 piece) 380 yen (Hascup sauce + 50 yen) * Demonstration

    First store opening

    <Premonition of a boom! ?? Can sweets >
    A new type of sweet that looks beautiful and is easy to carry, with plenty of French toast and strawberries, fresh cream from Hokkaido, and maple syrup from Canada in a can!
    Obihiro <Fruits Studio> French toast can (1 can, 200g) 880 yen

    First store opening

    <There are many other gourmet foods that have made their debut and are popular here! >

    Nakasatsunai <Hanabata Farm> Hokkaido Tokachi Corn Bread (1 piece) 240 yen * Demonstration

    First appearance

    ■ 12/14 (Tuesday) → 22 (Wednesday)

    A set of purple sea urchin and bahun sea urchin. Yoichi <Uni specialty store Seichiya> Happiness sea urchin set (80g x 2, frozen) 10,800 yen * Limited to 15 items each day

    For a limited time

    * All prices include tax.