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Held for the first time in 2 years! The year-end specialty gourmet event has entered the second half of the game! !! A ramen shop and a yogurt specialty shop where you can line up will appear for a limited time. Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition

December 14th (Tuesday) to 30th (Thursday), 2021 * Closed at 17:00 on the last day Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building 6th Floor Exhibition Space

The Matsuzakaya Ueno store is holding the popular "Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition" every time from December 14th (Tuesday). At the venue, a large collection of 67 Hokkaido gourmet restaurants selected by Daimaru Honda, a buyer dedicated to the Daimaru Matsuzakaya Hokkaido Bussan Exhibition, who is known as the "Northern Gourmand Hunter" in Sapporo! From December 24th (Friday), the latter half of the session, Rishiri's popular shop <Rishiri Ramen Miraku>, which had a large line at the time of the previous April, will reappear, and Rishiri kelp from its sister shop <Amberon> will be used. The soup curry that has been made is also available for the first time! Also, from December 23rd (Thursday), the rich cheesecake from Sapporo's yogurt specialty store <CHACO> will be available for the first time. You can enjoy the feeling of traveling to Hokkaido by eating and buying in Ueno, Tokyo.

  • [Eat-in] A ramen shop where you can line up is back! The gorgeous seafood bowl using yellowtail is also popular!
  • ■ 12/24 (Friday) → 30 (Thursday) * Ends at 16:00 on the last day
    The most difficult ramen shop from Tokyo, which takes hours to transfer between planes and ferries! ?? It is a popular shop where you can line up even though it is said. A soy sauce sauce is burnt and blended into a soup that uses plenty of Rishiri kelp. This time, a soup curry using Rishiri kelp from Ambaron, a sister store of Miraku, will also be available!
    (Top) Rishiri <Rishiri Ramen Miraku> Grilled soy sauce ramen (with scallops) (1 cup) 1,340 yen * Limited to 30 cups each day (Bottom) Rishiri <Amberon> Supreme Dashi Soup Curry (with scallops) (1) Meals) 1,650 yen * Limited to 50 meals each day


    "Buri that the amount of landing is increasing in Hokkaido!"

    Sapporo <Sushi Ryugi> Premium seafood bowl with yellowtail, grilled scallops and four major crabs from Hokkaido (with seaweed soup) (1 meal) 3,410 yen

    * Limited to 30 meals each day


    Sapporo <Sushi Ryugi> Yellowtail bowl (with yellowtail juice) (1 meal) 2,640 yen

    * Limited to 30 meals each day


  • Rich sweets from a yogurt specialty store are now available for the first time!
  • Rich cheesecake and cheese soft serve ice cream that uses plenty of Hokkaido yogurt and cream cheese are now available for the first time!
    Sapporo <CHACO> (top) #CHACOCHEE (1 piece) 1,980 yen, (bottom) cheese and cheese soft serve (1 piece) 400 yen * Demonstration

  • Support Hokkaido using Hokkaido rice!
  • "A lunch box of 1,080 yen!"

    Sapporo <Hachikenen> Hokkaido hamburger and fillet steak lunch (1 meal) 1,080 yen

    * Limited to 30 meals each day

    Sapporo <Sushi Ryugi> 12 seafood lunch boxes (1 meal) 1,080 yen

    * Limited to 30 meals each day

    We support farmers in Hokkaido by using the surplus Hokkaido brand rice "Nanatsuboshi" for lunch boxes, which has been reduced in demand due to the influence of the corona. The sirloin uses the brand beef "Saroma beef" in the Saroma district in northeastern Hokkaido. A gorgeous bento that allows you to eat and compare the three parts of Hokkaido Japanese black beef.
    Sapporo <Hachikenen> Hokkaido-produced Japanese black beef 3 kinds of eating comparison lunch (1 meal) 3,480 yen * Demonstration

    First out of Hokkaido

  • There are many other popular gourmet foods!
  • [Introducing at Matsuzakaya Ueno store HP]

    * All prices include tax.