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The popular “Toro Toro Caramel Sand” is now available for a limited time! Matsuzakaya Ueno branch, seasonal gourmet

August 17 (Wednesday) to September 6 (Tuesday), 2022 Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building B1F/1F Hoppe Town Event Space

<NYC SAND>, which is very popular as a gift or as a reward sweets for yourself, will be available for a limited time. Matsuzakaya is the only place where you can buy “NY Caramel Sandwich,” which is a perfect combination of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, creamy caramel, and fragrant cookies! In addition, a collection of Fukushima specialties <Discovery! Fukushima Tokushima>, the original Takoyaki from <Osaka Tamade/Aizuya>, <Belts> and <Jelly's Popcorn> that will be appearing for the first time.

Caramel that has been gently cooked with fresh cream and brown sugar is wrapped in couverture chocolate that melts in the mouth, and is then sandwiched between fragrant, buttery cookie dough with an original branding.
<NYC SAND> N.Y. Caramel Sand (8 pieces) 1,296 yen / Main Building 1F North Exit Event Space

*Until 8/23 (Tue.)

very popular

From delicious rice to the famous Kitakata ramen, there is a large collection of popular Fukushima specialties! You can enjoy the taste of Fukushima in Ueno, Tokyo.
<discover! Fukushima Special > Aizu Kitakata Ramen, etc. / Main Building B1F Subway Entrance Event Space

*Until 8/23 (Tue.)

The sauce is not used because the flavor is added to the meat. Takoyaki is the original takoyaki that is delicious even when cold.
<Takoyaki birthplace Osaka Tamade / Aizuya> Original Takoyaki small box (12 pieces) 650 yen / Main building B1F Hoppe Town event space

*Until 8/23 (Tue.)

The surface is browned and the inside is thick. A creamy and rich basque cheesecake that is moderately sweet.
<Belts> Basque cheesecake Small (1 piece) 701 yen, Medium (1 piece) 2,601 yen / Main building B1 floor Subway entrance event space

*From 8/24 (Wed.) to 8/30 (Tue.)

First opening

This is a butterfly-type fragrant popcorn.
<Jerry's Popcorn> Caramel popcorn M size (1L) 500 yen / Main building B1 floor Subway connection event space

*From 8/24 (Wed.) to 8/30 (Tue.)

First opening

The smooth, slightly salty bean paste is in perfect harmony with the fluffy and soft sponge cake.
<Sugamo Togenuki Fukujuan> Siberian roll (1 roll) 1,800 yen / Main building 1st floor Oedo Shinmachi event space

*8/24 (Wednesday) ~

It is a fragrant kusamochi that uses plenty of raw mugwort.
<Kanmidokoro Nagomi> Kusamochi (1 piece) 216 yen / Main building 1st floor Japanese and Western confectionery event space

*8/31 (Wednesday) ~

*All prices include tax.

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