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“6th Salsa Street 2022” October 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun) Free admission to outdoor festival held at Ueno Park

UENO de BUENO!! Salsa (music), salsa (dance), and salsa (cooking) gather in Ueno Park! Have a bueno time in Ueno on Saturdays and Sundays when the outdoors are pleasant!

The Caribbean Latin America Street Executive Committee (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Junichiro Mori) will hold a salsa-themed "Salsa Street" festival. https://wsavannast.com/events/salsa-street/

SALSA means SAUCE in Spanish. The etymology of SALSA is SAL (salt in Latin). Other words related to salt, SAL, include SALAD (salad), SALAMI (salami), SAUSAGE (sausage), and SALARY (salary). To do.

SALSA MUSIC means that various kinds of music are mixed like a sauce, and SALSA DANCE is said to have been born as a salty and exciting dance to match this music.

Ueno Park aims to be a stimulating festival where various cultures and people from the Caribbean and Latin America mix with the theme of salsa music, salsa dance, and salsa cuisine.

About 40 food tents, food trucks, and cute goods booths with the theme of "salsa sauce" will be lined up.

We also sell goods such as Caribbean and Latin American beers, tropical cocktails such as mojito and caipirinha, fashionable miscellaneous goods unique to Central and South America, and accessories.

Enjoy upbeat Latino music and exciting salsa dances on the special stage.

We are also planning popular salsa dance lessons by instructors who are active in various places.

There is no doubt that Ueno Park will become a salsa theme park!​

[Date and time]
Saturday, October 15th and Sunday, October 16th, 2022 10:00-19:00 Rain or shine

Tokyo Metropolitan Ueno Park Fountain Square
5-6 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Takenodai Square)

free entrance

5 minute walk from Ueno Station (JR) Park Exit
8 minutes walk from Keisei Ueno Station (Keisei Line)
Please use nearby coin parking for parking.

Caribbean Latin America Street Executive Committee

Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Japan Latin America Friendship Association

Hallelujah Ism Co., Ltd. / West Savannah Street Co., Ltd.

Peru/ Cuba/ Colombia/ Brazil/ Dominican Republic etc.

[Eating and drinking booth]
Grand Maison(Cuba)/ Hola Tacos(Mexico)/ Raices(Argentin)/ Tafia(French Caribbean)/ Tierra Guarani(Paraguay)/ Nevin's(Jamaica)/ BBQ LATINO(Spain)/ Cost Del Sol(Mexico)/ Harding's(Jamaica) )/ UNI2(Peru)/ Beracruz(Mexico)/ Guavaberry(St. Maarten) etc.

[Product sales booth]
Imbaya(Equador)/ El Jalapneno(Maxico)/ PAD(Mexico)/ GuatemalaArt(Guatemala)/ Amigos(Urguay)/ fetable(Trinidad&Tabago)/ Laluce Earth(Colombia)/ lulanekh(Africa)/ Greenpepe(Guatemala) etc.




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