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Bansho Furukawa, Japan’s leading Ayurveda expert, will hold the second event “Ayurveda Dinner & Mindfulness Evening” at the Indian restaurant Veg Herb Saga on Thursday, February 23rd!

~“A moment of Indian curry and spices that you can enjoy according to your dosha constitution”~

Ayurveda Regional Revitalization Team Iyashirochi (Secretariat 4Stella LLC: Kubota Building 5F, 1-8-10 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will open on February 23, 2023 (Thursday / holiday), an authentic Indian restaurant in Taito-ku, Tokyo. At Vege Herb Saga, we welcome Mr. Bansho Furukawa, a leading Ayurveda expert in Japan, as a lecturer, and a dinner where you can enjoy “Indian cuisine according to your dosha constitution” based on the concept of Ayurveda, and the theme of the scent of spices and space. Prepare your mind and body with three unique and innovative programs, such as the “Mindfulness Meditation Experience” placed in the , and the “Spice Mixing Experience for Each Dosha” (with souvenirs and recipes) that you can mix according to your constitution. "Ayurveda Dinner & Mindfulness Evening" will be held.

This event is for those who feel stress and fatigue from work every day and want to prepare their mind and body, those who are interested in mindfulness and Ayurveda, and those who want to deepen their understanding. We have prepared a program that incorporates the elements of food, meditation, and doshas.

While incorporating commentary by Mr. Bansho Furukawa, a leading Ayurveda expert in Japan, authentic Indian cuisine prepared according to dosha constitution at the authentic Indian restaurant "Veji Herb Saga" for vegans located in Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo. You can enjoy a special set menu such as curry based on Ayurvedic recipes. Please enjoy the authentic taste of the chef who demonstrated his skills as the exclusive chef of India's international activist Sri Sri Ravishankar.

In addition, in the spice-scented space, we will also carry out a “mindfulness experience” entitled “meditation to taste the air” that makes use of the five senses. Mindfulness is a stress control method that has been elucidated by advanced brain science and is attracting attention among business people living in the present age, and it is a meditation method that can be easily incorporated into daily life in a short time.

At the end of the event, we will also carry out a “dosha-specific spice blending experience” where you can mix herbs and spices according to your own dosha constitution. You can take home the “one and only spice in the world” that you have prepared as a souvenir. We will also introduce recipes using spices, so you can use them at home.

Enjoy a fulfilling 3-hour program that fills your mind and body with happiness, incorporate Ayurvedic food knowledge and mindfulness into your daily life, and live a vibrant life.

Lecturer Introduction: Bansho Furukawa

After accumulating training and knowledge in the home of India, he is working to spread Ayurveda and mindfulness in Japan. Engaged in supervising major yoga studios, top management training for listed companies, and mindfulness training for celebrities. He is also active in lectures and writings related to Ayurveda.

Venue Store Introduction: Authentic Indian Restaurant Vege Herb Saga

Using carefully selected ingredients and spices and herbs from around the world, we offer authentic Indian flavors in a completely vegetarian diet. Enjoy a variety of dishes prepared by the former exclusive chef of world-famous peace activist Sri Sri Ravishankar. Biryani is popular even among Indian food lovers.

Store HP: http://www.vegeherbsaga.com/access.html


■ Name: Ayurveda Dinner & Mindfulness Evening
Date and time: February 23, 2023 (Thursday/holiday) 18:00-21:00
■Venue: Authentic Indian restaurant Vege Herb Saga (5-22-1 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005)
Store HP: http://www.vegeherbsaga.com/access.html
■Participation fee: 7,700 yen *Tax included, dinner dishes (special set menu), recipes and souvenirs of spices
■Capacity: 25 people (pre-registration required)
■ Sponsor: Regional Revitalization Team Iyashirochi, 4strlla LLC

[Program (tentative)]
Introduction of Ayurveda regional revitalization team Iyashirochi and explanation of the purpose of the event

Explanation and self-diagnosis about dosha constitution

mindfulness experience

Dinner menu by dosha

Spice Mixing Experience by Dosha

Impression sharing/questionnaire

[Event details page/application form]
Official URL: https://ayur-veda.jp/ayurvadedinner_mindfullness

Ayurveda Regional Revitalization Team Iyashirochi

Business description: A project team that realizes regional revitalization by finding healing lands nationwide and producing their appeal. Through mindfulness and yoga based on the concept of Ayurveda, we will provide opportunities for events and retreats that lead modern people to heal both physically and mentally and to be healthy.

[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Company name: Ayurveda Regional Revitalization Team Iyashirochi (Secretariat 4Stella LLC)
Person in charge: Maki Takaoka
TEL: 03-6823-4916
Fax: 03-6823-4916
Email: info@ayur-veda.jp