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In addition to about 70 paid performances, we have announced a number of free performances for children and plans to add color to the 150th anniversary of the opening of Ueno Park! One of the largest classical music festivals in Japan celebrating the arrival of spring in Tokyo “Tokyo Spring Music Festival 2023”

Date: Saturday, March 18, 2023 to Sunday, April 16, 2023

In addition to the paid performances that have already been announced, the details of the free music program "Tokyo Spring Festival for Kids" performance for children and the plan set in Ueno Park, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary, have been decided.

"Tokyo Spring Festival for Kids" offers a variety of programs for a wide range of ages, from preschoolers to high school students. In collaboration with Wagner's sacred place Bayreuth, which is admired by music fans around the world, "Wagner for Children" will perform the masterpiece "Nürnberger Meistersinger". At the annual popular "Children's Picture Book and Music Meeting", we present the story of the British picture book "Bear and Little Bear's Concert" along with live music. In addition, at the "Public Rehearsal", you can take a closer look at the sound creation of Wagner's "Nuremberg Meistersinger", Puccini's "Tosca", and Brahms' "German Requiem". We hope that this will be a valuable experience for children during spring break to come into contact with classical music and opera. A large-scale free mini-concert “Sakura no Machi Concert” will be held since 2019, and “Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK” and “Mobile Museum (outdoor exhibition)” will be available as projects to add color to the 150th anniversary of the opening of Ueno Park. In addition to about 70 paid performances this year, the colorful lineup will brighten up the arrival of spring. We would like to ask for your cooperation in interviewing us and spreading the word about this matter.

[Ueno Park 150th anniversary] Full of special spring events to enjoy Ueno!
Starting with the “Museum Concert” at Ueno Park’s 150th anniversary of its opening, the large-scale “Sakura no Machi no Ongakukai” (free mini-concert) since 2019, and a new attempt at Ueno Park. We have also prepared free projects that will color Ueno Park in Memorial Year, such as the public music art “Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK” set on stage, a mobile museum and documentary screenings.

The cherry blossom town concert (free mini concert) is back
For the first time in four years, the “Sakura no Machi Concert” will be held on a large scale, enveloping Ueno Park and the streets of Tokyo with classical music! In addition to various places in Ueno Park, JR Ueno Station, historical buildings in the vicinity, business districts and street corners outside of Ueno, if you hear music passing by, please listen carefully.

<Main Venue>
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, National Museum of Western Art, Ueno Royal Museum, Former Iwasaki Residence Garden, Former Yoshidaya Liquor Store, JR Ueno Station (Ecute Ueno), Taito Ward Lifelong Learning Center, NOHGA Hotel Ueno Tokyo, COREDO Muromachi, Kamiyacho Trust Tower, Hamamatsucho Seavans A Mall, Tamachi Grand Park Tower / others
*Admission to the "Sakura no Machi Music Concert" is free, but admission fees and participation fees may be required.
<Main performers>
Ai Takamatsu (violin), Tokunaga brothers (flamenco guitar duo), Ami Inoi (guitar), Kumi Nakamura (Tsugaru shamisen), Kiriko Shimopayi (flute), Asami Kawagoe (clarinet), Yuki Kawafu (bassoon), Veeve! Saxophone Quartet (Saxophone Quartet), The Quartet "Oiseaux" (Saxophone Quartet), "Dreams" Trumpet Ensemble (Trumpet Quintet), Eterno Brass Quintet (Brass Quintet) / etc.
Details https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/sakura/

■ [Crowdfunding success! Implementation decision !!] Ellen Reed SOUNDWALK

"Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK featuring Kronos Quartet and 50 for the Future" will be held in Ueno Park. By downloading a free dedicated app, SOUNDWALK is a public art work that uses GPS (current location information) to enjoy music in nature.It is a young composer and sound artist from the United States who has won the Pulitzer Prize. It was planned and produced by Ellen Reed of Covid-19, and has been implemented in many famous parks mainly in Europe and the United States (New York Central Park, London Regent's Park & Primrose Hill, etc.). You can enjoy a new music experience where the music heard from headphones and earphones changes depending on the place and route each user walks.
Period: March 6 [Mon] ~ (about 1 year)
Venue: Ueno Park
Artist: Ellen Reid, Kronos Quartet / others
Program: Work by SOUNDWALK Ensemble, from Kronos Quartet "50 for the Future"
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/sound-walk/
*The dedicated app and details will be released on the website from February onwards.

■ Outdoor exhibition
Tokyo Spring Music Festival × Mobile Museum

“Nippon Herbal Design that Fascinated the West——Towards the 150th Anniversary of Ueno Park’s Opening”
A small museum will appear on the north side of the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan building.


March 6 [Mon] – April 16 [Sun], 2023
Ueno Park (North side of Tokyo Bunka Kaikan)
*Anyone can freely view the exhibition during the event period.

Planning and supervision: Yoshiaki Nishino (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo, Advisor to Intermediatheque)
Source: Shintei Izusetsu of Plants and Plants (20 volumes in total) Written by Iinuma Yusai Ogaki, Hirarinso 1874 / Revised by Yoshio Tanaka and Motoyoshi Ono
References: Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), Claude Monet (1840-1926), Philipp Franz von Siebold (1796-1866), Ludovic Amedee Savatier (1830-1891), Iinuma Yusai (1782-1865)
Organized by: The University Museum, The University of Tokyo "Intermediatheque" / Tokyo Spring Music Festival Executive Committee
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/2023_mobilemuseum/

Music program for children "Tokyo Spring Festival for Kids"
"Tokyo Spring Festival for Kids" proposes a variety of programs for all ages, from preschoolers to high school students. In addition to Wagner for Children "Nuremberg Meistersinger", which is affiliated with the Bayreuth Festival, children's picture books and music sessions and public rehearsals, which are popular every year, can be enjoyed according to the age of the child.

■ Wagner for Children 《Nürnberger Meistersinger》 (Partner performance at the Bayreuth Festival)
The project "Wagner for Children", which started in 2019 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Tokyo Spring Music Festival, will return to Otemachi this year. In this project, under the artistic direction of Katharina Wagner, general director of the Bayreuth Festival, the singers sing in German while speaking lines in Japanese. increase. The performance will be performed by a group of singers representing Japan and the Tokyo Spring Festival Orchestra conducted by Hiroshi Ishizaka. From the stage just a few meters away from the audience seats, the powerful Wagner singer's singing voice and the orchestra's performance are transmitted directly. Please come and watch with your children during spring break.

Date: March 25 [Sat] 14:00, March 26 [Sun] 14:00, March 31 [Fri] 19:00, April 1 [Sat] 14:00, April 2 [Sunday] 14:00 [each time about 75 minutes]
Venue: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation East Building Rising Square 1F Earth Garden
Cast: Hiroshi Ishizaka (Conductor), Tokyo Spring Festival Orchestra (Orchestra), Takashi Tomokiyo (Hans Sachs), Kenji Saiki (Fight Polkner), Jun Hagiwara (Sixtus Beckmesser), Junya Katayose (Walter von Stolzing), Yuihiro Masushima (Dafit), Naomi Tasaki (Efa), Mika Kaneko (Magdalene) / others
Supervisor/Artistic Director: Katharina Wagner
Price: Child ¥3,000, Guardian ¥4,000
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/program_info/2023_kinderoper25/
*This content can be enjoyed by elementary school children.
* Child rates apply to children up to the age of 18.
*Please refrain from entering with preschool children.
*Up to 2 guardians per child.
*Adults who wish to attend only will be accepted at the Tokyo Spring Music Festival Ticket Service (¥7,000 per person) from 10:00 on March 15 (Wednesday) as long as there are seats left.

■ Picture book and music meeting for children "Concert of Bears and Bears"

A popular event at the Tokyo Spring Festival, where people aged 0 and up can casually enjoy classical music for free. We will deliver the world of picture books and music to children. The National Diet Library International Library of Children's Literature, which will be the venue, is a building built in the Meiji, Showa, and Heisei eras, and has been restored as a valuable architectural heritage that is familiar to many people. The story of David Litchfield (written), Machi Tawara (translated)'s "Bear and Little Bear Concert" will be expanded with fun music and images. It is a meeting that I would like children with rich sensibilities to experience.

Target: 3 years old to junior high school students (1 child can be accompanied by up to 1 guardian)
Date: March 26 [Sun] 13:30/15:00 [About 30 minutes each time]
Venue: National Diet Library International Library of Children's Literature Brick Building Hall (3rd floor)
Work: "Bear and Little Bear's Concert" (written by David Litchfield/translated by Machi Tawara, published by Poplar Publishing)
Cast: Mika Horii (reading), Ayako Ishigaki (composition/arrangement), Sae Azuma (clarinet), Ren Yasuda (contrabass), Kentaro Ifuku (piano)
Fee: Free, pre-registration required (open application period: February 1-28)
Capacity: 100 people each
Organizer: International Library of Children's Literature, National Diet Library / Tokyo Spring Music Festival Executive Committee
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/for-kids-2023/kumatokoguma/

■ Public rehearsal for children

At the "Open Rehearsal for Children" of the Tokyo Spring Festival, three rehearsal scenes from the orchestra and opera programs will be shown to the public, and children will enjoy learning while enjoying music together. Please look forward to performances by conductors, opera singers, and orchestras that represent Japan from all over the world. You can enjoy part of the general rehearsal (the final rehearsal before the performance), which will be performed just like the actual performance, along with an easy-to-understand preliminary commentary.

Target: Junior high school students to high school students
* Up to 1 guardian can accompany 1 child.
*Although elementary school students and above can enter, we recommend that junior high school students and above participate.
Capacity: 100 people each
Fee: Free, advance application required (public application period: February 21 to March 21)
Organizer: Tokyo Spring Music Festival Executive Committee
Cooperation: Sony Music Foundation
* After listening to the story (20 minutes), it will be a rehearsal.
* You cannot enter or leave the venue after the performance has started.

"Meistersinger of Nuremberg"
Date: April 4 [Tue] 14:30-14:50 Story (singer: Daisuke Oyama) 15:00-16:20 Public rehearsal (about 80 minutes)
Work: Wagner: Opera "Meistersinger von Nuremberg" – Act 1 (concert style / with subtitles)
Cast: Marek Janowski (Conductor), NHK Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra), Tokyo Opera Singers (Chorus) / others
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/for-kids-2023/rh_wagner/

《German Requiem》
Date: April 8 [Sat] 11:30-11:50 Story (Dr. of music: Morio Kitagawa) 12:00-13:10 Public rehearsal (about 70 minutes)
Work: Brahms: "German Requiem" op.45
Cast: Finnegan Downey Dear (conductor), Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra (orchestra), Tokyo Opera Singers (chorus) / others
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/for-kids-2023/rh_brahms/

Date: April 11 [Tue] 17:30-17:50 Story (singer: Daisuke Oyama) 18:00-18:50 Public rehearsal (about 50 minutes)
Work: Puccini: Opera "Tosca" – Act 1 (concert style / with subtitles)
Performers: Frédéric Chasselin (Conductor), Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra), Tokyo Opera Singers (Chorus) / others
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/for-kids-2023/rh_puccini/
*Please check the website for how to apply in advance for "Tokyo Spring Festival for Kids".

Screening of music documentary "Global Wagner"
A must-see documentary for Wagner fans and music fans.
German music critic and journalist Axel Brüggemann visits Wagner fans around the world to see how his music still captures the hearts of people around the world 140 years after Wagner's death. I wonder if it won't stop, approaching the mystery. Starting with Bayreuth, Venice, and Riga, the places associated with Wagner, the United States, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan, this powerful documentary features interviews with Wagner fans around the world and beautiful filming locations.
Date: April 15 [Sat] 11:00/14:00
Venue: Auditorium, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Screening: Music documentary "Global Wagner" (with Japanese subtitles/Recording time: 97 minutes)
Fee: Free admission, all seats free (advance application required/first-come-first-served basis: 200 seats per session)
Organizer: Kyoto Spring Music Festival Executive Committee
Cooperation: Naxos Japan Co., Ltd.
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/global_wagner/

Additional performances announced for "Tokyo Spring Music Festival 2023"!
■ Andreas Ottensamer (clarinet) & Kenji Miura (piano)

Date: March 26 [Sun] 14:00
Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall
Programme: Wagner-Liszt: Isolde's Love Death (piano solo)
Brahms: Clarinet Sonata No.1 in F minor, op.120-1
Gershwin (arr. Ottensammer): Three Preludes / Others
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/program_info/2023_ottensamer/

■ The world 150 years ago I – Vienna World Exposition and Europe

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Ueno Park
Date: April 12 [Wed] 19:00
Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall
Program: J. Strauss II: Comic Opera "Die Fledermaus" Overture
Bizet: Carmen Fantasy
Verdi (Edited by Liszt): "Agnus Dei" from "Requiem" / others
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/program_info/2023_europe/

■ The World 150 Years Ago II ~ Wagner and the Ring

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Ueno Park
Date: April 14 [Fri] 19:00
Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall
Program: Wagner (Edited by Liszt): "Valhalla" from the opera "Rheingold"
Wagner: "Brünnhilde, Holy Bride" from the opera "Twilight of the Gods"
Bruckner (arr. Mahler): from Symphony No. 3 "Wagner" / others
Details: https://www.tokyo-harusai.com/program_info/2023_wagner/
* Tickets for the above three performances will be on sale from 10:00 on Sunday, February 19th for all seat types.

Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy in Tokyo vol.3 "Masquerade"
Muti's academy for young musicians, founded in Ravenna, Italy in 2015, held in Tokyo for the third time. A unique opportunity to learn firsthand from the masters of Italian opera in tradition and style. This time as well, a performance (April 1) by a group of young Japanese singers and conducting students selected by Muti himself through an audition is also planned.
Schedule: March 18 [Sat]-April 1 [Sat]
Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Main Hall / others
[Recruiting audition students]
Application period: January 23 [Mon] – February 12 [Sun]
Applicants: Those who meet the following conditions are eligible.
・Those who are 30 years old or younger as of April 1, 2023. Any nationality.
・Those who are enrolled in or have graduated from a music high school, university, graduate school, or vocational school, or have equivalent abilities.
・Those who can attend all the target courses.

[2023 cherry blossom forecast] (announced on January 12th from Weather News)
March 20th (Monday) is the forecast date for cherry blossoms in Tokyo. Some activities are held during the cherry blossom season. Hanami and
It is possible to do an interview together. We would appreciate it if you could consider interviewing us.

〇The Taito-ku circulation bus "Megurin" will operate again this year!

Overview: 2 Megurin buses (East-West Megurin)
Period: March 1 [Wed]-April 16 [Sun]

〇Please check the website for the detailed venue and the latest schedule of the Tokyo Spring Music Festival 2023.

〇You can see the main artist profiles in the list from the link below.

Overview of “Tokyo Spring Music Festival 2023”
Period: Saturday, March 18, 2023 to Sunday, April 16, 2023
Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo University of the Arts Sogakudo (on campus), Former Tokyo Music School Sogakudo, National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, National Museum of Western Art, The Ueno Royal Museum, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation East Building Rising・Square 1F Earth Garden/Others
Organizer: Tokyo Spring Music Festival Executive Committee
Co-organizer: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Support: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Taito Ward
Cooperation: Ueno Tourism Federation, Ueno Mountain Culture Zone Liaison Council, Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture New Plan Executive Committee
Support: Association for Corporate Support of the Arts Social Creation Arts Fund

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