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Ueno’s Twin Giant Pandas Commemorating Separation from Parents! “Xiao Xiao Leilei The First Stand Together”

March 11 (Sat)-March 28 (Tue) / Matsuzakaya Ueno store

It was announced that the twin giant pandas "Xiao Xiao" and "Lei Lei" at Ueno Zoo, who turned 1 year and 8 months old, will start preparing to leave their mother "Shin Shin" from March 10 (Friday). Since the two dogs will be separated from their parents after four steps while staying together, they will not be "standing alone" but will be "standing together"!? At the Ueno store, we will hold a commemorative project “Xiao Xiao Lei Lei First Standing Together”. In addition to preparing an original novelty using a memorable photo of twin pandas and “Shinshin” together, the store decoration (blanket) is also designed with twins. Twin panda cake for a limited time will also appear.

  • ①Original novelties that are popular every time! This time, we have prepared two types of “memory bookmarks with mom”
  • Bookmarks using memories photos of "Xiao Xiao" and "Reirei" with "Shinshin" taken by Mr. Takahiro Takauji of "Mainichi Panda" are now available!

    For those who purchase 3,000 yen or more including one receipt including tax at the target sales floor, one “Bookmark of Memories with Mama” (2 types / “Xiao Xiao ver.” and “Rei Lei ver.”) will be presented!
    * Receipts cannot be combined, only one copy will be distributed per receipt, it will end as soon as it is gone, resale is strictly prohibited
    ■ Period
    Saturday, March 11 → Tuesday, March 28
    ■ Target sales floor
    “Memory Bookmark with Mama Xiao Xiao ver.”
    Basement 1st floor, 1st floor Hoppe Town, cafes and restaurants on each floor
    *Excluding limited-time shops and some shops
    “Memory bookmark with mom Ray Ray ver.”
    1st and 2nd floor: cosmetics section, 2nd floor: women's clothing section, women's shoes section, handbag section <Ueno Information Center>

    Memories with Mama Xiao Xiao ver.

    Memories with Mama Rei Rei ver.

  • ②Enjoy the memories of twin pandas and “Shinshin” even in the store decoration (banner)!
  • The second floor will be decorated with the same design as the novelty items. You can enjoy photos of the twin pandas and Shinshin while shopping.

    ■ Period
    Wednesday, March 15 → Tuesday, March 28
    ■ Deployment location
    30 banners will be hung from the ceiling of the passageway on the second floor.

    ※The image is an image.

  • ③Twin panda cake is also available for a limited time!
  • Sweet and sour strawberries and kumquats are used, and cute twin pandas are decorated with marshmallows.
    <Cafe Comme Ca> Shortcake inspired by twin pandas (1 piece) 1,400 yen including tax / 2nd floor
    Sales period March 11 (Sat) → March 28 (Tue)

    A twin version of the popular "panda cake" in February!

    [Special page] https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/mthpd230309.html