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Tokuyama Tokuyama “Sanskrit Buddhist Art Exhibition” -BONJI Buddhist Art Exhibitions- to be held at the Ueno Royal Museum from Friday, May 19, 2023

To the world of beautiful character Buddha where Sanskrit itself is alive. [Simultaneous holding] Ayaki Takizawa Solo Exhibition ~Beauty and Prayer~

From May 19, 2023 (Friday), at the Ueno Royal Museum, we will hold a "Sanskrit Buddhist Art Exhibition" by Tokuyama Tokuyama, a master of Sanskrit characters.

Since its opening at the Ueno Royal Museum in 1983, this exhibition has been an opportunity to introduce Tokuyama Tokuyama's works as a whole. We will develop a new world of Sanskrit art, such as a large joint work that spans about 3 meters. During the period, painter Ayaki Takizawa's solo exhibition will also be held at the same time.

Sanskrit is based on "siddha," which represents Sanskrit, an ancient Indian literary language.
It was introduced to Japan along with Buddhism, and is also called Shittanmoji, and was used to write Buddhist scriptures.
After that, along with the development of esoteric Buddhism learned by Kobo Daishi Kukai and others, the characters themselves were considered to represent Buddha, and in Japan, they have been carefully handed down in shrines and temples since ancient times as the ultimate talisman to protect the family and the nation. increase.

In May 2023, along with the prayers of the imperial family and the great virtues of the past, we will hold an exhibition of prayers that will continue for a thousand years, praying for the peace and security of families and nations around the world through Sanskrit works by modern Sanskrit master Tokuyama Tokuyama. I was lucky to hold it.
We hope that the encounter with the Sanskrit characters that represent the Buddha will be a time to meet the Buddha in your heart and think about the world of 1,000 years of prayer.
We are looking forward to your visit.

"Calligraphy is the person, Sanskrit is the soul."


Title: Tokuyama Kisumi BONJI Buddhist Art Exhibitions
Date: May 19th (Fri) – May 23rd (Tue), 2023
Venue: Ueno Royal Museum Main Building 2F (1-2 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0007)
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00 *Last entry 30 minutes before closing
Admission fee: Free (no reservation required)
Organizer: Nissan Global Co., Ltd.
Supported by: Tokyo Bunka Club / The Japan Art Association / The Ueno Royal Museum
Management: Sanskrit Buddhist Art Exhibition Executive Office
Official website: https://bonji-art-exhibitions.nissan-global.co.jp/

●Writer Kijun Tokuyama Profile

Representative Director, Nissan Global Co., Ltd.
Japanese Industry Ayukawa Gijuku presided over

Director, Shuwashi Co., Ltd. / Auditor, ODO Co., Ltd.

In 1976, he started Japanese cultural activities based in California, USA. Creating murals at Shitennoji Temple, holding exhibitions at the Ueno Royal Museum, various cultural classes, etc. The author is the author of over 30 books, including the best-selling Sanskrit Techo for 1935. Currently, he is a lecturer of 40 classrooms including Nissan Ayukawa Gijuku.

Since its publication in 1976, it has been a long-selling book for 35 years as a book that accurately explains the outline of the Sanskrit script. Has published more than 30 books in Japan and overseas, including Sanskrit 49-in Five Great Heart Sutras and Mojibutsu no Sekai.

[Organizer: Nissan Global Co., Ltd.]
The company was founded in 1939 by Mr. Yoshisuke Ayukawa, founder of Nissan Concern and Nissan Hitachi Group.

Simultaneous solo exhibition Saiki Takizawa profile

Lame painter. Born in 1983. Born in Akita. The style of painting that warms the hearts of those who see it is supported by men and women of all ages. Received the Gold Award for 5 years in a row at the Yume no Bunka Matsuri (sponsored by the Tokyo Bunka Club). Currently, he is active in expanding the range of exhibition activities such as international exhibitions and domestic exhibitions.