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6/12 is Shanshan 6 years old! 6/23 is Xiao Xiao & Lei Lei 2 years old! There are plenty of celebration projects such as advertising banners, photo exhibitions, and advertising balloons♪ HAPPY PANDAFUL DAYS

May 31 (Wednesday) to June 29 (Thursday) / Matsuzakaya Ueno store

At the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, from May 31st (Wednesday) to June 29th (Thursday), under the title of "HAPPY PANDAFUL DAYS", the twin giant pandas of Ueno Zoo, "Xiao Xiao" and "Lei Lei" will celebrate their 2nd birthday and 2 We celebrate the 6th birthday of "Shan Shan" who went to China in the moon. In addition to posting panda-designed advertising banners and a photo exhibition of mother panda "Shin-Shin" raising children, we will carry out various panda projects throughout the building, such as the development of panda-themed products and the distribution of original novelties. Ad balloons will also appear on the day of the pandas' birthday! It will be a month full of panda projects.
[HAPPY PANDAFUL DAYS special website] https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/happy_pandafuldays/

  • ① It's a waste to eat! ? New Panda Motif Gourmet Appears!
  • <Cafe Comme Ca> Cute panda shortcake (1 piece) 1,500 yen / 2nd floor
    Limited time shortcake made with seasonal cherries and mangoes.

    new work

    <Shinjuku Takano> Panda and melon melon (1 unit) 4,104 yen / 1st floor
    An image of a cute panda playing with a ball.
    *Limited to 5 cars each day, reservations not possible
    * Sales period: 6/1 (Thursday) → 30 (Friday)

    new work

    <Izumiya> Family panda (5 pieces) 1,296 yen / 1st floor
    Contains a cute panda icing cookie.

    new work

    <Hokushin Sushi> Twin panda sushi cake (1 piece) 3,980 yen / 1st basement floor
    Popular ingredients such as salmon roe, salmon, and green onion to make a sushi cake that tastes like sweets!
    *Limited to 3 cars each day on weekdays and 5 cars each day on weekends

    new work

  • ② Panda's original novelty "watching panda sticker" present!

  • If you purchase 3,000 yen or more including tax per receipt at the target sales area, you will receive a set of "Watching Panda Stickers" for each receipt! ("Lily", "Shinshin", "Shanshan" 3-piece set and "Xiao Xiao" and "Leilei" 2-piece set.)
    *Each set has a different target sales floor. Please check the website for details.
    ※It will end as soon as it runs out.
    *Resale is strictly prohibited.

    ↑Set of 3 pieces “Lily”, “Shinshin” and “Shanshan”

    ↑ "Xiao Xiao" "Rei Rei" 2 piece set

  • 3. Pre-sale of “Mainichi Panda’s 1010th Shan Shan Photo Book” with a novelty at the special page and storefront
  • The “920-day Shan Shan Photo Exhibition” by Takahiro Takauji, “Everyday Panda” held at the Matsuzakaya Ueno store in February this year has been published as “Mainichi Panda’s 1010-day Shan Shan Photo Book”! Prior to the nationwide release from 6/12 (Monday), pre-sale has been decided at the Matsuzakaya Ueno store!

    5/31 (Wednesday) 10:00 ~ EC sales on Matsuzakaya Ueno store website (delivery scheduled after 6/12 (Monday))
    * With Matsuzakaya original novelty "watching panda sticker" (you can choose from 2 types)
    *First-come, first-served basis
    ● 6/9 (Fri) 10:00 ~ Pre-sale at Matsuzakaya Ueno store 2nd floor <Ueno Information Center>
    *Matsuzakaya original novelty "Watching Panda Sticker" "Xiao Xiao" and "Reirei" 2 pieces set included
    *Scheduled to distribute numbered tickets

  • ④ Selling eco-bags made from upcycled advertising banners online!
  • The 3rd “Upcycle Eco Bag Project”, which started in 2021, converts used advertising banners into eco bags and sells them!
    This time, the mosaic art advertising banner used in the "Daisuki Shanshan!"

    [Application period] 5/31 (Wednesday) 10:00 to 6/29 (Thursday) 23:59
    [How to apply] If you apply from the special page, only the winning customers will be guided to the product purchase page on 7/7 (Friday) .
    [Sales quantity] 170 pieces
    [Size] Height approx. 23.5 x Width approx. 21.5 x Depth approx. 9.5 cm
    *There is no sale at the store.
    * Please check the notes on the special page before applying.

  • ⑤ Looking back on memories of raising children “Sixth Mother Commemorative Shin Shin Child Rearing Photo Exhibition”
  • [Place] In front of <Cafe Comme Ca> on the 2nd floor
    We will hold a photo exhibition celebrating the 6th anniversary of the mother of Shin Shin, who raised three pandas, "Xian Xiang", "Xiao Xiao", and "Lei Lei" in Ueno.
    Pandas are solitary animals that do not live in groups. At Ueno Zoo, you can only see pandas living with each other when they are raising their children. We will hold a photo exhibition that collects photos of such precious pandas living together! Shin Shin, who has successfully raised three pandas, and his memories with each panda, will be introduced with photos taken by "Mainichi Panda".

  • ⑥Panda ad balloon appears in the sky of Ueno!
  • To celebrate the birthdays of "Shang Shan", "Xiao Xiao" and "Lei Lei", an advertising balloon will be raised in the sky of Ueno.
    [Period] 6/12 (Monday), 23 (Friday) to 25 (Sunday) 10: 00-17: 00
    *Cancelled in rainy or stormy weather
    [Location] Matsuzakaya Ueno store rooftop
    [Size] Ad balloon body: about 2.65m wide x about 3.5m high Banner: about 10m high

  • ⑦ Panda-motif advertising banners and interior decorations!
  • The store decorations, such as the north exit big window and the 1st floor banner, will also be decorated with a panda motif for a limited time!
    You can enjoy pandas while shopping.

  • ⑧Stamp rally around the museum
  • Overlap stamp rally to complete one picture (<Christal ART> design) around 5 spots in the hall!
    [Period] 5/31 (Wednesday) → 6/29 (Thursday)
    * Until 18:30 each day
    *Limit one per person
    *Ends as soon as stock runs out

  • ⑨ Limited time “Pandable Sale”
  • To celebrate the 2nd birthday of "Xiao Xiao" and "Rei Lei", a sale of bargain products related to "2" will be held at each sales floor!
    [Period] 6/21 (Wednesday) → 29 (Thursday)

    [Location] Target sales floors on the 1st basement floor, 1st floor, mezzanine floor, and 6th floor

  • ⑩Limited Time Panda Goods Shop
  • 〈Christian ART〉
    [Period] 6/14 (Wed) → 27 (Tue)
    [Place] 2nd floor women's clothing section

    <Panda Festival>
     <I like pandas. festival>
    [Period] 6/21 (Wednesday) → 26 (Monday) 10: 00-18: 30
    *Closed at 18:00 on the last day
    [Place] 6th floor exhibition space

    <Adventure World POP UP STORE>
    [Period] 6/21 (Wed) → 27 (Tue)
    [Place] 1st floor north exit arcade

    〈Ueno Information Center POP UP Shop〉
    [Period] 6/21 (Wed) → 27 (Tue)
    [Place] 1st floor north exit event space

    *All prices include tax.