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To accompany the fireworks display! A large collection of donburi that can be enjoyed locally or at home! “The 3rd Donburi Grand Prix”

July 26th (Wednesday) to August 29th (Tuesday) / Matsuzakaya Ueno store B1F food floor

At the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, from July 26th (Wednesday) to August 29th (Tuesday), the "Donburi Grand Prix" will be held on the food floor on the first basement floor. This time, the third event, there will be a total of 20 types of rice bowls, including a fireworks display that is said to be a full-fledged revival in four years, a “stamina bowl” that is perfect for the summer season, and a “rice bowl that goes well with alcohol”. We will appear. Also, a popular vote will be held on the website! Which bowl is the most popular? ? The results will be announced on July 25th (Tuesday) at the store and on the website.

"The 3rd Donburi Grand Prix" popularity vote
From among the 20 types of donburi, please vote for the donburi that you want to eat and that looks delicious. 100 people will be selected by lottery from among those who voted to receive a 300 yen app coupon for Daimaru/Matsuzakaya app members that can be used at Donburi Grand Prix shops!
■ Voting period: July 14th (Friday) 10:00 → 23rd (Sunday) 19:59
■ Product sales period: July 26 (Wednesday) → August 29 (Tuesday)
■ Vote here: https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/005230726_3donburi.html
■ Result announcement: July 25 (Tuesday)
■ Results announcement location: Storefront and Matsuzakaya Ueno store website "3rd Donburi Grand Prix"

  • <For those who enjoy going to the site!> >Volume Dawn! Stamina Dawn! Gattsuri-don
  • <Meat Takumi Ito> Matsusaka beef sirloin steak bowl (1 meal) 8,640 yen

    *Sale only for advance reservations (up to 3 days before the delivery date)

    *Limited to 5 servings each day during the period from 7/26 (Wed.) to 8/29 (Tue.)

    <Eashion> Aichi Prefecture Mikawa Isshiki eel glazed heavy (1 meal) 1,999 yen

    <Iizumi head office> Fillet cutlet bowl (1 meal) 820 yen

    <Asakusa Imahan> Beef lunch box (1 meal) 1,296 yen

  • <For those who enjoy at home!> >Gorgeous fireworks bowl that you can also enjoy the appearance
  • <Hokushinzushi> Seafood chirashi fireworks bowl (1 meal) 2,300 yen

    * Limited to 10 meals on 7/29 (Sat), and 5 meals each day during other periods

    new work

    <Furuichian> Fireworks Chirashi (1 meal) 1,080 yen

    *Limited to 10 servings each day

    <Kijima> Kijima special fireworks rice bowl (1 meal) 2,450 yen

    *Limited to 10 servings each day

    new work

  • Enjoy a drink while watching the fireworks! Sake bowl
  • <Matsuoka> Roasted chicken rice lunch (1 meal) 648 yen

    *Limited to 20 servings each day

    <Paul Bocuse> Roast beef millefeuille DONBURI (1 meal) 1,188 yen

    *Limited to 10 servings each day

    new work

    <Ichiju Shunsai> Easy in the microwave! Dashi chazuke bowl (hitsumabushi style) (1 meal) 800 yen

    *All prices include tax.