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Mesm Tokyo, a collaboration plan to experience the Autograph Collection “TOKYO WAVES” Let’s enjoy the special exhibition “Ocean – Source of Life” at the National Science Museum

Summer vacation hands-on learning and accommodation plan with exhibition ticket by Yuko Tajima, the supervisor of the special exhibition "Sea"

"Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection" (operated by Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. President Masayuki Satomi / General Manager Hisashi Omanuma) welcomes customers with a number of commitments that resonate with the dynamism and wavelength of Tokyo's "now" as a creative hotel. We sell special drinks. Mesm Tokyo, which has the theme of "TOKYO WAVES" as a seaside hotel located 5 minutes by car from Ginza, will deliver the latest Tokyo experience. The summer vacation accommodation plan includes hands-on learning where you can learn from various perspectives together with Ms. Yuko Tajima, research director of the National Museum of Nature and Science's Vertebrate Research Group, who supervised the special exhibition "The Sea: The Source of Life." We will enjoy learning about our fellow mammals that live in the sea, using valuable teaching materials such as baleen whales, sea lions, and dolphins, as well as useful knowledge for free research during summer vacation and for deepening adult education. In addition, the ticket for the special exhibition is included in the set, so you can enjoy the exhibition even more based on the knowledge you gained from the hands-on learning.

  • Collaboration plan contents

  • [1] Accommodation plan with hands-on learning

    Reservation reception: July 20, 2023 (Thursday) 16:00-

    ■ Accommodation:

    1st August 10th (Thursday) to 11th (Friday), 2023

    2nd: August 15th (Tuesday) to 16th (Wednesday), 2023

    ■ Price: 100,000 yen (1 room for 2 people) * Consumption tax and service charge included

    ■ Applicable room type: Chapter 1 Twin (40㎡)

    *If you would like a king bed, please fill in the remarks column or contact the hotel in advance.

    ■ Plan contents:

    ・Breakfast "Mesm Breakfast" included

    ・Tickets for special exhibition "Ocean – Source of Life" (for 2 guests)

    ・Sarutahiko Coffee “Super Deep Sea Blend” with drip pack (1 pack per room)

    ・Experience learning at a banquet with the theme of "sea" that will be a reference for independent research during summer vacation (about 1.5 hours)

    "Messages from Marine Mammals" Let's all learn about our fellow mammals living in the sea

    In addition to lectures, you can review, check, and touch Mr. Tajima's contents while using teaching materials.

    Using materials such as baleen whale baleen plates, stuffed sea lion heads, and dolphin skeletons

    ・Recommended age for hands-on learning: 10 to 15 years old *However, the content is also enjoyable enough for adults.

    ■ Schedule:

    First day

    check in

    15:00 ~

    the 2nd day

    active learning


    check out


    Admission to the special exhibition "Ocean – Source of Life"


    *Please make your own transportation to the National Museum of Nature and Science.

    ■ Reservations:

    1st (August 10th stay) https://qr.paps.jp/hGav

    2nd (August 15th stay) https://qr.paps.jp/N6W0E

    * Reservations will be accepted until 15:00 5 days before the date of stay.

    [2] Sale of limited cocktails (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)

    Sales period: Friday, August 11, 2023 to Saturday, October 15, 2023

    ・A special sea-inspired cocktail (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be sold for 2,400 yen only to customers who present a ticket to the crew at the bar and lounge “Whisk” on the 16th floor *Consumption tax and service charge included.

  • Reference material

  • About the special exhibition “Ocean: Source of Life”

    Overview of the event

    ■ Exhibition name: Special Exhibition The OCEAN -The Origin of Life

    Date: July 15th (Sat) to October 9th (Mon/holiday), 2023

    Closed: September 4 (Tue), September 11 (Mon), 19 (Tue), 25 (Mon)

    ■Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (admission until 16:30)

    Open at night from August 11 (Fri/holiday) to August 20 (Sun), closing at 19:00 (admission until 18:30)

    *The permanent exhibition will be open until 18:00 from August 11 (Friday/holiday) to August 15 (Tue). During other periods, the permanent exhibition is open until 17:00 (admission ends 30 minutes before each closing time)

    ■Venue: National Museum of Nature and Science (Ueno Park, Tokyo)

    ■Admission fee: 2000 yen for general/university students, 600 yen for elementary/middle/high school students

    *Admission free for preschool children

    ■ Sponsors: National Museum of Nature and Science, JAMSTEC, NHK, NHK Promotions, Yomiuri Shimbun

    ■Access: 7-20 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo

    ■ Official website: https://umiten2023.jp

    About Ms. Cotton Tajima

    Hands-on Lecturer: Yuko Tajima
    Senior Researcher, Vertebrate Research Group, Department of Zoology, National Museum of Nature and Science

    Graduated from Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University (formerly Nippon Veterinary and Animal Science University). When he was an undergraduate student in Vancouver, Canada, he fell in love with killer whales at first sight and aims to become a researcher of marine mammals. Obtained a doctorate from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences. After working as a designated researcher at the same graduate school, since 2005, he has been enrolled at the University of Texas School of Medicine and The Marine Mammal Center as an invited researcher of the Marine Mammal Commission in the United States. In 2006, he assumed his current position after working as a supporting researcher at the Department of Zoology at the National Museum of Nature and Science. Using my knowledge of veterinary pathology, I conduct anatomical surveys of stranding sea mammals and collect specimens for museums.

    Sarutahiko Coffee Collaboration "Super Deep Sea Blend"

    Supervised by Visiting Professor Hiroshi Kitasato of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology who cooperated with the special exhibition "Ocean – Source of Life"! From Sarutahiko Coffee, it is a blended coffee that imagines the romance and inquisitiveness of researchers who aim to elucidate the "ultra-deep sea".

    Mesm Tokyo Guest Room / 17F~26F

    All 265 guest rooms at mesm Tokyo are stylishly and creatively decorated, and guest rooms located on the Hamarikyu Gardens side enjoy a beautiful contrast between the spectacular Tokyo Bay Area and the lush Japanese garden from the open balcony. We offer various types of guest rooms where relaxation and inspiration coexist, such as "Chapter 1" and "Chapter 2", which are comfortable for business and leisure at 40 to 44 square meters, "Chapter 3 Suite", which boasts an area of 95 square meters, where you can have Tokyo's skyscrapers and rich urban nature all to yourself, and "Chapter 4 Suite Luxe," a 180 square meter luxury space located on the 26th floor, the top floor of the hotel. I will. In the guest rooms, guests will be greeted with playful items such as THE BLEND series of original amenities created in collaboration with a noted brand company that is familiar with Japanese craftsmanship.

    hotel lobby

    Guest room (Chapter 1/40㎡)

    [About mesm Tokyo and the Autograph Collection]

    Based on the concept of “TOKYO WAVES,” this 265-room luxury hotel provides guests with new discoveries through services and content rooted in the ever-changing “now” of Tokyo. We aim to become a lifestyle icon in Tokyo where urban energy and creativity meet. As a hotel of "Exactly like nothing else", it is a member of the "Autograph Collection Hotels" developed by Marriott International.

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    Autograph Collection Hotels stands for originality and celebrates the individuality of each of our more than 200 independent hotels in prime locations in over 30 countries and territories. Each one is imbued with the passion of the founders and embodies their vision, making each hotel one-of-a-kind and 'Exactly like nothing else'. Autograph Collection hotels have been carefully selected for their unique construction and strong commitment to design and hospitality, offering a colorful experience that will leave a lasting impression. For more information, please visit www.autographhotels.com. We're also keeping up with our social media channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to check out some of the best moments with #ExactlyLikeNothingElse. Autograph Collection Hotels are participating in Marriott Bonvoy, a new Marriott travel program that replaces Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG). Marriott Bonvoy offers members an exceptional global brand portfolio, Marriott Bonvoy Moments experiences and unparalleled benefits, including points toward free hotel nights and nights earned toward elite status. Visit MarriottBonvoy.marriott.com for free membership registration and program details.

    [About mesm Tokyo and the Autograph Collection]

    Based on the concept of “TOKYO WAVES,” this 265-room luxury hotel provides guests with new discoveries through services and content rooted in the ever-changing “now” of Tokyo. On April 27, 2020, the JR East Group opened a complex facility "WATERS takeshiba" in Takeshiba, Minato Ward. We aim to become a lifestyle icon in Tokyo where urban energy and creativity meet. As a hotel of "Exactly like nothing else", it is a member of the "Autograph Collection Hotels" developed by Marriott International. In addition, in the "Michelin Guide Tokyo 2021", which introduces carefully selected restaurants and hotels in Tokyo, it was listed as "4 Pavilion", which indicates "Top class comfort".

    Official website: https://www.mesm.jp/

    hotel lobby

    garden view