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Enjoy both the fall of appetite and the fall of art! A large collection of colorful autumn sweets! Autumn Gourmet All Stars ~Japanese and Western Sweets Edition~

September 13th (Wednesday) – October 10th (Tuesday) / Matsuzaka Ueno store 1st floor Hoppe Town

https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/005230913_allstar_sweets.html *Released at 10am on Tuesday, September 12th

The Matsuzaka Ueno store will be holding an "Autumn Gourmet All-Star" event from September 13th (Wednesday) to October 10th (Tuesday), where gourmet food featuring plenty of autumn flavors will gather. At Hoppe Town on the 1st floor and the cafe on the mezzanine and 2nd floors, we offer approximately 40 types of Japanese and Western sweets made with chestnuts, grapes, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes that are in season in autumn. We would like to introduce you to autumn sweets that will allow you to enjoy both “Autumn of Appetite'' and “Autumn of Art'' to the fullest.

  • Is it like “edible art”? Chestnut and grape sweets that can be enjoyed during the “autumn of art”

  • <Shinjuku Takano> Gateaux Shine Muscat (1 piece) 1,296 yen/1st floor

    A shortcake sandwiched between muscat-flavored mousse and shine muscat.

    beautiful grape cake

    <Vitamer> Charlotte Raisin (1 piece) 734 yen/1st floor

    Rare cheese mousse topped with seasonal grapes. Accented with sweet and sour cassis mousse.

    beautiful grape cake

    <Ginza Suzuya> Chestnut sweet sugar 2 pieces bag (1 bag) 594 yen/1st floor

    One each of Chestnut Amanto and Chestnut Amanto with Astringent Skin. It's perfect for when you want to eat something!

    <Cafe Comsa> "Yamae Chestnut" cake from Yamae Village, Kumamoto Prefecture (1 piece) 1,300 yen/2nd floor

    Yamae chestnuts, which have a high sugar content and large grains, are combined with Mont Blanc cream and decorated on a mascarpone base.

    <Obusedo> Suzaku Mont Blanc (1 piece) 2,700 yen/1st floor

    A tart made with custard and fresh cream, topped with our signature chestnut paste.

    *Limited to 30 pieces each day of sale

    *Sold only on 9/13 (Wed) → 19 (Tue), 9/27 (Wed) → 10/3 (Tue), 10/10 (Tue) → 17 (Tue)

  • Even the packaging has an autumn look! Pumpkin & sweet potato sweets

  • <Yokumoku> Cadeau de Lautonne (20 pieces) 1,782 yen/1st floor

    This assortment is made with chestnuts and sweet potatoes and is recommended as an autumn gift.

    *Ends as soon as it runs out

    <Azabu Karinto> Autumn vegetable Karinto (55g) 486 yen/1st floor

    Autumn flavors are in full swing! You can enjoy 4 different flavors at once.

    <Izumiya> Halloween Box (9 pieces) 1,350 yen/1st floor

    An assortment of printed cookies and cookies containing pumpkin seeds.

    <Aoi no Kura> Rabbit Festival (1 piece) 237 yen/1st floor

    A moist sweet potato made with Naruto Kintoki.

    <Katsura Shindo> Autumn news (8 bags) 1,836 yen / 1st floor

    Nuts, matsutake mushrooms, and sweet potatoes. A shrimp cracker depicting the fruitful autumn of Japan.

    *Ends as soon as it runs out

    *All prices include tax.