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A book cafe once again on the street by Shinobazu Pond, a social experiment called “Hokomichi” in collaboration with the local community and the University of Tokyo

Limited to 6 days after the end of November Utilize the "Triangle Square" on the sidewalk

The Shinobazu Ikemachi Research Group was launched in 2021 by local neighborhood associations near Ueno and Shinobazu Pond, the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Urban Design Laboratory, and other volunteers.

As an action for a walkable Shinobazu Street by the same study group, the “Hokomichi Social Experiment “Shinobazu Street Triangle Square Daily Book Cafe'' will be held.

As an official social experiment with permission from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the police, a temporary store and exhibition/residence space will be set up in an empty corner of the Shinobazu Street sidewalk. This is an initiative aimed at being designated as a "Pedestrian Convenience Enhancement Road (commonly known as Hokomichi)", a new system that was just established in 2020.

This time, we will focus on the so-called "Triangle Square" located on the sidewalk of Shinobazu Street. As the second installment of the popular “Ike no Bori no Hon no Michi'' series, we will be operating a daily book cafe for 6 days only. Opening days are scheduled for 2023/11/25 (Sat), 26 (Sun), 27 (Mon), 12/2 (Sat), 3 (Sun), 4 (Mon) from 11:00 to 17:00. Please come and enjoy it with us.

Social experiment on road utilization held on the sidewalk on the south side of Shinobazu Pond

■ Popular “Pondside Book Path” series

The Shinobazu Ikemachi Research Group, which aims to create a community that lives alongside Shinobazu Pond, is considering whether it is possible to redesign Shinobazu Street, the wide road on the south side of Shinobazu Pond, from the perspective of “from cars to people.'' We are working on creating a vision. Based on the discussions at the study group, the “Shinobazu Ikemachi Study Group Concept Book 2021” was published in March 2022.

We have had many discussions around the model.

As a first action based on this concept book, the Shinobazu Pond Book Cafe “Ike no Bori no Honmichi” was held in October 2023. The event was held for the first time over a two-day weekend, with some traffic restrictions in the lanes of Shinobazu Dori, and the venue was not only in Ueno Park but also on Shinobazu Dori. The cultural event, held at a place associated with Mori Ogai and Shotaro Ikenami, was very popular and received a great response, with over 3,000 people attending.

October project where Shinobazu Dori Road also became a venue

■ The second part is a social experiment using the “triangle square” on the sidewalk.

Although the second edition of the “Ike no Bashi no Honmichi'' will be smaller than the first, it will be a busy road on a daily basis as part of a road utilization promotion initiative involving the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the road administrator. This is a social experiment that aims to create a small base where cultural information can be disseminated.

As a social experiment, we are planning a daily book cafe in the "Triangle Square", which is a free space on the sidewalk. Book cafe stalls will be open on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays during this period, and you can enjoy reading a variety of books on a daily basis while drinking a hot drink by the pond.

In the future, the local community plans to use this plaza as a hub for daily activity and cultural information dissemination. This is a small but big step towards creating an attractive parkside space.

Shinobazu Street “Triangle Square” Daily Book Cafe Venue

■ Aozora Book Cafe that you can enjoy every day

Books, miscellaneous goods, drinks, and more. The closest second-hand bookstore to Shinobazu Pond, “Osho Horou,'' “SANT JORDI,'' whose concept is to enrich your life through flowers, plants, and books, and “Yagaku Bar,'' which is scheduled to reopen soon in nearby Yushima, are on hand. They will liven up the book cafe every day.

We also plan to offer special food from long-established local restaurants. If you're in the area, please come and take a look and enjoy the different ways each vendor uses the space.

Daily book cafe for 6 days only

■ Shinobazu Street "Triangle Square" Daily Book Cafe – Hokomichi Social Experiment 2023 at Shinobazu Street "Triangle Square" –


2023/11/25 Saturday, 26th, 27th, 12/2 Saturday, 3rd, April




Shinobazu Street Triangle Square (in front of Jusoya Kushi store and Izuei main store)

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*Free admission

*May be canceled in case of rain or stormy weather *This social experiment will be held with permission from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police to occupy and use the road.

Venue guide map

■ Organizer information

Sponsored by: Ueno Motokuromoncho Association / Shinobazu Ikemachi Research Group / Ikenohata Nakamachi Shopping Association

Cooperation: University of Tokyo Graduate School of Urban Design Laboratory

Sponsored by: Taito Ward​