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27 days to enjoy seasonal strawberries! “Strawberry Festival” will be held, including a food comparison and strawberry gacha.

February 15, 2024 (Thursday) – March 12, 2024 (Tuesday) / Matsuzaka Ueno Store

[Special page] https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/2024strawberry_fes_ueno.html

The Matsuzaka Ueno store will be holding a “Strawberry Festival'' from February 15th (Thursday) to March 12th (Tuesday), featuring approximately 30 types of sweets made with strawberries. Hoppe Town Foods on the first floor will offer Japanese and Western sweets such as cakes, baked goods, and daifuku made with strawberries, while the cafes on each floor will feature limited-time menus where you can fully enjoy strawberries. There is also a “Strawberry Tasting Comparison'' where you can purchase over 10 different brands of strawberries starting from just one strawberry each, and you might even win a gorgeous assortment of strawberries! ? There are also many first-time projects such as “Strawberry Gacha”! It's 27 days where you can fully enjoy seasonal strawberries.

  • First project ! “Strawberry Tasting Comparison'' where you can enjoy a variety of varieties little by little

Period: 2/23 (Fri/Holiday) → 25 (Sun)

Location: 1st basement floor, fruits and vegetables (Kyushuya)

It is said that there are about 300 varieties of strawberries. I want to taste each to see what they taste like! In order to respond to such needs, we will be holding a "Strawberry Tasting Comparison" for the first time. We have a large collection of over 10 types of seasonal strawberries, and you can purchase as little as one strawberry of your choice.

※The image is an image. Also, due to weather and other circumstances, items may not be in stock and the contents may change. Variety changes depending on the day. Please check the price at the store on the day.

  • You might win a high-quality strawberry set! ? First project! "Strawberry gacha"

Period: 2/17 (Sat), 18 (Sun), 3/2 (Sat), 3 (Sun)

Location: 1st basement floor, fruits and vegetables (Kyushuya)

500 yen per time

The first no-lose “Strawberry Gacha” will be held!

The A prize was a "high-quality strawberry set."

*Ends as soon as it runs out.

  • Limited time only! " 100% strawberry juice "

Period: 2/15 (Thursday) → 3/12 (Tuesday)

Location: Basement 1st floor <Juice stand>

<Juice stand> 100% strawberry juice (1 cup) 800 yen

Introducing a limited-time 100% strawberry juice made with seasonal strawberries that allows you to enjoy the natural sweetness and sourness!

  • Liven up your party ♪ “ Strawberry Tree

Period: 2/17 (Sat), 24 (Sat), 3/2 (Sat)

Location: 1st basement floor, fruits and vegetables (Kyushuya)

<Kyushuya> Strawberry tree (1) 8,000 yen

The strawberry tree, which is about 30cm tall, is both satisfying to eat and visually impressive! A hearty dish with a pineapple base decorated with strawberries.

*Limited to 2 cars each day (including advance reservations)

  • The 15th is “Strawberry Day” and the 22nd is “Shortcake Day”♪ Enjoy seasonal strawberries with cake

The 15th of every month is considered to be “Strawberry Day'', which is derived from a play on the words “ichi (1)'' and “go (5)''. Furthermore, on the calendar, the 15th (Strawberry Day) is directly above the 22nd, and because there is a strawberry on top of the shortcake, the 22nd of every month is known as "Shortcake Day." I am. A large collection of strawberry cakes will decorate "Strawberry Day" and "Shortcake Day"!

<Cafe Comsa> Fukuoka prefecture strawberry "Amaou" shortcake (1 piece) 1,600 yen, (1 hole) 16,000 yen/2nd floor eat-in

A shortcake luxuriously decorated with whole Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture.

<Vitamer> Phrase de Vitamer (1 piece) 702 yen/1st floor

Strawberry shortcake with smooth melting cream.

<Cafe Comsa> Fukuoka prefecture strawberry "Amaou" cake (1 piece) 1,600 yen, (1 hole) 19,200 yen/2nd floor eat-in

We used plenty of Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture to decorate the base of the fromage blanc.

<Antenor> Benihoppe strawberry and chocolate gateau (1 piece) 734 yen / 1st floor

Berry mousse and Earl Gray-flavored ganache wrapped in almond chocolate.

*Sales period: 2/15 (Thursday) → 3/3 (Sunday)

<Shinjuku Takano> Amaou phrase (1 piece) 1,080 yen/1st floor

A seasonal shortcake featuring the delicious taste of Amaou strawberries grown in Fukuoka Prefecture.

  • From Japanese and Western sweets to alcohol! A large gathering of gourmet foods using strawberries! !

<Chikuryuan Okano> Strawberry Daifuku (1 piece) 480 yen/1st floor

<Pressed Butter Sand> Butter Sand <Strawberry Chocolate> (5 pieces) 1,404 yen/1st floor

<Azabu Karinto> Strawberry chocolate Karinto (1 bag/70g) 648 yen/1st floor

<Western sweets Rokumeikan> Chocolate Chocolat phrase (1 piece) 432 yen / 1st floor

<Azabujuban Agemochiya> Agemochi Cocoro Fruit Mix (1 piece/80g) 1,296 yen/1st floor

<Panda Sabo by Ginza Seigetsudo> Strawberry Shiratama Cream Zenzai (1 plate) 1,100 yen / Mezzanine floor eat-in

<Toraya> Small Yokan "Strawberry" (1 piece, 50g) 324 yen / 1st floor

<D&M CAVE> Canella Rossini Candonga (1 bottle/750ml) 2,200 yen/B1F

  • Limited time strawberry gourmet food will be available at the event space!

<Eat Me Sandwich> Tochiaika fruit sandwich (1 piece) 650 yen / 1st floor Oedo Shinmachi event space

*2/23 (Fri/Holiday) → 27 (Tue)

<Amami Kaori Institute> MAN-MARUset (1 piece) 1,850 yen / 1st floor Japanese and Western confectionery event space

*3/6 (Wed) → 14 (Thu)

*All prices include tax.