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Have fun walking around Ueno! Ueno Museum Week is scheduled to be held!

From Friday, May 10th to Sunday, May 26th, enjoy a cultural walking tour with a stamp rally around popular spots and gourmet spots in the Ueno area!

In the Ueno area, in commemoration of International Museum Day on May 18th, 12 facilities around Ueno Park, including museums, art galleries, and the zoo, will cooperate with Ueno Norenkai member stores to hold Ueno Museum Week. This year, a digital stamp rally will also be held for the first time. On International Museum Day on May 18th, multiple museums will be free to enter. Make the most of the event by using the annual "Town Fun" coupons.

The biggest attraction this year is the first-ever digital stamp rally! From cultural facilities in Ueno Park to various spots in Ueno Shopping Street, a total of 13 stamp points will appear in the Ueno area! In addition to cultural facilities in the park, Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building 7F Art Gallery, ABAB Ueno Store 6F "Uenoshita Studio", Ueno Station art space CREATIVE HUB UENO "es" and other spots where you can feel art in the city are also points of interest. Among them, BUZZCHIKA (Shino Buzz Brewery Hitsuji Ice basement) is an art hotspot in the city where young artists' exhibitions and plays are actively held. Please enjoy the atmosphere of Ueno, the city of art, along with the stamp rally. The stamp rally rewards include coupons that can be used at Ueno stores at one stamp (you can get up to 13 per stamp!), creator collaboration digital art works at three stamps, and prizes from participating cultural facilities at seven stamps.

Another highlight is the "free admission" on May 18th, "International Museum Day." On that day, visitors can visit three museums for free: the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Nature and Science, and the National Museum of Western Art. In addition, this year the Tokyo University of the Arts Museum will be giving away original museum goods to the first 50 visitors.

*The free admission day for the Taito Ward Former Tokyo Music School Concert Hall is Wednesday, May 15th. Please be careful not to make a mistake.

The annual coupon service can be used at 11 Ueno Noren-kai stores. During the period, please present the admission ticket stub of one of the 12 cultural facilities participating in Ueno Museum Week 2024. We will be offering generous free services such as complimentary soft drinks, draft beer, desserts, and 10% off purchases. Invite your friends and family to enjoy the whole of Ueno's "forest" and "town."

■Event Overview■

International Museum Day Commemorative Event 2024 Ueno Museum Week

Event period: Friday, May 10th to Sunday, May 26th, 2023

Venues (participating facilities and organizations): Tokyo National Museum / National Museum of Nature and Science / National Museum of Western Art / Tokyo University of the Arts Art Museum / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / Ueno Zoological Gardens / The Ueno Royal Museum / Taito Ward Former Tokyo Music School Concert Hall / Former Iwasaki Garden / National Museum of Modern Architecture / National Diet Library International Children's Library / Toeizan Kan'ei-ji Temple / Ueno Noren Association participating stores (in no particular order)

*There will be days when the museum is closed during the exhibition period.

Organized by: Ueno Museum Week Executive Organization Federation

Co-hosted by Ueno Norenkai

Sponsored by: National Museum of Nature and Science Foundation

Cooperation: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Eastern Park and Green Space Office, Taito City, Taito City Arts and Culture Foundation

Official site: http://www.ueno-mw.com/


■[Ueno Morimachi Wandering] Ueno Museum Week 2024 ~ International Museum Day ~ ■

A digital stamp rally will be held from Friday, May 10th to Sunday, May 26th. Stamp points will appear at the participating facilities listed below.

[Participating facilities]

・National Museum of Nature and Science
・The National Museum of Western Art
・Tokyo National Museum
・The Ueno Royal Museum
・Former Tokyo Music School Concert Hall
・Former Iwasaki Residence Garden
・The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts
・International Library of Children's Literature
・Kaneiji Temple
・Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building 7F Art Gallery
・ABAB Ueno Store 6th floor "Uenoshita Studio"

【How to Use】
Download the digital stamp rally Furari on your smartphone. Go to the designated location of the participating facilities and get a stamp. With one stamp, you can get a coupon that can be used at Ueno stores (you can get up to 13 for each stamp!), with three stamps you can get a creator collaboration digital art piece, and with seven stamps you can get prizes from participating cultural facilities. Prizes will be shipped to the winners one to two months after the Museum Week ends.

1 stamp….Coupons that can be used at Ueno stores (You can get up to 13 coupons for each stamp!)
3 stamps…..Creator collaboration digital art work
7 stamps…..Prizes from participating museums

[Coupons that can be used at Ueno stores]
Please refer to the coupon service for stores offering coupons.

[Creator Collaboration Digital Artwork]

We will be distributing digital artworks created by four young artists from the Ueno area-based art support group, Geio Nurture Town Club.

TOMIMO and Akina

He creates works based on the theme of "encounter with memory." He explores the gap between reality and reality by incorporating not only the human gaze but also the machine gaze. His major exhibitions include "Mamono" (Ginza Nikon Salon, 2018), "HUMAN<3" (Kyoto International Film and Art Festival, 2019), and "Where is my bus?" (Tanegashima Space Art Festival, 2019) under the name Tomimoto Travel. He is the author of "mamono" (PlaceM Publishing, 2020). He graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Advanced Art and Media.

Web: https://ak-7.net

Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Crafts, majoring in metal. Using materials such as metal, antlers, and wood, he creates original sci-fi works using craft techniques. Recently, he has also been creating derivative works using 3D printers.


fair enoughCreative director

Depending on the concept and expression, various techniques are used, from flat to three-dimensional works. The concept of the work is to project the thoughts of the time, from personal to social satire.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mahana_fe_d/?hl=ja

fair enough

fair enough is a designer brand launched in 2021. The brand explores expression with the concept of "sufficient fairness and dialogue."

Exhibiting at New York Fashion Week 2024AW
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fairenough_official_/?hl=ja

Sayaka Kobori

Plush toy artist. Representative of smallmoat(combined). Born September 18, 1991.

Born in Niigata Prefecture and raised in Kanagawa Prefecture. We create palm-sized original characters based on the concept of "not just". We create everything from pattern making to dyeing and accessory production from scratch.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coborisayaka/?hl=ja


I'm from Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture. I create a retro-future worldview by fusing mecha and cuteness. It's a story about rusty robots who continue to live in a decaying world, imitating humans. I've been an artist for 10 years now. I've exhibited at various events, and I've also had the honor of exhibiting my work at the Art Education Association.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chikatoys/?hl=ja

[List of prizes for participating museums]

National Museum of Nature and Science
40 common invitation tickets for 20 pairs

*National Museum of Western Art
"Naito Collection Manuscripts – A Microcosm of the Elegant Middle Ages" admission tickets (20 pairs, 40 tickets)

*Tokyo National Museum
Comprehensive Cultural Exhibition Invitation Ticket + Original Ticket Folder Set (20 pairs, 40 tickets)
Invitation to a special guided tour (held on a day designated by the museum) – 10 groups (20 people)

* The Ueno Royal Museum
Original merchandise from last year's "Dinosaur Picture Book Exhibition" for 16 people
(Mug, ballpoint pen, and sticker set)

* Former Tokyo Music School Concert Hall
10 sets of 2 invitation tickets + 1 ticket folder
(Total of 20 invitation tickets and 10 ticket folders)

* Former Iwasaki Residence Garden
Original eco bag for 20 people (1 per person)

Tokyo University of the Arts Museum
Original postcard from the University Art Museum (20 winners)

Kan'eiji Temple
Special not-for-sale stamp book for 20 people (1 per person)


■Coupon Service■

During the period from Saturday, May 6th to Sunday, May 28th, you can receive free services by presenting your ticket stub from each museum at the stores listed below. For details on the services, please see the Ueno Museum Week official website.

[Participating stores]

Yoshi Sushi Ueno Branch, Anmitsu Mihashi, Izuei (eel restaurant), Hatoya (ladies' clothing), Tenju (tempura), Kaiseki Chinese cuisine Ueno Ikenohata Kogets, Western cuisine Kurofunetei, Kameya Issui-tei (grilled eel and seasonal vegetables), Yakiniku Taishoen, Selected Western cuisine Sakurai, Shabu-shabu Hachinoki

【How to Use】

Present your ticket stub for a cultural facility in Ueno Park

* One ticket per person

* Cannot be used in conjunction with coupon services


[Ueno Royal Museum]
May 3rd (Friday, National Holiday) Museum original goods giveaway

●Time: 10:00~
●Contents: Limited to the first 50 visitors to the exhibition at the reception counter

[National Museum of Western Art]
May 18th (Sat) Museum original postcard giveaway

●Time: 9:30~
● Location: Permanent exhibition ticket gate
● Target: First 200 visitors to the permanent exhibition

[Tokyo University of the Arts Museum]
May 18th (Sat) Museum original goods giveaway

●Time: 10:00~
●Location: Entrance hall
●Target: First 50 visitors to the exhibition

[BUZZCHIKA Exhibition Information]

Exhibition title: FIND IT!!!

Small living things that have been popped out from Ueno Forest into the city gather in a space called Buzzchika.

Enjoy the experience of encountering a wide variety of life forms that you would never encounter in your everyday life.

Dates: May 10th (Fri) – 12th (Sun), 2024, May 17th (Fri) – 19th (Sun), 24th (Fri) – 26th (Sun)

Time: 13:00-17:00

Location: 2-10-7 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan

Exhibiting artists: Sayaka Kobori, Jiyu, Chika Toys, MAHANA fair enough

■What is International Museum Day? ■

"International Museum Day" is a museum commemoration day established by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in 1977. Commemorative events are held at museums around the world on and around May 18th with the aim of familiarizing many people with museums and raising awareness of the role of museums. Ueno, which is rare even on an international level in terms of the large number of cultural facilities such as museums and art galleries gathered there, holds various commemorative events every year around "International Museum Day" as "Ueno Museum Week", held by cultural facilities and the Ueno Noren Association.

■Ueno Norenkai■

Ueno, the cloud of flowers, is the representative entertainment district of this part of Edo. It is the source of art and culture in the Meiji period. The Ueno Noren Association is a federation of about 100 famous stores in Ueno. Since its founding in 1959 (Showa 34), it has been publishing the town magazine "Ueno" every month with the aim of rediscovering the cultural traditions of this area. This is the 776th issue (as of May 2024).

■ Flyer ■


Ueno Museum Week Executive Committee Secretariat

TEL 03-3833-8016 FAX 03-3839-2765 (Ueno Norenkai, weekdays 10:00-17:00)