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Taito Designers Village, a fashion startup support facility celebrating its 20th anniversary, will hold an Open House from May 24th to 26th. 60 up-and-coming brands will participate.

The Taito Designers Village facility will be open to the public, offering an opportunity to see the designers' studios and products in a retro elementary school that is usually not open to the public, and to interact with them directly. Taito Monomachi will also be held at the same time.

The former Kojima Elementary School, built in 1928 after the earthquake, has been renovated and is now used as a studio for 19 creators.

The former Kojima Elementary School, built in 1928 after the earthquake, has been renovated and is now used as a studio for 19 creators.

Taito Designers Village 20th Anniversary Facility Opening

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Taito Designers Village. To mark this memorable year, we will be holding an expanded "Open Facility" event, which will open the studios of our resident designers to the public. This event will allow you to tour the 19 studios, see the products being made there, and enjoy interacting with the creators. In addition, this time we will also be holding a sales event for graduates and our sister facility, Asakusa Monozukuri Kobo.

◆Event Overview

Event Schedule

Friday, May 24th – Sunday, May 26th, 2024


Free admission and no prior registration required


Taito Designers Village

2-9-10 Kojima, Taito-ku, Tokyo

1 minute walk from A4 exit of Shin-Okachimachi Station on the Oedo Subway Line and Tsukuba Express

As the venue is expected to be busy on the day, we recommend that you use public transport. Please note that you will need to use stairs to move around the venue.

Related Event: Taito Monomachi

Taito Monomachi, which will be held at the same time, is an event that Taito Designers Village started in 2011 together with nearby companies and graduates. It is now organized by the Taito Monomachi Association, and over 200 companies and studios from Okachimachi to Kuramae to Asakusabashi are participating. A diverse program is available, including demonstrations, workshops, special sales, and studio tours. A reception desk will be set up inside Taito Designers Village.

Participating Brands

◆ 19 open studio rooms
Yuki Yoshioka / IBAMOTO HONTEN / Medenius / moe matsuda / yukino / emary / Philliamm / MAHOROOGINO / Kana Kawasaki / KANAE YAMASHITA / Stardust Museum / 038design+kucch / MIUREANT / Embroidery artist kana / Haruka Ozone / MIZUNA embroidery / otayori / annita artworks / AS YET UNNAMED.
◆20th Anniversary Sale 34 Alumni Brands
nicodesign/Lueur/EmiriA/YURI HIMURO/Fillyjonk/revie objects/Nando Jewelry/bonboog・SALCO/YUKI SHIMANE/tactor/POTTENBURN TOHKII/NIR IDENTITY & BOOK/atelier65/FIORAIA/tete/AUTTAA/recomma/mumea/nagisa/ATELIER MINAMI/tukifune/MANAMI SAKURAI/promoduction + NEXTRAD/mn./MEGUMI TOYOKAWA/hatsuyume/Neverland/Koyama Kanekichi Shoten/SAKURAYAMA/.URUKUST/Seperku/m.ripple/inoui/mami matsuo/Trooms.
◆Asakusa Manufacturing Workshop 7 brands
dito/WAL footwear technology/FERMI+/Tommelise & Maialise/amenez-moi!/yojiomi shoes&crafts/BLUEGE/

About Taito Designers Village

Taito Designers Village is a startup support facility for fashion creators that was established in 2004 by renovating the old Kojima Elementary School building. It aims to support startups in the fashion accessories sector, which is a major industry in Taito Ward, and revitalize the area. Creators of apparel, jewelry, leather products, and other products from around Tokyo gather here.

There are 19 studios that were renovated from retro classrooms. So far, 148 groups have moved in, with an average occupancy rate of about 6:1, making it one of the most popular in the country.

It has produced many fashion brands and has attracted attention as a stepping stone to the fashion industry.

Facility support details

Hard aspects: Atelier and shared facilities are available for use at low rent.

Soft aspects: Individual guidance on brand development by the village chief, various seminars, consultation on loans and subsidies, etc.

Networks: Networks between residents and alumni, and collaboration with local companies and production areas.

Major graduation brands

・Fashion: writtenafterwards, AKIKOAOKI, HIROCOLEDGE, tactor

・Jewelry: Talkative, januka, Lamie, ayanofukumura, Fillyjonk

・Leather products: M+, kanmi., RIOWA, URUKUST, Coqrtte

・Others: Fashionsnap. (media), yumiko iihoshi porcelain (tableware), YURI HIMURO (interior textiles)

Facility Installer

Taito City Cultural, Industry and Tourism Department, Industry Promotion Division

Phone: 03-5246-1143 FAX: 03-5246-1139 Email: sangyo@city.taito.tokyo.jp

Interviews and inquiries

We would be grateful if you could cover the event and introduce it to us. Please come and visit us.

If you contact us in advance, we will accommodate your request.

Interviews will be handled by Jun Suzuki, Mayor of Taito Designers Village.

Detailed information

Taito Designers Village WEB page


Facility public web page:


Taito Monomachi WEB page:


A look at the resident's studio

A look at the resident's studio

Sales event

Sales event

The entrance to the facility

The entrance to the facility

A look at the resident's studio

A look at the resident's studio