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On June 12th, Xiang Xiang turns 7 years old! On June 23rd, Xiao Xiao and Lei Lei turn 3 years old! We will celebrate with panda gourmet food, original goods, and a photo exhibition ♪ “HAPPY PANDAFUL DAYS”

May 29th (Wed) – June 27th (Thu) / Matsuzakaya Ueno store

Matsuzakaya Ueno store will be holding a store-wide "HAPPY PANDAFUL DAYS" event from May 29th (Wed) to June 27th (Thu) to celebrate the birthdays of Ueno Zoo's twin giant pandas "Xiao Xiao" and "Lei Lei," and Ueno's idol "Xiang Xiang," who crossed over to China in February last year. In addition to the appearance of panda-themed gourmet food and goods, various panda events will be held throughout the store, including advertising banners and interior decorations with a panda design, a photo exhibition of "Xiang Xiang," who crossed over to China, and the distribution of original novelties. Advertising balloons will also be on display on the twin pandas' birthday! It will be a month full of panda events.

[Happy Pandaful Days special page] https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/happy_pandafuldays/

  • ① Cute to look at and delicious to eat! New panda-themed gourmet food has arrived

<Cafe Comsa> Panda Shortcake (1 piece) 1,600 yen / 2nd floor

A seasonal shortcake made with melon and cherries, designed to resemble twin pandas.

New Releases

New Releases

<Hokushin Sushi> Twin Panda Seafood Bara Chirashi (1 serving) 1,580 yen / 1st basement floor

A gorgeous seafood chirashi sushi dish topped with twin pandas.

*Limited to 10 meals per day

New Releases

New Releases

<Shinjuku Takano> Panda Melon 2 (1 unit) 4,536 yen / 1st floor

A melon sandwich cake topped with two colors of melon and a cute panda.

* During the period from June 10th (Mon) to June 27th (Thu), only 3 cars on weekdays and 5 cars on weekends.

New Releases

New Releases

<Paul Bocuse> Roast beef burger using rare cuts of Tomosankaku (1 piece) 1,080 yen / 1st basement floor

A burger filled with rare cuts of roast beef.

*Limited to 10 per day

<Tagosaku> Friendly Panda Okowa (1 serving) 1,500 yen / 1st basement floor

Chinese-style steamed rice inspired by twin pandas.

*Only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

New Releases

New Releases

Tagosaku: Gyugyu Panda okowainari (1 serving) 1,080 yen / 1st basement floor

The popular mini Okowai Inari has been transformed into a panda!

*Only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

New Releases

New Releases

  • ②The decorative designs from past panda projects are now available as merchandise! Three original products are available for order!

The decorative designs used on advertising banners in past Panda projects are now available as original goods! Available to order on the Daimaru Matsuzakaya online site.

*This product is made to order, so it will take some time to deliver.

[Sales period] 5/29 (Wed) 10:00 → 6/11 (Tue) 23:59

[Delivery date] Scheduled to be delivered sequentially from 8/1 (Thu)

①〈Matsuzakaya Ueno Store x UCHINO〉Three-piece set of towels with past panda outdoor advertising banner designs (sports towel size: approx. 34 cm long x 110 cm wide) 11,000 yen

*Limit of 5 sets per name

② Set of 3 past panda outdoor advertising curtain design stickers (A4 size: approx. 30 cm long x 21 cm wide) 4,290 yen

*Limit of 5 sets per name

③ Panda banners (Xiang Xiang ver./Xiao Xiao ver./Lei Lei ver.) (approx. 60cm long x 50cm wide each) 2,750 yen each

The panda banners displayed in the store are available for order! Make your home PANDA-FUL!

*Limit of 5 items per name

  • 3. Receive limited-time novelty gifts!

● "Ueno Panda Mini Microfiber Cloth" (2 types)

Customers who spend 4,000 yen or more (tax included) on one receipt at the designated sales area will receive one "Ueno Panda Mini Microfiber Cloth" (two types available: "Xiang Xiang ver." and "Xiao Xiao & Lei Lei ver.") per receipt! (Each is approximately 8 cm long x 8 cm wide. The back of the cloth is plain.)

*Each sales area is different. Please check the website for details.

* Receipts cannot be combined.

*Ends while stocks last.

*Resale is strictly prohibited.

Ueno Panda Mini Microfiber Cloth (2 types)

Ueno Panda Mini Microfiber Cloth (2 types)

● "Ueno Panda Original Coaster" (2 types)

Customers who fulfill the ordering conditions at participating restaurants and cafes will receive one "Ueno Panda original coaster" (two types available: "Xiang Xiang ver." and "Xiao Xiao & Lei Lei ver.") (Each is approximately 9 cm long x 9 cm wide)

*Order conditions vary by shop. Please check the website for details.

*Limited to the first 20 customers per shop per day, and one ticket per person per day.

*You cannot choose the type.

*Ends while stocks last.

*Resale is strictly prohibited.

Ueno Panda Original Coaster (2 types)

Ueno Panda original coaster (2 types)

  • 4. Enjoy Xiang Xiang's cute appearance in China ♪ "Nihao! Xiang Xiang Photo Exhibition by Panda Every Day"

[Location] 2nd floor, in front of Cafe Comsa

A photo exhibition will be held featuring precious photos of Xiang Xiang taken in China by Mainichi Panda. There are plenty of photos of Xiang Xiang looking lively and cute in China!

  • ⑤The inside and outside of the building are decorated with pandas! The outdoor advertising banners are mosaic art of panda photos!

In addition to the outdoor advertising banners that are the face of Matsuzakaya Ueno store, the interior decorations such as the north exit window and banners will also feature a panda motif for a limited time!

A mosaic art advertising banner measuring approximately 20m in height and 4m in width has been installed on the exterior wall facing Ueno Hirokoji intersection!

※The image is an image

※The image is an image

  • ⑥ Eco-bags made from upcycled panda-themed outdoor advertising banners will be sold exclusively online!

This is the sixth installment of the "Upcycled Eco Bag Project," which started in 2021 and involves transforming used advertising banners into eco-bags and selling them!

This time, the panda mosaic art advertising banner used in the "HAPPY PANDAFUL HOLIDAYS" project held last December has been transformed into mini-sized eco-bags and will be sold online.

*We will be selling a total of 201 items from the panda motif upcycled eco bag project, which has been held twice in the past, including 21 items that were canceled due to customer reasons!

[Application period] 5/29 (Wed) 10:00 → 6/27 (Thu) 23:59

[How to apply] Please apply from the special page. If the number of applications exceeds 201, a lottery will be held. Only successful customers will be notified of the dedicated purchase site by email on July 12th (Fri) .

[Number of items sold] 201 items

[Price] 3,000 yen

[Size] Height approx. 23.5 cm x width approx. 21.5 cm x depth approx. 9.5 cm

*There are no sales in stores.

*Pattern cannot be chosen.

*Please read the notes on the special page before applying.

*Resale is strictly prohibited.

  • ⑦Panda advertising balloons in the Ueno sky!

[Period] June 21st (Fri) to June 23rd (Sun) 10:00-17:00

*Cancelled in case of rain or storm

*Please check the Matsuzakaya Ueno Store official X (formerly Twitter) for details on the status on the day.

[Location] Matsuzakaya Ueno store rooftop

[Size] Advertising balloon body: Width approx. 2.65m x Height approx. 3.5m Banner: Height approx. 10m

  • 8. Limited-time Panda Goods Shop

<Ueno Information Center POP UP>

[Date] June 12th (Wed) to 18th (Tue) [Location] 1st floor north entrance event space

〈Crystal Art POP UP〉

[Date] June 12th (Wed) to June 27th (Thu) [Location] 2nd floor women's clothing department

〈Panda Festival〉〈I Love Pandas Festival〉

[Date] June 19th (Wed) to 24th (Mon) [Location] 6th floor event hall

〈Adventure World POP-UP STORE〉

[Date] June 19th (Wed) to 25th (Tue) [Location] 1st floor North Exit Arcade

*All prices include tax.