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Old museum Zoo station Public memorial installation We participated in the press tour “chasing the announcers” press tour

This building is standing side by side with the Tokyo National Museum, across from Ueno Park.

It used to be the Keisei Electric Railway old museum zoo station which has been used as the nearest station of the Tokyo Imperial Museum (now the Tokyo National Museum) and the Ueno Ueno Zoo.

Along with the decrease in users, we had to suspend business in 1997. In April 2018, as a building with historical value that is important for the landscape, it was the first railway facility "Tokyo Metropolitan Selected History Building It was selected as "thing".

Renovation work was carried out on this machine, furthermore, Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Art Department manager, UENOYES * A comprehensive producer Mr. Katsuhiko Hibino designed by entrance to the entrance was newly constructed.

* Art project with the theme of social inclusion. With the aim of new social participation of people from the beginning of culture, regardless of disability, with various people from races and countries, from children to adults, develop various programs throughout the year, from Ueno We are disseminating it to the world.

On November 23, 2018, a part of the Keisei Electric Railway old museum zoo station building will be opened to the public. At the same time, within the station building, a limited-time installation work "Following the Ana-rabbit" will be on display as a "Historical Cultural Resource Utilization Program" that is part of the UENOYES project.

I participated in a press tour that was held prior to that, so I will tell you the situation.

Open the new door and go inside.

When you open the door, there is a huge anaba!

Because the ticket gate of the old museum zoo station is in the basement, this work seems to have a motif of a rabbit who has habits of digging soil and creating a nest .

Station building ceiling

This station was loved by many people. Graffiti at the time of the active duty is left on the wall of the station building.

Old museum zoo station public release commemoration admission ticket

An announcer who brought the face of a rabbit invites us to the basement.

I have my tickets cut and I will get down to the basement.

In the basement is a book written about the "reproduction of what was lost". The viewer can also sit on the chair and repeat the page.

Unique display of animal skull reproduced with 3D printer. You can also touch here.

In the center is the actual skull of Huang Huang of the giant panda who died in 1997 when the station building stopped operating. Standing by is a doctorate in science at National Science Museum / Department of Animal Studies, Mr. Ken Mori of technical cooperation of this work.

Huang Huang's skull has replicas, so please do touch it.

A replica of the human skull displayed before the toilet display. It is somehow surreal.

As a hommage to many graffiti remaining in the station building, you can do graffiti with a pen in a glass door leading to the basement. It is planned to archive when graffiti becomes full.

Underground ticket gates, and stairs leading to home. I can not move forward from here, but I can surpass the figure at that time through the glass door.

The story that Shiratama Ryotoya written down on Ueno's research was written by Mr. Sakata Akiko of art and was supported by the technical scientist of Mr. Ken Mori, a scientific museum · support researcher at the National Science Museum · Animal Research Division Exhibition.

Mr. Shiratama Ryoya director from the left, Mr. Ken Mori of technical cooperation, Mr. Sakata Akiko of art.

Both Rikya and Sakata say that this station building is a "space inspired by artists".

Mr. Mori says that he usually creates skeletal specimens by 3D scan and printer, but he seems to have been heard from Mr. Yoko when he thought that it would be able to touch people's eyes. It was in 1997 that the old museum zoo station stopped operating, but due to the idea of ​​Mr. Mori, the genuine exhibition of the skull of Huang Huan of the giant panda who died the same year came true.

In this way the installation work "chasing the announcer" . There is a unique world view that draws in what you see from the moment you open the door.

You can actually touch the entrance rabbit or book, the skull replica, and you can do graffiti on the glass.

Even those who have never used the old museum zoo station, you will be able to enjoy the work with a thought on the history of the station building.

Since it will be a limited-time exhibition until February 24, 2019, how about going to the old museum zoo station on this occasion?

Opening and exhibition of the old museum zoo station "Hosting chase after ana rabbit" Summary

A session Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from November 23, 2018 (Friday, congratulation) to February 24 (Sun) in 2019
※ 39 days in total excluding December 28 to 30

time 11: 00 ~ 16: 00
※ The final admission is until 15:30 (Capacity system · Replacement system when crowded)

place Old museum zoo station building station building

Admission fee free

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