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【Tokyo National Museum】 Special Exhibition 30th Anniversary Commemorative Report “The Duality and Cultural Exchange-Japanese Beauty”

From March 5 (Tuesday) to April 29 (Mon., 20th, 2019), the Tokyo National Museum holds a special exhibition entitled "Across Japan and the Cultural Exchange-Japanese Beauty" to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the throne. You A preview for the media has been held, so this time we will tell about it.

The generation of "Heisei" began on January 8, 1989. A special exhibition to be held in the commemorative year of the 30th anniversary of the throne The 30th anniversary of the thronery 30th anniversary of "The two-man and cultural exchange-to convey the beauty of Japan-" exhibits valuable items related to the Emperor and Empress.

This exhibition is produced at the time of the Emperor Kamijo, as the first exhibition in the "spun project to protect and convey Japanese beauty-Imperial treasure's treasure and national treasure project-" promoted by the Cultural Agency, the Miyauchi National Government and the Yomiuri Shimbun. The exhibition also includes works such as “The Lord of the World, Customs and Songs Style”, and works introduced by Emperor and Empress during a visit to a foreign country.
We introduce the cultural exchange that both of our lords were in charge of through the "Heisei" period.

Display scenery introduction

Venue view

His Majesty in Costumes Desired to Be Honored

In the chapter entitled " The Place of Opportunity", the photo panel presents a series of ceremonies relating to the form of both Majesty's wishes for thanks to the Place of Place and the Place of Place. I will follow the footsteps of His Majesty now.

In addition, he exhibited the “Russian, Main Base Style Customs and Song Style,” produced by the Higashiyama Shiori and Takayama Tatsuo, who were produced in 1990 in honor of the throne. "Yuki · Main group" refers to the area that harvests new grain to be offered at the Oyori Festival held after your order, and Higashiyama is Akita Prefecture, Takayama is Oita Prefecture, and both were selected as the Yuri · Main Group in Heisei. It is a masterpiece depicting the scenery of the prefecture's four seasons.

Iwasa Matei writing brush "Oguri Judge's picture scroll"

Umino Katsuo Works "Tanji Asoyou Figure Vase"

Through visits to foreign countries, Ryogeshita has been disseminated to the appeal of a variety of Japanese art abroad.
In the chapter "Foreign visits and cultural exchange" , the superiors of Japanese art presented to the occasion of visits by the Majesty to England (1998), Norway (2005) and Canada (2009). Is introduced.
The number of official visit countries after the order is 28 countries, including the crown age, and the number is 51 countries. You can be surprised by the frequency of visits that can be said to be energetic.

"Shochiku Matsue picture ten delicacy incense" Miyanouchi government office Sanonomaru Shozokan

Be attentive to the beauty of the finely painted lacquer

This is an incense device that has been introduced to the imperial family since the last century, and was introduced when visiting Norway.
A design in which various tools used for musk incense (play to apply the aroma) are stored in a double-layered lacquered box, and the plum motif of Shochiku plum, which is a traditional motif of Kisho, is replaced with "spear" Is characteristic.

From the left, “Red silk area with Kisyou embroidered embroidered kimono”, and “Black with red sea bream ground with red crocodile”. Together with the court

Evening Dress, Court

The imperial family has a history of carefully protecting and promoting sericulture, a major industry in modern Japan. In “Emperor and the sericulture” , we introduce the achievements of the Empress who has taken over the sericulture of the imperial family.
In particular, the Empress was able to protect and grow a valuable domesticated species called "Koishimaru", which was in danger of survival, and contributed to the restoration business of picture scrolls, etc., bringing great significance.

Takamura Mitsuunaku "Seiyuten Woman" Miyauchi Government Office Sanonomaru Shokuran

A kimono is placed and filled with a scent "Shishige and incense burner". Miyauchi Government Office

Rich photo panel. Let's look back on "Heisei" with both your Majesty and feel a new era

A terrific piece related to the imperial family in one place that conveys the beauty of Japan.
Special exhibition Your throne 30th anniversary "Two-two-two and cultural exchange-to convey the beauty of Japan-" will be held until April 29 (Mon.-Congratulation).
How about visiting once by all means?

Summary of the event

Exhibition name Special exhibition Your throne 30th anniversary commemoration "both majesty and cultural exchange-to convey the beauty of Japan-"
Session March 5, 2019-April 29, 2019 (Monday / Holiday)
9: 30-17: 00 (30 minutes before closing)
(However, it is open until 21:00 on Friday / Saturday)
closing day Monday (but March 25 (Mon), April 29 (Mon.))
Venue Tokyo National Museum Main Building Special rooms 4-5
Viewing fee General 1,100 yen (1,000 yen), university student 700 yen (600 yen), high school student 400 yen (300 yen)
Junior high school students and below free
※ () in the group rate of 20 people or more
※ Free of charge for persons with disability certificate and one carer
Official site https: // tsumugu-exhibition 2019.jp/culturalexchange/