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Tokyo National Museum “Looking for Cherry Blossoms at the Museum” March 10 (Tue)-April 5 (Sun) 2020!

The Tokyo National Museum will also hold the annual spring event, "Let's enjoy cherry blossom viewing at the museum."
In each exhibition room of the main building, various Japanese art masterpieces with cherry blossom motifs are in full glory.
In addition, you can enjoy about 10 kinds of cherry blossoms in the garden on the north side of the main building.
In addition, related events such as gallery talks and quiz rally will be held.
Please enjoy the special cherry blossom viewing unique to Tohaku.

■ Main building cherry blossom tour

In the main building, various works related to cherry blossoms will be exhibited, such as paintings depicting cherry blossoms, such as the "Kanza-zuburo folding screen", crafts based on cherry blossoms, and ceramics.
The caption of the work is marked with cherry blossoms, so please find your favorite cherry blossoms in the exhibition room.

◆ Main works on display * All works are from the Tokyo National Museum

Main building 7 rooms

Cherry blossom viewing screen

Keisuke Sumiyoshi, Edo period, 17th century

Donated by Kenji Nishiwaki

Exhibition period: March 24 (Tue)-April 19 (Sun)


From "Ise Monogatari", I will draw the princes Kotaka and Korihei Arihara, who sing songs celebrating the cherry blossoms.

Main building 8 rooms

Gourd sake brewing

Ichinoto Funada, Edo period, Tenpo 14 (1843)

Exhibition period: Tuesday, January 28-Sunday, April 19


Liquor made of various metals such as silver, copper, alloy of silver and copper.
The cherry blossoms are three-dimensionally carved and plated with copper.

Main building 8 rooms

Cherry blossoms in color picture cherry tree

Namiami Hachisaku Edo period, 19th century

Exhibition period: Tuesday, January 28-Sunday, April 19


If you look inside and outside the bowl at the same time from a little diagonally above, you can feel the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Main building 8 rooms

Color picture cherry tree plate (Iroe Ujizusara)

Nabeshima Edo period, 18th century

Exhibition period: Tuesday, January 28-Sunday, April 19


The composition is such that the branches circulate along the circle, and the cherry blossoms bloom in full detail on the surface.

Main building 10 rooms

Sumida River cherry blossom viewing boat

Utagawa Kunimasa brush Edo period, 19th century

Exhibition period: March 17 (Tue)-April 12 (Sun)


Women playing on a boat and visitors heading to Yoshiwara.
In the distance, you can also see the famous cherry blossoms, Sankei Shrine.

Main building 10 rooms

Kosode Rinko Shichiwakamatsu cherry blossom curtain design

(Let's do it!)

Edo period, 18th century

Exhibition period: Wednesday, February 26-Sunday, April 19


The pattern of hanging cherry blossoms in full bloom is reminiscent of the Tale of Genji and the Hananoen volume.

Main building 13 rooms

Cherry Blossom Phoenix Figure Tsuba

Tsukada Hidekami Meiji 3 (1870)

Exhibition period: March 10 (Tue)-June 14 (Sun)


The cherry blossoms in full bloom in the tsuba and the flying phoenix make you feel a gorgeous spring.

■ Spring garden opening

Open the garden on the north side of the main building at the time of the cherry blossoms (not in the tea room).

In addition, a cafe will be opened temporarily during the period.
After watching the cherry blossoms in the exhibition room, enjoy a relaxing cherry blossom viewing in the garden.

March 10 (Tue)-April 19 (Sun) 10: 00-16: 00


* May be canceled due to bad weather.

* Because the garden will be partially constructed, the access area may be restricted.

◆ Sakura light up

On Friday and Saturday during the spring garden opening period, the garden will be lit up until 19:30.

■ Sakura event

* Those who do not have the advance application system are not required to apply in advance and are free to participate. (However, admission fee on the day is required)

◆ Sakura Gallery Talk

Cherry blossoms blooming in a bowl

I will explain the cherry blossoms displayed on ceramics.

Date: March 17 (Tue) 14: 00-14: 30

Lecturer: Atsushi Imai (Director, Museum Information Section)

Location: Main building basement green lion (educational space)

Sakura drawn in Buddhist painting

Cherry blossoms are also drawn in Buddhist paintings with landscape description.

I will talk about flowers in Buddhist paintings, not just lotus.

The date and time: Tuesday, March 24 from 14:00 to 14:30

Lecturer: Kenjiro Okimatsu (Director of Painting and Sculpture)

Location: Main building basement green lion (educational space)

◆ Sakura Appreciation Guide

Introducing the highlights of the cherry blossom work in a digest。

Date: March 31 (Tue) 14:00-14:30

Lecturer: Fumiko Abe (Associate Fellow, Educational Lecture Room)

Location: Main building basement green lion (educational space)

◆ Sakura Seminar

Gold and silver raden flowers

We will introduce how to enjoy the season created by lacquer and gold.

Date: April 4 (Sat) 13: 30-15: 00 (Scheduled to open at 13:00)

Lecturer: Osamu Fukushima (crafts room researcher)

Venue: Heiseikan Auditorium Capacity 380 (first come, first served)

◆ Guided tour by volunteers

We will introduce you to "Tohaku Cherry Blossom" with various themes, such as works related to cherry blossoms and cherry blossoms on the premises.

* Please check the date and the theme on our website.

◆ Higaku Bakukai "One Chance in Cherry Blossom"

We are looking for haiku with the theme of works with cherry blossom gardens and cherry blossoms.

Please submit your application by posting it to the posts set up in four places on the premises of this museum.

Winning works will be announced on the Tokyo National Museum News September-November issue and on our website, and will be presented with a souvenir.

* Received every day during the "Hanami at the Museum"

◆ Sakura Workshop Spring Ranman Sakura Coloring

This is a workshop where you can create your own unique spring-like work by coloring the works with cherry blossoms as a motif.

The date and time: Friday, March 27-Tuesday, March 31

Every day from 11:00 to 16:00 * Ends as soon as the coloring sheet runs out

Venue: Main Building 2F Lounge

◆ Sakura Quiz Rally

Take 5 quizzes around the exhibition room.
An original badge will be given to all those who answered correctly.

Held every day during “Hanami at the Museum”
There are two types of badges available.

* Distribution of mounts and exchange of badges: Main building entrance

(Badge exchange from 10:00 to closing time)

Original can badge (2020 limited design)


◆ Art Studio Advance Registration System

Cherry netsuke making

After observing the netsuke of the main building's 10 rooms and the Takamado Collection room, we will process clay and create an original netsuke with the theme of cherry blossoms.
You can take the finished work home.

The date and time: Saturday, March 28 13: 30-15: 30

Venue: Main Building Basement Green Lion (Educational space)

Target: High school students and above

Capacity: Approximately 20 people (in case of many applicants, lottery)

Participation fee: Free (except high school students, those aged 18 to under 70 must pay the entrance fee on the day)

Application deadline: Must arrive on Tuesday, February 25

◆ Garden tea room tour prior application system

Let's enter the Soan tea room!

We will explain the highlights of the tea house in the garden.
You will be guided to the inside of "Rokusoan" and "Tengouan" which are not entered in a regular guided tour.

* May be canceled in bad weather

The date and time: Thursday, March 19 from 11:00 to 12:00

Capacity: 16 people (in case of many applicants, lottery)

Participation fee: Free (except for high school students, those aged 18 to under 70 must pay the entrance fee on the day)

Application deadline: Must arrive by February 17 (Mon) (Application has been closed)

◆ Tea ceremony at Okyokan prior application system

Okyokan (Okyokan) Sakura Tea Party

It is a tea ceremony in the garden Okyokan.
Enjoy the tea with seasonal sweets while watching the cherry blossoms and Maruyama Okyo barrier paintings (reproductions).

* May be canceled in bad weather

Date and time: Sunday, March 29 (1) 11: 00-12: 00 (2) 13: 00-14: 00 (same content each time)

Capacity: 15 people each time (in case of many applicants, lottery)

Participation fee: 500 yen (However, those aged 18 to under 70, excluding high school students, require a separate admission fee on the day)

Application Deadline: Must arrive on Wednesday, February 19 (Application has been closed)

* For events that require advance registration, please check the website for how to apply.

◆ Concert

Concert of cherry blossom town

A free mini-concert will be held by participating artists in the "Tokyo Spring Music Festival".

(However, admission fee is required on the day)

▼ April 2 (Thursday)

10: 30-10: 50 Front gate

Vive! Saxophone Quartet (Saxophone Quartet)

13: 00-13: 20 Horyuji Treasures Entrance Hall

Kiyoshi Ishii (flute) & Kazuya Okamoto (guitar)

▼ April 7 (Tue)

13:00-13:20 Main building entrance

Kaoru Oe (violin)

Organizer / Contact: Tokyo / Spring / Music Festival Executive Committee (TEL: 03-5205-6497)

Website: http://www.tokyo-harusai.com/

[Visitor Information]

Opening hours: 9: 30-17: 00 (open on Fridays and Saturdays until 21:00; admission until 30 minutes before closing)

Closed: March 16 (Mon), March 23 (Mon)

Admission fee: The admission fee will be revised from Wednesday, April 1, 2020

● Until Tuesday, March 31, 2020


620 yen (520 yen)

<University student>

410 yen (310 yen)

● From Wednesday, April 1, 2020


1,000 yen

<University student>

500 yen

* Parentheses in parentheses indicate group rates for more than 20 people.

* Free for high school students and younger, under 18 years old, 70 years old or older (Please show the age when you enter)

* Free for disabled people and one of their caregivers (Please present a handbook for the disabled when entering the museum)

* If you are traveling with children (high school students or younger and under 18 years old) (up to 2 companions per child), you can view at a group fee.Abolished from April 1 (Wed)

* Extra charge for special exhibition "Horyu-ji Kondo Mural Painting and Baekje Kannon" (March 13 (Fri)-May 10 (Sun))

Access: 10 minutes on foot from JR Ueno Station Park Exit and Uguisudani Station South Exit

15 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Ueno Station, Nezu Station, Keisei Electric Railway Keisei Ueno Station

Inquiries: 03-5777-8600 (Hello dial)

Website: https://www.tnm.jp/