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The second blockbuster product, “Noraneko Gundan Miniature Figure Dai 2dan” will be released in late November! The long-awaited dog, Marmy, is here! The first is resale around the end of September

The long-awaited second “Noraneko Gundan Miniature Figure Dai 2 Dan” will be on sale from the end of November! Dog dog and Marmy are newly added to the lineup.
Available stores include capsule toy stores, bookstores, hobby shops, online shops, Ken Elestand Akihabara store / Shimbashi station store, and Ueno Land.

Ken Elephant Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Kenzo Ishiyama) has made miniature figures of the characters that appear in the popular picture book series “Noraneko Gundan” by Noriko Kudo. We are pleased to announce that “Noraneko Gundan Miniature Figure Dai 2 Dan” will be released in late November 2020.

The first “Noraneko Gundan Miniature Figure” will be released in April 2019, and as of September 2020, the number of units sold will exceed 200,000.

In the second sequel to this product, “Dog Dog” and “Mermy”, who have received many requests for miniature figures, will appear.

Similar to the first bullet, Noraneko and others can reproduce the scene of the picture book by collecting eight of the same poses. The 2nd and 1st bullets can be displayed in combination, and collecting them will further expand the world of feral cats.

Stores handling this product include capsule toy stores, bookstores, hobby shops, online shops, Ken Elestand Akihabara store / Shimbashi station store, and Ueno Land.

The Ken Elephant official online shop also accepts reservations for 9-piece boxes.

URL: https://kenelephant.co.jp/gc0110/

In addition, from the end of September 2020, we will start reselling the capsule toy type of the first “Noraneko Gundan Miniature Figure”. Please check the Ken Elephant website for details such as the first lineup.

“Noraneko Gundan Miniature Figure” Product Page: https://kenelephant.co.jp/gc0040/


■ “Noraneko Gundan Miniature Figure Dai 2 Dan” lineup

1 I’m sorry


2 Hansei (Hokkamuri)


3 So hard today


4 looks delicious



5 dog dog


6 Marmy-chan



<Lucky item>

・ Pappohi

Pappohi’s “Eating an apple” is randomly included!


<Product specifications>

All 6 types

Material: PVC

Sales method: Capsule machine (capsule toy), blind BOX

Selling price: Capsule toy / piece 400 yen (tax included), Blind BOX / piece 400 yen (tax excluded)

Sales locations: Capsule toy stores nationwide, hobby shops, online shops, bookstores, Ken Elestand Akihabara store / Shimbashi station store, Ueno Land, etc.

Publisher: Ken Elephant Co., Ltd.

© Noriko Kudoh ⁄ HAKUSENSHA


* Please note that the specifications may differ from the actual product.

* Inventory status and sales start time vary depending on the store.

* The target age of this product is 12 years old and over.

* The product will be sold in a blind specification where the contents cannot be seen. It is not possible to select and purchase products.

* Please include “© Noriko Kudoh ⁄ HAKUSENSHA” when posting information.


<Noraneko Gundan Series>

Noriko Kudo / product, the popular Noraneko Gundan series (Hakusensha) with a cumulative total of over 180,000 copies. A lot of evil cats, expressionless and adorable gestures, and a lot of attractive characters that I can’t hate even though they are ridiculous. Full of highlights in one book! It is a series of picture books that adults can enjoy, with detailed drawings in every corner of the picture book, which attracts viewers.


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