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Beaujolais ban day is GOTO Kushikatsu Tanaka! November 19th (Thursday) “Tanaka Bojopa!”

Kushikatsu Tanaka Holdings Co., Ltd. will hold "Tanaka Bojopa!" Limited to 33 stores on November 19th (Thursday), which is the opening day of Beaujolais Nouveau. For all-you-can-drink, which is held at some stores, we will install a barrel-shaped server inside the store to provide a fun production where customers can pour wine on their own. All of them are sold out at the annual event, and people who eat wine on a daily basis enjoyed the uniqueness of Kushikatsu Tanaka. We hope that more people will enjoy Kushikatsu Tanaka this year. Kushikatsu Tanaka will continue to send out plans so that you can enjoy Kushikatsu in various combinations and make more people smile.

November 19th (Thursday) 1st only * Beaujolais ban day

[Content ①]
All-you-can-drink 120 minutes (90 minutes last order) 1000 yen & single glass sale 300 yen
* A barrel-shaped server is installed in the store!
[Target stores]
Ueno Okachimachi store, Uguisudani store, American Village store, Shin-Urayasu store
Gokiso store, Higashi-Ginza store, Kannai store, Center Minami store, Yono store
Shin Mizuhashi store, Takatsuki store, West Court Meinohama store, Kameido store
Tokoenji store, Nishi Ikebukuro store, Higashi Ikebukuro store, Ikebukuro Sunshine store

[Content ②]
Single glass sale 300 yen only
[Target stores]
Ogikubo store, Sangenjaya store, Oyama store, Tanashi store, Tsutsujigaoka store
Akishima store, Nagareyama Otakanomori store, Musashi-Koganei store, Shiki store
Musashi Koyama store, Kunitachi store, Mitaka store, Yurakucho store, Kashiwa west exit store
Akihabara Chuo-dori store, Nakano Waseda-dori store


All prices do not include tax

End of sale as soon as it runs out

All-you-can-drink cannot be used with coupons or discounts

[About Kushikatsu Tanaka Holdings Co., Ltd.]

Established: March 20, 2002 Capital: 300 million yen President: Keiji Nuki

Headquarters: 5th floor, Fujiwa Higashigotanda Building, 1-7-6 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Business: Restaurant management, FC development

URL: https://kushi-tanaka.co.jp/ Group companies: Kushikatsu Tanaka Co., Ltd., Second Arrow Co., Ltd.

Expanding the restaurant business on a nationwide scale under the brands of "Kushikatsu Tanaka" and "Toritama, a specialty store for birds and eggs."

In 2008, the first "Kushikatsu Tanaka" store was opened in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Listed on the TSE Mothers market in 2016. Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2019. In September 2020, the first "Bird and Egg Specialty Store Toritama" was opened in Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City. Kushikatsu Tanaka's corporate philosophy is "Kushikatsu Tanaka's Kushikatsu contributes to society by creating as many smiles as possible and pursues the physical and mental well-being of all employees." The goal is to build a system of 1,000 stores nationwide and make Kushikatsu Tanaka's Kushikatsu a representative food culture in Japan.