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“3rd Anniversary Parcoya Festival” will be held! !!

PARCO_ya, a commercial facility in the Ueno Okachimachi area operated by PARCO Co., Ltd., celebrated its 3rd anniversary on Wednesday, November 4, 2020. To thank you for your patronage, from Friday, November 20th to Sunday, November 29th, in commemoration of the 3rd anniversary of PARCO_ya's opening, the theme is "3", "festival", and "panda". We will hold the "3rd Anniversary Parcoya Festival". We will continue to value the sophisticated sense of downtown and aim to create a store that is loved by local customers.

Outline of the event
■ Name "3rd Anniversary Parcoya Festival"
■ Period From Friday, November 20, 2020 to Sunday, November 29, 2020
■ Special website https://parcoya-ueno.parco.jp/page/parcoya_matsuri/

■ About the main visual
Ueno is known as a city of culture and art, a city of manufacturing. Because of this era, we created a visual that expresses the desire to send power to everyone from the city of Ueno. The art direction is by Mr. Piki Piki Dokan, and the illustration is by Mr. Yu Suda, who expresses the liveliness of Parcoya, which is rising with the city of Ueno, with plenty of humor. Also pay attention to the three pandas!

■ About the contents of the plan
① Limited to visitors! "Original handkerchief for the 3rd anniversary of opening" will be presented as a purchase privilege

During the period, the first 300 people who purchase over 3,000 yen (tax included) in the hall will receive a "3rd anniversary original handkerchief" with this main visual printed on it. (* This project will end as soon as it runs out.)

(2) Development of PARCO-YA 3rd anniversary limited products / limited projects
To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the opening of PARCO-YA, 13 shops will sell limited items such as the popular panda goods, which can only be obtained here. In addition, 25 shops will hold a special project to commemorate the 3rd anniversary.
(* Limited items will end as soon as they are sold out.)

[Featured limited edition products] (partial excerpt)

□ 1F Smith

Ueno Limited Memo L with Rolburn Pocket
For the popular Shanshan design limited to Ueno
A special version with foil stamping.
¥ 800 + tax

□ 3F Tic Tac

Kurchuan 3rd Anniversary Limited
A special model using brass.
Uses a panda design limited to the 3rd anniversary.
¥ 27,500 + tax

□ 3F Yanook

Eco bag
Large-capacity size that can easily accommodate 2L beverages.
¥ 2,800 + tax

□ 2F POP UP shop "my panda"
PANDA eco bag
my panda Ueno limited color of popular series.
¥ 3,000 + tax

③ Limited time 2F POPUP shop "my panda"

Fashion brand "my panda" with the concept of "two-tone" by color and color, material and material combination like panda will hold POP UP next to the escalator on the 2nd floor of Parcoya. During the period, Ueno store limited products will also be on sale. This is the first time that a POP UP will be held in Ueno, so please take this opportunity.

In addition, there are plenty of great deals such as presenting shopping tickets by using the PARCO card and enjoying shopping during the period such as restaurants and cafe stamp rallies. Please enjoy this opportunity. Please check the special website for details of this project.