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Ueno News

TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM TOYO UNIVERSITY 40th Anniversary Concluding the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty Conciliation Special Mention “Chinese Major Artists of Modern Chinese Painting” held

Chrysanthemum flock chicken figure Qi Baishi stone brush Beijing painting store late exhibition At the Tokyo National Museum Toyo-kan, we held a special project for the 40th anniversary of the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty "Majestic Artists of Chinese Modern Painting" for the period of October 30 (Tue) – December 25 (Tue) I will. Purpose of holding This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty. This commemoration of the, through the Beijing Painting Academy ※ of Fine Arts, will be held an exhibition to introduce widely the people and art of Chinese modern painting masters, Qi Baishi (electrostatic Hakuseki). Cozaite (1864-1957) is

Tokyo National Museum Special Exhibition “Kyoto Great Benefit Temple Kikei · Setongake Only” Highlight Introduction

At the Tokyo National Museum, we will hold a special exhibition "Kyoto Great Benefit Temple Pleasure and Choning only" for the period from October 2 (Tuesday) to December 9 (Sun) in 2018 . Purpose of holding Kyoto's big reign temple (Daiohyo Osaji) , familiar to the name of the Senbon Shakado, is an old temple opened by Yoshinori in 1220 (Kakuho 2 years) in the Kamakura period. With the cooperation of people, the view of the temple was gradually adjusted, after that it was certified as a temple temple that got a seal from the Emperor, boasting a high standard. Bonjin is one of the masterpieces of his lineery, "Buddha

We covered the National Science Museum special exhibition “insect” new insect naming ceremony

A special exhibition "insects" held at the National Science Museum (hereafter, "Gakuin" ) until October 3, 2018 (Monday, congratulation) . It is a large special exhibition of insects at the first exhibition of science, which is introduced by multifaceted exhibition methods such as CG and bodily sensation type, in addition to a comprehensive insect specimen unique to Kyoritsu, as well as insect body structure, ability and ecology, visitors The number soon reaches 300,000 people soon . While holding this exhibition, we are planning a series of insect insects that we have called "kinship" one after another, but this time the ceremony is the 2nd bulletin plan of "Kimono's name is

National Science Museum Planning Exhibition “Techniques of sample making (Waza) – Exhibition that the craftsmen support -” Exhibition report

At the National Science Museum, we will hold a planning exhibition "Techniques for specimen making (Waza) – Exhibition that is supported by craftsmen -" from September 4 (Tuesday) to November 25 (Sun) in 2018. Since I participated in the press exhibition held before that, I will tell you how it is. A sample is a part of the object of observation and survey by taking miscellaneous things existing in the natural world out of the whole in accordance with a wide variety of purposes. Without specimens the museum will not be established. In this exhibition, we will focus on the craftsmen who are engaged in making specimens and approach the

National Science Museum Tuesday, September 4, 2018 ~ Exhibition “Techniques of specimen making (Waza) – Science fair that artisans support” held

At the National Science Museum, we will hold a planning exhibition "Techniques for specimen making (Waza) – Exhibition that is supported by craftsmen -" from September 4 (Tuesday) to November 25 (Sun) in 2018. "Mono" such as natural objects collected by museums and products of science and technology are used for research and exhibition as specimens and materials for the first time through procedures such as arranging and repairing scientific technical materials, It can be stored for a long time. In this exhibition, what is a specimen? We will introduce the "technique (Waza)" which is not well-known specimen preparation for every five research divisions of animals, plants, earth science, humanities,

Munk Exhibition – Screaming voice of the resonating soul Voice actor · Jun Fukuyama decided!

Voice actor Jun Fukuyama "Munk Exhibition – Cry of the Soul Resonating" to be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from Saturday, October 27 <Session: Saturday, October 27, 2018 (Sat) through January 20, 2019 (Sun) A voice actor Jun Fukuyama (Fukuyama · Jun) was appointed to voice guidance narrator. ◆ Audio guide ◆ A voice actor, Jun Fukuyama, first challenges to voice narration! I will approach Munch's love and conflict, and the creative point. Message from Jun Fukuyama Congratulations on holding the Munch Exhibition! This time, I, Fukuyama Jun will be able to serve as a voice guide. That munch 's scream will come to Japan too! We will

We hold a premium photography society to meet Maiko in Tokyo at Tokyo National Museum! – Limited planning for two days of September 17th and 18th, touched by the charm of Kyoto culture –

Maiko "Funo-san" and Geiko "Toshi Natsukina" Kyoto Flower Tourism Godo Kaito is a maiko "Funo-san" in Kyoto, Geiko "Maiko" in Tokyo National Museum (Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo) on September 17 (Monday · Public Holiday) and 18 (Tuesday) Mr. Natsukaza "will be held. ■ Photographer of Maiko whom all over the world admire, send pictures to the whole world on the net In Kyoto, Japan's foremost tourist destination, the number of tourists in 2017 amounts to about 86,870,000. The number of foreign guests is also about 3,610,000, which is a popular spot worldwide, like updating the record high for the fifth consecutive year. One of the aims of tourists is to

January 16 – February 24, 2019 Special exhibition of the Tokyo National Museum “Nomi Shin Sang Wang Yuyui beyond a masterpiece” held

The Tokyo National Museum Heisei Koen (Ueno Park) will hold a special exhibition, "A masterpiece beyond Mr. Wang Ziyan", from January 16 (Wednesday) to February 24 (Sun) in 2019 next year. Since I participated in a press release held on Thursday, July 26, I will tell you how it is. What is Face Shinji (literature) Madam Shin (709 – 785) is born in a name family home to Chinese teacher training and writing in the Shandong province of China. At the age of 26 (734), which was under the reign of Emperor Xuanjong in Tang, he will serve four emperors as a bureaucrat after 26 years of age as a

【Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum】 Planning Exhibition “50 Years of Death” Tsuguharu Fujita Exhibition Report Report

"Self-portrait" 1929 Collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Round glasses on the head, hairy beard, gold pierced earrings. A female painting is decorated behind a man with a very unique appearance, and a cat is peeping at the hand at hand with a paintbrush. This man's name is Tsuguharu Fujita (Leonard · Fujita, 1886-1968). About 100 years ago, I am a painter who made a name in Paris which was the center of art, and became a "forerunner" as a so-called "Japanese artist" active overseas. Fujita, who established her own style and gained popularity with the nude statue, which was named "wonderful milky white", lived in France

TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM “Parent-Child Gallery Torhaku x Bjyu Tune! Nagiri Nihon Art Museum” Report coverage report

"TOKYUKA Japanese Art Museum" will be held at the Tokyo National Museum (hereinafter referred to as "TOhaku") from July 24 (Tuesday) to September 9 (Sun) in 2018, the parent and child's gallery Tohaku × Bjyu Tune! I participated in a press coverage and I will tell you how it is. "Bjyu Tune! "Is a program of NHK E TELE who introduces the world's" JIJUZU "by songs and animation. This time the pretty Japanese art museum is "BjyTune! "This summer recommended museum where the theme of art work of Tohaku collection which became a song in the song was theme. In the five hands-on exhibits using duplication and images, you can