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~ October 16th is World Food Day established by the United Nations ~ Daimaru / Matsuzakaya Fall 2021 TABLE FOR TWO Fair October 13th (Wednesday) -November 23rd (Tuesday) 2021

~ October 16th is World Food Day established by the United Nations ~ Daimaru / Matsuzakaya Fall 2021 TABLE FOR TWO Fair October 13th (Wednesday) -November 23rd (Tuesday) 2021

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store will present school meals to children in developing countries at 12 Daimaru Matsuzakaya stores from Wednesday, October 13 to Tuesday, November 23, "Daimaru Matsuzakaya Autumn 2021 TABLE FOR "TWO Fair" will be held and fund-raising activities will be held. Daimaru … Shinsaibashi store, Umeda store, Kyoto store, Kobe store, Tokyo store, Sapporo store, Shimonoseki store Matsuzakaya … Nagoya store, Ueno store, Shizuoka store, Takatsuki store / Hakata Daimaru * For details on charity menu sales and donation box installation, please see the special website below. Special site URL: https://dmdepart.jp/table_for_two/ New project! If you participate in the popularity vote, we will donate 20 yen per vote During

4 days, 10/9 (Sat), 10 (Sun), 16 (Sat), 17 (Sun). The 2nd “Tokyo Curry Week” will be held! ~ 8 groups of chefs will open a curry shop for 4 days only ~

Venue: Yoyogi, Sangenjaya, Ikebukuro, Ueno, Kami-itabashi, Edogawabashi Space Market, Inc. will hold the 2nd "Tokyo Curry Week" (sponsored by: October 9th (Sat), 10th (Sun), 16th (Sat), and 17th (Sun), 2021. Space market, cooperation: Mynavi independent) will be held. ▼ Outline of the event Name: 2nd "Tokyo Curry Week" Date and time: 4 days from October 9th (Sat) to 10th (Sun) and 16th (Sat) to 17th (Sun), 2021 Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00 (depending on the store / will end as soon as it is sold out) Price: 800 yen ~ (depending on the store) Main event: Space Market, Inc. Cooperation: Mynavi independence Number of participants: 8 chefs, 6 spaces Special

[OIL by Bijutsu Techo] Mika Ninagawa’s “Flower” exhibition will be held from October 7th (Thursday). The popular series “earthly flowers, heavenly colors” and “FLOWER ADDICT” are exhibited.

OIL by Art Notebook Gallery (Shibuya PARCO 2nd floor, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will hold a solo exhibition of Mika Ninagawa from October 7th (Thursday) to 18th (Monday). In this exhibition, we will exhibit a popular series entitled "earthly flowers, heavenly colors" and "FLOWER ADDICT" from among the photographic works of Mika Ninagawa's signature "flowers". Overview OIL by Bijutsu Techo Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Mika Ninagawa. In this exhibition, we will exhibit a popular series entitled "earthly flowers, heavenly colors" and "FLOWER ADDICT" from among the photographic works of Mika Ninagawa's signature "flowers". Ninagawa's work fascinates people with its unique colors and fantastic world view. The flood

Atre’s Halloween Fair “It’s HALLOWEEN TIME” will start on October 1st (Friday)!

-In addition to developing a large number of seasonal items and menus, you can shop at a great deal with the "JRE CARD" point-up campaign! ~ Atre Co., Ltd. will hold a Halloween-themed fair "It's HALLOWEEN TIME" from October 1st (Friday). During the period, we will propose a rich way to enjoy Halloween unique to Atre, and also introduce recommended items for the taste of autumn and self-improvement. Don't miss out on limited-time products and great deals! Limited "JRE CARD" point-up campaign from October 22nd (Friday) to 31st (Sunday) Atre's Halloween is a great deal at "JRE CARD"! During the period, use JRE CARD (credit payment) 5.5% reduction of JRE

Limited quantity! That Okinawan Agu pork can be eaten like grilled meat nationwide! Some stores also offer special benefits for people from Okinawa!

"Yakiniku-like", which is operated by Yakiniku-like Co., Ltd. and is based on the concept of fast food of yakiniku, has teamed up with Okinawa's major livestock company "Ganaha Livestock Co., Ltd." We will change the pork from Okinawa to Agu pork from Okinawa and sell it. "Agu pig" is unique to Okinawa and has a small number of pigs, so it is a very valuable pig. It has less dullness and lye, and is characterized by the sweetness and umami of fat, a light taste, and a soft mouthfeel. Please take this opportunity to try it. At Yakiniku-like, we will thoroughly manage hygiene so that customers can enjoy their meals

Fukuoka’s popular confectionery, fig butter sand, is here for the first time! Matsuzakaya Ueno store Seasonal gourmet

October 6th (Wednesday) -October 19th (Tuesday), 2021 Matsuzakaya Ueno Store 1st floor, 1st basement floor Hoppe Town Event Space A fig butter sand from <Frau Atsuko Kayashina> using figs from Fukuoka prefecture will be available for 2 weeks only! In addition, a fun seaweed lunch box will be released for the first time as you advance the chopsticks of <Ginza Jukkoku>. In addition, we will introduce 8 seasonal gourmet brands of Matsuzakaya Ueno store, such as the rich gateau chocolate of <KEN'S CAFE TOKYO> and the blessing of <Setagaya Kameya> in the shape of a beckoning cat. The fig "Toyomitsuhime" from Fukuoka Prefecture is carefully soaked in the fragrant rum

Cinnamon roll specialty store “Cinnabon” will sell new products “Caramel Apple Mini Bon” and “Caramel Apple Choco Bon” for a limited time!

JR Kyushu First Foods Co., Ltd. is a cinnamon roll specialty store New products "Caramel Apple Mini Bon" and "Caramel Apple Choco Bon" will be on sale for a limited time from September 30, 2021 at each "Cinnabon" store. 【Product Summary】 ■ Caramel apple minibon (left photo) Minibon Classic topped with caramel-flavored apple confiture with flesh. Enjoy the harmony of sweet and sour apples and cinnamon that goes well with each other. ■ Caramel apple chocolate bon (right photo) A mini chocolate bon topped with a caramel-flavored apple confiture with flesh. Rich chocolate complements the sweet and sour apples, giving it a rich taste. (It is also recommended for those

Introducing an autumn menu where you can enjoy the taste of the season! Plenty of local ingredients and ingredients from producers with specialties

NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO is pleased to announce that the restaurant "Bistro NOHGA" on the 1st floor of the hotel has started offering an autumn menu where you can enjoy the taste of the season. "Bistro NOHGA" actively uses carefully selected local ingredients and sake, such as rice, miso, bread, and wine, in order to deliver the hotel's concept of "a wonderful experience created by deeply connecting with the community." I am using it. In addition, we carefully purchase and cook each and every ingredient not only in Japan but also overseas. In order to maximize the taste of the ingredients, we are particular about the cooking method and finish

“Ekiben Aji no Jin 2021” 10th anniversary this year! -67 ekiben items from the JR East area have been entered! 10th Anniversary Award Setting ~

〇 In JR East, we will select the No. 1 ekiben of JR East again this year for the purpose of disseminating the charm of each region and promoting regional revitalization through ekiben that makes the best use of the characteristics of the region. "It will be held. 〇During the period, customers who purchase ekiben at entry ekiben stores will be given a voting ticket with a two-dimensional code. The two-dimensional code is read, and the "ekiben general" is determined by the total of the results voted from the dedicated site. 〇 This year, which marks the 10th time, customers will be asked to vote for the 10th Anniversary Award

Let’s bring in good luck “Good luck tour at Edo & Tokyo Power Spot” Use Sightseeing Hire Sales start from September 21

Special tour to visit popular power spots in Tokyo with a planner (driver) guided sightseeing hire Autec Co., Ltd., which arranges, operates, and provides sightseeing services for hire cars in and around Tokyo, uses the "Sightseeing Hire" that allows you to travel from your home door to door and enjoy sightseeing. Either one will be on sale in Tokyo) from September 21, 2021 (Tuesday) on the Autec website. All of Autech's cars are protected against the new coronavirus infection, so friends, family and couples can use it with peace of mind. The good luck tour that was held in response to a request from a guest who used Autech, "I