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“Vermeer and 17th Century Dutch Painting Exhibition in Dresden National Classical Painting Museum” will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from Saturday, January 22nd to Sunday, April 3rd, 2022!

“Vermeer and 17th Century Dutch Painting Exhibition in Dresden National Classical Painting Museum” will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from Saturday, January 22nd to Sunday, April 3rd, 2022!

After restoring the early masterpiece "Girl Reading a Letter at the Window", it will be released for the first time in the world outside the collection! Johannes Vermeer's "Girl Reading a Letter at the Window" by Johannes Vermeer, a master of Dutch painting in the 17th century, is a featured work of this exhibition. It is an early masterpiece that is said to have established the style. In 1979, an X-ray survey revealed that the wall surface was filled with a picture-in-picture painting with Cupid, and for many years it was thought that Vermeer himself erased the painting. However, a 2017 survey revealed that it had been erased by someone

“T by Ladurée”, a tea brand consisting of Maison Ladurée, a long-established patisserie in Paris, has opened in Ueno Marui!

Thursday, July 15 "T by Ladurée" has opened on the 1st floor of Ueno Marui. ■ What is "T by Ladurée"? Founded in Paris in 1862, Maison Ladurée later fused cafes and patisseries to create the history of the Salon de Te in Paris. A new brand, "T by Ladurée," has been created to make Ladurée's tea selection even more enjoyable for tea lovers and Maison fans around the world. The "T by Ladurée" tea collection is carefully blended by a mature tea blender. "Beautifulness and deliciousness" is the most important signature of "T by Ladurée". ■ Example of product Teapot Rose Price 19,800 yen including tax An elegant teapot

[National Science Museum] “Plants: Friends Supporting the Earth” Venue Report: A plant world full of wonders and surprises!

From Saturday, July 10th to Monday, September 20th, 2021, a special exhibition "Friends Supporting the Plant Earth" is being held at the National Science Museum in Ueno, Tokyo. It's a plant, but it's active or ferocious, too big or too small. This exhibition is full of mysteries and surprises, where you can experience the unknown world of plants. We will report on the venue and highlights. "Plants that support the earth" full of unique plants Based on the latest scientific research results, this exhibition will be held all over the world from primitive to modern times from various viewpoints such as the way of life, living environment, shape and evolution

[Tokyo National Museum] Special Exhibition “Prince Shotoku and Horyuji Temple” Report The “form” of Japanese prayer that has been handed down from time to time.

Four Tenno Statues Hirometen / Tamonten Asuka Period, 7th Century Nara, Horyuji Collection From July 13th (Tuesday) to September 5th (Sunday), 2021, Prince Shotoku's 1400 Memorial Special Exhibition "Prince Shotoku and Horyuji Temple" is being held at the Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan. A special preview for the media was held the day before the release, so this time we will tell you about it. Horyuji Temple The beauty of prayer in 1400, all of which is here. "Be precious with harmony" "I was very good at hearing and could hear many stories at once" "Prince Shotoku" that every Japanese knows the anecdote even if he is not so familiar with

Rock oysters are finally at their peak! Great deals on raw oysters from lunch! Half price of oyster plate

7 / 13-7 / 25 All day General Oyster Co., Ltd., Japan's largest * 1 oyster bar chain, is limited to 21 stores for 13 days from Tuesday, July 13 to Sunday, July 25, and is entitled "POWER OYSTER Fair". We offer oysters and oyster cocktails at special prices. * 1 From Fuji Keizai "Food Service Industry Marketing Handbook 2016" Iwao oysters, which have reached their peak, will be offered at a special price. It is only at this time that you can compare the taste of Pacific oysters and rock oysters. <Example of production area to be provided > True oyster: Iwate Prefecture Yonezaki production, Iwate Prefecture Akasaki production,

The “ueno art park” project will start from the park exit of Ueno Station!

○ At JR East, the Yamanote Line will be the starting point for the realization of the “Comfortable City” and “CITY UP!” Life Service Vision (from the station, from the city, to the future) set forth in the Group Management Vision “Transformation 2027”. In addition, we are promoting efforts to bring out the individuality of the city and create a rich urban living space "Tokyo Impressive Line" that organically connects the city and people. ○ JR East Tokyo Branch and JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd., together with art director "MELTedMEADOW", are developing the "ueno art park" project at Ueno Station as an initiative to cross the boundaries of stations.

[National Science Museum] Starts on Saturday, July 10th! !! National Science Museum (Ueno Park, Tokyo) Special Exhibition “Plants: Friends Supporting the Earth”

The audio guide is actor Kenichi Takifuji. Introducing games and original songs that you can enjoy at home The special exhibition "Friends Supporting the Plant Earth" sponsored by the National Museum of Nature and Science opened on Saturday, July 10, 2021 at the National Museum of Nature and Science (Ueno Park, Tokyo). This exhibition is an unprecedented large-scale exhibition that comprehensively introduces plants from the perspectives of carnivorous plants, succulents, and unusual plants that are "too XX". Based on the latest research results, we will take advantage of specimens, full-scale models, images, installation exhibitions to learn the mechanism of photosynthesis, etc., and enjoy the real image and charm of plants.

“Pokemon Room” Summer Vacation Special Project! Play “Family Pokemon Card Game” released on July 9th together

Pokemon room original stickers will be presented to those who enjoy "Pokemon card game Sword & Shield Family Pokemon card game" at each "MIMARU" facility that provides Pokemon room Cosmos Hotel Management Co., Ltd., which operates APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU, a large guest room equipped with a kitchen, where families and groups can stay, has set up "Pokemon Room" at each "MIMARU" facility on July 9, 2021. We would like to inform you that we will give you a Pokemon Room original sticker * 1 and 2 for those who enjoyed the "Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Family Pokemon Card Game" released on Sunday (Friday). In addition, we will also

Daimaru and Matsuzakaya set the stage for four art projects | “Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021” will be held at Matsuzakaya Ueno Store & Future Standard Research Institute (* 1)

August 4th (Wednesday) -September 5th (Sunday), 2021 * The Tokyo Biennale session is from July 10th (Saturday) to September 5th (Sunday) "Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021" official website < Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store will carry out four art projects at the international art festival "Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021" in collaboration with the general incorporated association Tokyo Biennale. During the exhibition period, the works of the Tokyo Biennale will be exhibited and events will be held at both the Matsuzakaya Ueno store and the Future Standard Research Institute (* 1). At the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, works will be exhibited in front of the entrance on the 1st floor of the main building and in

Feel free to eat or give it to a special person! Ueno Marui “New Food Zone” Grand Opening!

In Ueno Marui, a “new food zone” with the theme of “under one roof (under one roof)” will open. ■ Ueno Marui New food zone points From eat-in shops that “feel free to enjoy on the spot” to gift brands with a “special feeling”, just like “Marche” under one roof Lineup. Eight new take-out food shops have been added to the four shops in the eating and drinking zone that were opened in advance, and the grand opening has been made as a “new food zone”. With the addition of shops that can be used as rewards for yourself, small gifts, souvenirs, and limited-time shops, we will provide customers with