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Experience the essence of Zen culture. [Tokyo National Museum] Special exhibition “Tofukuji” (~ May 7) preview report

Experience the essence of Zen culture. [Tokyo National Museum] Special exhibition “Tofukuji” (~ May 7) preview report

Article provided by: Taito Bunka Marche Tofukuji is one of the Zen temples representing Kyoto. Known as a spot for fresh greenery and autumn foliage, it is a famous temple that has preserved many treasures such as ancient documents, calligraphy, classics, and portraits, even though it was devastated by war. This exhibition, which will be the first opportunity to introduce the treasures of Tofuku-ji Temple, will bring together excellent works of Zen Buddhism culture, such as "The Five Hundred Arhats" by the painter Myocho. In this article, we will report on the press preview held the day before the event. Tofukuji is one of Kyoto's representative Zen temples, and is

Ueno’s Twin Giant Pandas Commemorating Separation from Parents! “Xiao Xiao Leilei The First Stand Together”

March 11 (Sat)-March 28 (Tue) / Matsuzakaya Ueno store It was announced that the twin giant pandas "Xiao Xiao" and "Lei Lei" at Ueno Zoo, who turned 1 year and 8 months old, will start preparing to leave their mother "Shin Shin" from March 10 (Friday). Since the two dogs will be separated from their parents after four steps while staying together, they will not be "standing alone" but will be "standing together"!? At the Ueno store, we will hold a commemorative project “Xiao Xiao Lei Lei First Standing Together”. In addition to preparing an original novelty using a memorable photo of twin pandas and “Shinshin” together, the store decoration

[2nd store] “Nikumeshi Okamoto” will open on March 20, 2023 (Monday) in lively Okachimachi!

Nikumeshi Okamoto Okachimachi Branch, the second meat-meshi specialty restaurant where people line up in Shimbashi, will open. Tobira Dining Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Arkland Service Holdings Co., Ltd., which operates the pork cutlet specialty store "Katsuya", will open "Nikumeshi Okamoto" in Taito-ku, Tokyo on March 20, 2023 (Monday). . The long-awaited second store opens in Ueno Okachimachi “Nikumeshi Okamoto”, which opened its first store in “Shimbashi”, a mecca for business people, is visited by many customers every day. The existence of Nikumeshi Okamoto, an evolutionary nikumeshi specialty store that was born based on the “market bukkake rice made by a stubborn old man,' ' has spread from person to

[Calligraphy Museum] A special exhibition is being held to compare and taste the masterpiece “Lantei Cho” by calligrapher Wang Xizhi (until April 23, 2023)

Article provided by: Taito Bunka Marche A legendary calligrapher who was active in China about 1700 years ago and was later revered as a "sage of calligraphy." Wang Xizhi Ogishi (303-361, heresy) and his most famous work, " Ranting order Renteijo The exhibition “Wang Xizhi and Rantei Cho” , which focuses on ” , is being held at the Taito Ward Calligraphy Museum. Date: January 31 (Tue) to April 23 (Sun), 2023 * During the period, the exhibition will be changed according to the following schedule. First term: January 31 (Tue) – March 12 (Sun) Second term: March 14 (Tue) – April 23 (Sun) * Click here for the list

[Spring 2023] Ueno Marui 9 shop opens!

Nine shops will open at Ueno Marui (Marui Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Aono). ■ Shop introduction Aena [Opening on Thursday, March 16] There are many products that you want to incorporate into your daily health. In addition to aging care products, we also offer topical cosmetics, health foods, beauty goods, and famous brand products at bargain prices. Looking for LINE friends https://www.aena.co.jp/ Open benefits: Special sale will be held for a limited time from March 16th (Thursday) to 26th (Sunday) Himiko [Opening on Friday, March 10] Founded in 1973, the brand celebrates its 50th anniversary this year under the mission of supporting the brilliance of women from

Collaboration project 3rd “Special cultural experience to enjoy art, cherry blossoms, and food ~ Hanami edition ~” held only on 3/28 (Tue.)

NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO (hereafter referred to as "NOHGA HOTEL UENO") operated by Nomura Real Estate Hotels Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo/President: Hidetomo Aoki) is based on the hotel concept of "a wonderful experience born from a deep connection with the local community." As a cultural experience type project that embodies this, the third collaboration project with the most traditional museum in Japan "Tokyo National Museum (nickname: Tohaku)" located in Ueno Park, "Special cultural experience to enjoy art, cherry blossoms and food" We are pleased to inform you that ~Hanami Edition~” will be sold only on March 28 (Tuesday). The concept of NOHGA HOTEL UENO and the desire of the Tokyo

A new musical public art, SOUNDWALK, will begin in Ueno Park, celebrating its 150th anniversary

[Immersive music experience] — Enjoy with earphones via a dedicated free app using GPS Tokyo Spring Music Festival 2023 x Ueno Park 150th Anniversary "Ellen Reed Soundwalk featuring Kronos Quartet & Kronos' 50 for the Future" Music changes like a kaleidoscope A public art work to enjoy music in nature. A young Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and sound artist, Ellen Reed, has planned for the corona crisis, and many famous parks mainly in Europe and the United States (New York Central Park, London Regent's Park & ​​Primrose Hill, etc. ) is implemented. At the Tokyo Spring Music Festival, "Ellen Reid SOUNDWALK featuring Kronos Quartet and Kronos' 50 for the Future" will

“Sun Sun Kids TV” event “Let’s look for everyone! Sun Sun Kids Hide and Seek Daisakusen! in Marui” will be held in Ueno and Kokubunji!

It's spring! It's Marui! It's sun sun! The official event of Sun Sun Kids TV will be held! The popular family-oriented YouTube channel “Sun Sun Kids TV” ( https://www.youtube.com/user/anpankidstv/featured ) operated by aquwa Co., Ltd. will hold an event “Everyone” at Ueno Marui and Kokubunji Marui in March and April. Let's find it! Sun Sun Kids Hide and Seek Daisakusen! in Marui" will be held. The official offline event of the popular family YouTube channel “Sun Sun Kids TV” with over 1.1 million subscribers “Let’s find everyone! Sun Sun Kids Hide and Seek Daisakusen! in Marui” will be held at Marui! Let's find the hidden Sansan in the project "Sun

Unlimited time (up to 11 hours) All-you-can-drink sake ¥1,250 (tax included) |Limited to 30 people per day from Sunday to Thursday┃Held at all sake breweries from March 1 to 31

All-you-can-drink unlimited ¥1,250 (tax included) will be held from March 1st (Wednesday) to March 31st (Friday) at all sake breweries. Sake Cost Sake Brewery operated by Creative Place Co., Ltd. will hold unlimited all-you-can-drink ¥ 1,250 (tax included) from March 1st (Wednesday) to March 31st (Friday) at all stores. *Limited to 30 people per day from Sunday to Thursday ​ Unlimited all-you-can-drink! All-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink will be available for a limited time until 3/31 (Friday) at all sake breweries ( http://sake-genkabar.com ). The all-you-can-drink menu including 20 types of sake, mainly special name sake such as Dassai, draft beer and highball, is available at the following prices with no time limit.

Two types of seasonal sake seed anpan, such as “Sakadane Yakushima Tankan” using Yakushima tankan fruit juice and peel, will be sold at directly managed stores from March 1st.

Selling “Fun bag” limited to directly managed stores where you can enjoy popular sweet bread From March 1, 2023, Kimuraya Sohonten Co., Ltd. will announce the sale of two types of seasonal bean-jam buns and a “fun bag” limited to directly managed stores that will be sold at Kimuraya directly managed stores from March 1, 2023. ■ Directly managed store products : http://www.kimuraya-sohonten.co.jp/goods_category/top The seasonal Sakadane Anpan in March includes “Yakushima Tankan” and “Apricot” . The bean paste used in “ Sakadane Yakushima Tankan” uses the “ fruit juice ” and “ peel ” of Yakushima Tankan. It is not only sweet, but also has a unique aroma and bittersweet