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Introducing hamburgers from the gourmet specialty store, Brejus! Matsuzaka Ueno store latest gourmet food

Introducing hamburgers from the gourmet specialty store, Brejus! Matsuzaka Ueno store latest gourmet food

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 – Tuesday, September 26, 2023 Matsuzaka Ueno Store B1F/1F Hoppe Town Event Space At Hoppe Town, the food floor of the Matsuzaka Ueno store, events are held at popular shops that change weekly. From September 20th (Wednesday), the gourmet specialty store “Brejus'' will be available for the first time. In addition, “Katsura no Ki Baumu'' from Okuizumo Mae Wataya, which has a unique texture made with Shimane rice flour and eggs, will be available for a limited time! Introducing 7 of the latest gourmet brands from Matsuzaka Ueno store. <Breju> Hand-kneaded Okuizumo Wagyu beef hamburger with Poivre Vert sauce (1 set) 1,998 yen/B1F Hoppe Town Exhibition

Ueno Royal Museum “Monet Series Scenes” special tickets on sale September 20th

[Official exhibition website] The "Monet Scenes from a Series" Tokyo exhibition (sponsored by Sankei Shimbun and others) will be held at the Ueno Royal Museum (Taito-ku, Tokyo) from October 20th (Friday). Ticket sales on the official ticket site "ART PASS" and various play guides, as well as date and time reservations on "ART PASS", will begin from 10:00 on Wednesday, September 20th. Special tickets (1) and (2) will also be on sale at the same time. All items are available in limited quantity and sales will end as soon as the quantity is reached. Claude Monet (1840-1926) was a master Impressionist artist known for his use of soft colors and

To express their gratitude for their 1st anniversary, the granola specialty store “and/or” is holding a giveaway with free shipping for a total of 111 people. Furthermore, organic dried fruits will be sold by weight starting September 25th!

“and/or” will celebrate its 1st anniversary as an online store on September 11, 2023. #01 chocolate ranks first in the annual popular flavor ranking, and #03 black tea ranks second! The most popular salty flavor was #04 Salt and Pepper. ANDOR Co., Ltd., which operates granola "and/or GRANOLA" that is supervised by a registered dietitian and designed to help you create new eating habits, will carry out three commemorative projects to express gratitude for the first anniversary of the online store. ① Free mail shipping campaign ② Special gift campaign will be held, and ③ Organic dried fruits, which have been requested the most throughout the year, will finally be

“Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Relax Performance – A concert that can be enjoyed by people of all generations and disabilities” will be held on November 26th

“Relaxed” means “tolerant.” Even if you make a little noise or move your body, it's okay. This is a performance where people with developmental disabilities or autism who are worried about listening to music in a hall can enjoy the music together with peace of mind. In order to deliver art culture and well-being to all people, and to realize a society where everyone can live a lively life in their own way, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is a place where diverse people, regardless of disability, age, or social background, can participate in music and art activities. We are promoting the "Convivial Project" with the aim of having people participate and

Enjoy both the fall of appetite and the fall of art! A large collection of colorful autumn sweets! Autumn Gourmet All Stars ~Japanese and Western Sweets Edition~

September 13th (Wednesday) – October 10th (Tuesday) / Matsuzaka Ueno store 1st floor Hoppe Town https://www.matsuzakaya.co.jp/ueno/topics/005230913_allstar_sweets.html *Released at 10am on Tuesday, September 12th The Matsuzaka Ueno store will be holding an "Autumn Gourmet All-Star" event from September 13th (Wednesday) to October 10th (Tuesday), where gourmet food featuring plenty of autumn flavors will gather. At Hoppe Town on the 1st floor and the cafe on the mezzanine and 2nd floors, we offer approximately 40 types of Japanese and Western sweets made with chestnuts, grapes, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes that are in season in autumn. We would like to introduce you to autumn sweets that will allow you to enjoy both “Autumn

“7th Salsa Street 2023” October 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun) Free admission to outdoor festival held at Ueno Park

UENO de BUENO!! Salsa (music), salsa (dance), and salsa (food) will gather at Ueno Park! The most cheerful festival will be held again this year! Enjoy a bueno time in Ueno on a pleasant autumn Saturday and Sunday, perfect for spending time outdoors! The Caribbean Latin American Street Executive Committee (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Junichiro Mori) will hold a salsa-themed "Salsa Street" festival. https://wsavannast.com/events/salsa-street/ SALSA means SAUCE in Spanish. The etymology of SALSA is SAL (salt in Latin). Other words related to salt include SALAD (salad), SALAMI (salami), SAUSAGE (sausage), and SALARY (salary).Salary comes from the fact that salt was paid as salary in ancient Rome. To do. SALSA MUSIC means

“Paris Pompidou Center Cubism Exhibition – Revolution of Beauty: From Picasso and Braque to Delaunay and Chagall” Audio guide will be performed by voice actors Shinichiro Miki and Yurie Ikoma!

Advantageous advance tickets are on sale for a limited time until October 2nd (Monday)! From the collection of the Center Pompidou in Paris, which boasts one of the world's best collections of modern and contemporary art, valuable works that are indispensable for talking about the history of Cubism will come to Japan. Delaunay to Chagall” will be held at the National Museum of Western Art from October 3, 2023 (Tuesday) to January 28, 2024 (Sunday). The audio guide will be voice actors Shinichiro Miki and Yurie Ikoma! Voice actors Shinichiro Miki and Yurie Ikoma have been chosen as the audio guides for this exhibition. Mr. Miki, a veteran with a

[First exhibition! ] Earl Gray specialty store will be offering “fragrant tea gelato” and new “choux canelé” at “Autumn” held at Matsuzaka Ueno store in Taito-ku, Tokyo from September 13th (Wednesday) to September 19th (Tuesday). On sale at the Delicious Food Exhibition!

-“Fragrant tea gelato” and new work “Choux canelé” will be sold at the “Autumn Delicious Products Exhibition” held at Matsuzakaya Ueno store- Japan's first Earl Gray specialty store * "& EARL GRAY Kobe Main Store (Location: Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Operating Company: Catherine House Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Representative Director: Mana Taketani) )” will be held at the “Autumn Delicious Products Exhibition” held at the Matsuzaka Ueno store in Taito-ku, Tokyo from Wednesday, September 13, 2023 to Tuesday, September 19, 2023. Instead of using tea that has been concentrated and extracted dozens of times, we will sell “fragrant tea gelato” and cute canelé-shaped cream puff

Kang Hoon’s long-awaited first solo performance in Japan will be held on Saturday, October 28th! KANG HOON JAPAN 1st FANMEETING -Time with you-

Korean actor Kang Hoon, who is currently attracting attention with his slender height and elegance, will hold his first solo fan meeting in Japan on Saturday, October 28th at the Ueno Airship Theater! As an actor, he will be in the limelight in the drama "Akai Sodesaki" in 2021, and in 2023, Kim will appear in "Koksunbi Passion History" broadcasted on Amazon Prime (broadcast on NHK BS Premium from July 2, 2023). Playing the role of Shiyoru, the number of fans has increased rapidly in Japan as well. In addition, from August 18th, JTBC will broadcast a different charm from the drama with a delivery trip across Mongolia with the

JR Ueno Station “Ecute Ueno” Second Renovation Relocation Renewal & New Shop Opening!

"Book Compass" will be relocated and reopened on October 4th, and "Pensta" will open on October 12th! Ecute Ueno, a commercial facility inside JR Ueno Station operated by JR East Cross Station Development Company Co., Ltd., will open on October 4 as the second stage following the renewal opening of 7 shops centered on miscellaneous goods in July. "Book Compass" will be relocated and reopened on the 12th, and "Pensta" will be newly opened on the 12th. After winter, we will continue to carry out renewals. *Details of "Pensta" are scheduled for the next press release in late September. Second Renewal: Shop Overview Ecute Ueno is undergoing renovations based on