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[Normally 4,480 yen → 2,929 yen All-you-can-eat yakiniku (90 items in total)] All-you-can-eat yakiniku campaign for A4 and A5 ranks will be held at all “Kiyano Kitchen” stores with “All-you-can-eat Japanese food” (Limited to the first 29 people)

[Normally 4,480 yen → 2,929 yen All-you-can-eat yakiniku (90 items in total)] All-you-can-eat yakiniku campaign for A4 and A5 ranks will be held at all “Kiyano Kitchen” stores with “All-you-can-eat Japanese food” (Limited to the first 29 people)

"Quality" and "Price" that are second to none! A super-large special price campaign will be held at stores targeted for "Kitaya's Kitchen"! The kitchen of Takaya Co., Ltd. will hold an all-you-can-eat Japanese black beef campaign (90 items in total) of A4 and A5 ranks on October 29th (Sunday). "Meat shop kitchen Wagyu course (all-you-can-drink soft drink) 90 minutes" Usually 4,480 yen (excluding tax) → 2,929 yen (excluding tax) will be offered (first 29 people) The kitchen of the kid: https://nikuyanodaidokoro.com/ At other stores, you can enjoy high-class rare parts that cost several thousand yen per person, such as " Assorted 3 Wagyu Beef " including special Wagyu beef ribs

[National Science Museum] A new museum experience with advanced technology for you! XR Content Exhibition Event “Future Exhibition to Enjoy at Docomo x National Science Museum XR” -November 12th to 25th, 2020-

The National Museum of Nature and Science is a joint demonstration project with NTT DoCoMo, Inc., during the period from November 12th (Thursday) to 25th (Wednesday), 2020, at the XR * 1 content exhibition event “Docomo x National Science Museum XR”. We will hold an exhibition of the future to enjoy. At this exhibition event, a new museum exhibition will be exhibited, such as observing from an unprecedented perspective by observing the displayed animal information and 3D models such as skulls while observing the genuine stuffed animals in the exhibition room. You can experience it. At the time of this joint demonstration, the National Museum of Nature and Science provided

Ueno Information Center 3rd Anniversary New Panda Goods “Sweet10 Shanshan” Series Released!

Ueno Information Center will release a new panda goods entitled “Sweet10 Shanshan” series to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of its opening. Shanshan was born to Lee Lee and Shin Shin of Ueno Zoo. Since its birth in 2017, we will release 10 kinds of goods with the motif of the Ueno panda family with the feeling of “love” to Xiang Xiang, who makes many people smile. Ueno Information Center will continue to develop various Ueno souvenirs and make the city of Ueno even more exciting.     What is “Sweet 10 Xiang Xiang”? I felt that Shan Shan is as irreplaceable as a diamond from the people who came to

YouTuber Hikaru’s [ReZARD] shoes are on sale at “Shoe Plaza”! A collaboration store with Locondo will open at 10:00 on Saturday, November 14th at Shoe Plaza Shinjuku East Exit Ekimae Store and Ueno Store.

Chiyoda Co., Ltd. is a shoe and fashion mail order site LOCONDO.jp We will open a limited-time store in collaboration with LOCONDO Co., Ltd., which operates Shoe Plaza Shinjuku East Exit Ekimae Store, and Shoe Plaza Ueno Store. We opened the “Shoe Plaza Locondo Store” ( https://www.locondo.jp ) in April 2015 and have expanded the product lineup of real stores on the EC site. , Express the world view of the EC shop LOCONDO.jp in the real store “SHOE PLAZA”, which will lead to the development of a new customer base. At this collaboration store, in addition to the popular YouTuber Hikaru’s brand “ReZARD”, which boasts 4.18 million subscribers, the

“House Halloween” “Petit Gift” Let’s enjoy both this year! Halloween limited sweets large set

Until Saturday, October 31 / Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building 1st Floor Cheek Town The Halloween season has come again this year. Why don't you enjoy "House Halloween" with the taste of autumn and ghost sweets while refraining from seasonal events due to the corona disaster? Also, for the "petit gift" for those who meet after a long time, we recommend Halloween sweets that make you feel the season! At the Japanese and Western confectionery section of the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, about 100 types of "Halloween sweets" are gathered together. Individual wrapping and limited packaging are so cute that you will want to give them to someone. The special sweets

Evil incarnation, Queen of Reversals … An exhibition that unravels the “person” of the royal family. [Ueno Royal Museum] (~ 2021/1/11) “KING & QUEEN Exhibition” Press Preview Report

The "KING & GUEEN Exhibition" is being held at the Ueno Royal Museum from Saturday, October 10, 2020 to Monday, January 11, 2021. A special preview for the media was held the day before the release, so this time we will tell you about it. The story of the British royal family, traced in portraiture. Like Japan, Britain is a country that has a royal family as a nation and continues to maintain its history. Habsburg, Omanov, Ottoman Turkey … While many dynasties have collapsed after the First World War, the British dynasty has inherited its bloodline for more than 500 years while changing its name and form in the

The official reference book for the “KING & QUEEN Exhibition” to be held from October 10th (Sat), “The 12 Stories of the British Royal Family, Read with Masterpieces” will be re-distributed with a new obi!

The "KING & QUEEN Exhibition" will be held at the Ueno Royal Museum from October 10, 2020 (Sat) to January 11, 2021 (Monday / holiday). A large exhibition of about 90 of the most important British dynasty portraits in the National Portrait Gallery of London, which presents the history of the British royal family over a century. Kobunsha's "Twelve Stories of the British Royal Family Read with Masterpieces" (Kobunsha Shinsho) was selected as the official reference book for the exhibition, and its author, Kyoko Nakano, a German literary writer, was appointed as the exhibition navigator. This time, we have decided to redistribute the new obi for the exhibition. [From the

Go To Travel Campaign “Add to Tokyo”! Booking.com launches discounted products for Tokyo facilities

-Introducing 5 new accommodations in Tokyo in 2020- [Announced in Japan on October 2, 2020] Booking.com, the world's largest accommodation reservation site that offers a wide variety of accommodations, travel Naka experiences, and seamless transportation during travel, is a government-led tourism demand stimulus campaign "Go To Travel Campaign" launched in August. From the reservation on October 1st (Thursday), the campaign will be applied to Tokyo residents and Tokyo guests, and GoTo Travel Tokyo will be added. With the addition of Tokyo, which was not covered by the Go To Travel Campaign due to the increase in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus infection, this time, Japanese residents

“The 6th cafe full of pandas” New menu & photo exhibition is this! Daily Panda CAFE by Saryo Ginza Seigetsudo

October 7th (Wednesday) -November 24th (Tuesday) / Matsuzakaya Ueno store mezzanine floor At the cafe <Cha-ryo Ginza Seigetsudo> on the mezzanine floor of the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, "Daily Panda CAFE" is being held for a long run from October 2019! In addition to the cute panda menu, there are panda photo exhibitions, panda books, panda plush toys and panda-patterned tablecloths, making this a cafe that is especially irresistible for panda fans. There are two types of new panda sweets, seasonal apple pie and high-quality sweets. The theme of the 6th Panda Photo Exhibition is "Thank you so far for Xiang Xiang Best Selection". Don't miss the pictures of cute Xiang

“Special Exhibition Craft 2020-Nature and Beauty-” Preview Report Held at the Tokyo National Museum until November!

From September 21, 2020, "Special Exhibition Craft 2020-The Shape of Nature and Beauty-" is being held at the Tokyo National Museum Hyokeikan in Ueno, Tokyo. (Until November 15th) A preview for the media was held on the 20th, and the Kokosil editorial department also visited us! In this article, we will report on the situation of the venue and the impressions of actually seeing the exhibited works from a beginner's perspective. I will write it first, but even the author, who is not very familiar with crafts, enjoyed it enough, so even if you are worried that "I'm a little worried, but it wouldn't be interesting without knowledge …?" Please