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Using the surface yeast Yebisu history for the first time! White beer “Yebisu Hua Miyabi < barrel life >" 3/1 (Wednesday) sales in limited quantities!

Sapporo lion Ltd. Sapporo holdings co., Ltd. Group companies in the (Headquarters, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President, Yoshiaki toneyama), “YEBISU BAR (yebisubaa)’ total of 18 stores and Ginza lion two stores (Sendai: ichibancho,:KITTE Hakata Hakata) at the 3/1/2017 (Wednesday) than” Yebisu Hua Miyabi < barrel life > “sold in limited quantities.

Please see Miyabi Yebisu Hua”, Sapporo breweries co., Ltd. 3/7 (Tuesday) released a new canned product that, to celebrate this, and YEBISU BAR gauge 20 stores, as > barrels < 1 week early pre-sale at the.

Miyabi Yebisu Hua-ornate, invigorating, and soft-

Miyabi Yebisu hua, is a white beer Yebisu draft for more than 100 years of history with the first top yeast.
Yebisu top yeast yeast from more than 1000 shares of Sapporo beer yeast Bank in about two and a half years, selection has been adopted.

Feel the thickness taste of the glamorous plump scent by top yeast is characterized. Also the soft flavor and taste are pulled by some use of malted wheat. Produce a gorgeous shades reminiscent of Crystal Glow filter, finished.

This is Miyabi Yebisu Hua as “reward yourself” is the perfect beer to “relax”. You can feel the fresh taste is quite different from the Yebisu,.

Take a look at “Yebisu Hua” of barrels in cheers, and colorful and enjoy a luxurious time.

♦ < barrel life > beer sales information
Product name: Miyabi Yebisu Ka < barrel life >
Release date: 3/1/2017 (Wednesday) than lasts ending * canned goods 7 (Tuesday) released
Price: glass 680 yen (+ tax)
Sale stores:YEBISU BAR 18 branch offices (Tokyo metropolitan area 11, Hokkaido 1, Chubu and Kansai area 5, Hiroshima 1 shop)
Ginza lion 2 store (Sendai-Hakata)

Yebisu Hua in miyabi (350 ml cans) * stores of canned goods handling is not.