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【Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum】 “BENTO Gento Exhibition – Eating / Collecting / Connecting Design” Press Conference Report

A press coverage of 'BENTO PARTY EXHIBITION – Eating / Gathering / Connecting Design' to be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from Saturday, July 21, 2018 to October 8 (Monday, congratulation), will be held on March 23 It was done. I will report the situation this time.

From lunch box lunches to lunch for daily, lunch boxes deeply rooted in our lives. There is a connection between the person making it and the person who eats, and there is connection with people who eat it together. In this exhibition, "space ladder" will be grasped from the viewpoint of communication and design, and a space will be created that allows visitors themselves to discover their charm while experiencing them.

On four occasions

1. Can you sing and dance "lunchbox"!?

Fermented designer, Mr. Hiraku Ogura, aims to "make the appearance of invisible fermenting bacteria visible through design". In this exhibition, we will release a new animation work on the theme of lunch box.

Ogura Hiraku "Openi DAYS" image sketch

Ogura Hiraku "Openi DAYS" image sketch

The girl of the hero gets on the time machine made by the mother who is the inventor, gathers side dishes of various age, completes the lunch box, and hands the lunch to the father, the god of the mountain … It is said that it will become contents. It is going to be a work that you can understand well about your lunch box when you sing and dance by melancholy melodies and lyrics, choreography.

2. Attention to communication produced by "lentil"

■ Ayumi Cafeteria Lunch Box – As a business trip "Ayumi dining hall", Ayumi Otsuki who performs catering at various events. In response to a letter from the reader "I want to make such a box lunch to everyone" Create a box lunch, photographer Taro Hirano photographed, recipients and lunch boxes will be delivered to readers "Ayumi cafeteria This lunch box will be featured in this exhibition.

"Ayumi cafeteria lunch box" Cooking in 2017: Ayumi Otsura, photo: Hirano Hirano

■ lift
Work introducing the work "Hiruzu" which the relationship between the person who eats from the figure which eats silent lunch silently photographed by NHK "Sarah Mesh" appearing as a boxed hunter as a lunch hunter appears.

Akira Abe "Hiruu" 2018

■ Dad's Bento – Mr. Toru Oyamada exhibits "Oda bento", an archive of making lunch boxes with families he practices everyday. For his younger brother going to nursery school, an elementary school sister draws an instruction of the box lunch and his father Mr. Oyamada makes it.

"Dad's lunch box" 2017 August 4, 2017 "Plate volcano"

"Dad's lunch box" 2017 October 6, 2017 "Sakamichi"

■ making of BENTO
In addition, video artist Mr. Yasuhiro Moriuchi will hold a workshop on how children will make lunch boxes by themselves without borrowing their own hands, and will exhibit the project as a visual work.

Yasuhiro Moriuchi "making of BENTO" image sketch

3. Rediscover "grape noodles" through participatory experiences type works

■ intangible bento
An eating designer, Malaye Fogel Sang, who designs eating, expresses the aspect of "it can not be touched or seen" of the boxed lunch. Through the story of "Bento no Semen", it expresses the connection and memories of people and people, the future image etc.

Malaye Vogel sang "intangible bento" image sketch

Malaye Vogel sang "intangible bento" image sketch

Malaye Vogel sang "intangible bento" exhibition image

■ Tiso Yokocho
In addition, artist Hiroshi Kitazawa grasps the box lunch as a tool to create a communication space by "box" and "cloth", and creates a temporary bazaar called "tiso yoko yokocho" . Consider "mindfulness" mind from the different space born in the museum.

Kitazawa Jun "FLAGMENTS PASSAGE – Tised Alley" image sketch

Kitazawa Jun "FLAGMENTS PASSAGE – Tised Alley" image sketch

4. Unique lunch box playful

Displayed lunch boxes from the Edo era to the Showa era and the present day, a lunch box designed for the situation, and world lunch boxes in Asia, Africa, Europe etc. We will pay attention to the lunch box as a product.

"Shakugan type lunch box" Deposit to Shinjuku History Museum

White porcelain vermiculite combination gourd-shaped lunch box "Deposit at the Shinjuku History Museum"

Koji Kumagai (Kazumi Kumagai), a curator in charge of the exhibition at the press conference, said, "As the visitors come out of the exhibition, what next lunch is for what purpose I want you to have the opportunity to enjoy and think about it. " Please expect from this exhibition at this exhibition that children, adults and families can enjoy.