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【Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan】 Special exhibition “National Treasure Higashi Temple – Kukai and Buddha statue Mandala” press conference report

At the Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan, special exhibitions "National Treasury Temple – Kukai and Buddha Mandala" will be held from 26th (Tuesday) to 2nd June (Sun) in 2019.

We participated in a press release about this exhibition, so we will deliver that state.

Purpose of holding

Toji Temple built in conjunction with the capital of Heian-kyōkyo. Only the Toji and Saiji were allowed to be built in the capital. After that, Toji is left to the Kukai (Kobo Daishi) who learned the new Buddhist esoteric from Tang and returned home.

Tojo which became Nemoto Dojo of Shingon Esoteric Buddha contains many art objects related to esoteric religion and has been kept until now.

In 2023, the Shingon sect celebrates the milestone of 1200 with the opening up of the religion. This exhibition introduces the treasure of Kukai and the whole picture of the cultural property transmitted to Toji. The highest peaks of esoteric art such as sculpture, paintings, writing, crafts etc. will be met together.


1, 15 Buddha statues gathered from Tojo auditorium. The biggest Buddha image mandala in history appeared.

"Mandala" is a visual representation of the view of the world of Esoteric Turtle that is complex Kukai.

In the Toji Auditorium, three-dimensional mandala consisting of 21 Buddha statues is kept. In this exhibition, 15 bodies will be exhibited, the largest of which in history.

Since most Buddha statues are displayed so that they can be seen from 360 degrees, you can experience the Buddha statue Mandala of the masterpiece.

National Treasure Helmet 跋 Bishamonten Statue China Tang Dynasty · 8th Century Higashiji Temple Collection

National Treasures Owonita Statue Heian era · Yoshikazu 6 years (839) Higashiji Temple

National Treasure Increasing Stone Statue Heian era · 6th year of Seiwa (839) Higashiji Temple

2, Reproduce the training dojo of the seventh day after the end. The treasure which is regarded as the highest peak of Shingon Esoteric is put together.

The seven-day restoration (Hachimichi Shichishi) is the most important and highly confidential guru among the Shingon sects started by Kukai.

The ritual praying for Emperor 's clothing, praying for relief of balls, is carried out centered mainly on Mika' s holding (Misokaji).

In this exhibition, based on historical materials, paintings and Buddhist statues used in the training were displayed and the temple is reproduced. It is a valuable opportunity to reveal the state of secret ceremonies.

National Buddhist teachings instrument China Tang Dynasty · Ninth century Higashiji temple

3, Publish precious bilateral mandala diagrams. Experience the Mandara world of Toji.

From the mandala in Toza 's collection, this exhibition will release the national treasure' Sendai Mikoto Mandala '. Many unusual bedding mandalas will be exhibited.

Things used in the West. It is the oldest colored intercolleous mandala in existence.

Of the National Treasures Both Mandala Mandala Charts (Senju Mandala) [Heisei Era Heian Period / 9th Century Higashiji Collection [Exhibition period: Tuesday April 23 (Tuesday – May 6)]

Temple of the National Treasures and the Mandala Chapel (Sentai Mandala [Mendena of the Shogun]) Heian period during the Heian period of the Eleventh and 9th century Toza [Exhibition period: Tuesday April 23 (Tuesday – May 6) (Monday · holiday)]

Ikemen Buddha statue is a figure!

In commemoration of the exhibition, the imperial statue of Toei Temple Auditorium will be figurized. This figure was also unveiled at the press conference venue this time.

【Selling price】 7,200 yen (tax included) [Modeling supervision] Toji (Kaigokuji) [modeling production] Kaiyodo ⓒKaiypod

You can see the esteemed face of Emperor Temple called "Buddha statue circle one handsome" close by.

Figure size total height 130 mm (including pedestal) ⓒ KAIYODO

This figure is limited to 10,000 pieces and is going to be pre-sold at this exhibition venue. In addition, it is planned to sell a pre-order voucher, which is a set of figures and exhibition tickets.

Kaiyodo Empire figure figure set Advance ticket (limited 1,000 sheets)
Price: 7,500 yen (tax included)
Sales period: December 1, 2018 (Saturday) ~ As soon as it reaches the limited number
* Please see the exhibition official website for the purchase method.


Exhibition name Special exhibition "National Treasury Toji – Kukai and Buddha Mandala"
Society March 26 (Tue) – June 2 (Sun) of 2019

Venue Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan
(Ueno Park 13-9, Taito-ku)

Opening hours 9: 30 ~ 17: 00 (Admission is until 30 minutes before closing)
※ However, during the exhibition on Friday and Saturday until 21:00

closing day Monday, May 7th (Tuesday)
* However, April 1 (Mon) [Opening of Toji Exhibition Hall only], April 29 (Monday · Holiday), May 6 (Monday · Holiday) will be open

Admission fee Generally 1600 yen (1400 yen / 1300 yen), college students 1,200 yen (1000 yen / 900 yen), high school students 900 yen (700 yen / 600 yen)
※ Free from junior high school students
※ () is for advance purchase / Group fee of 20 or more
※ Persons with disabilities and their carers are free. Presenting a handicapped person such as a handicapped person when entering the building.

TEL 03-5777-8600 (Hello dial)

Exhibition official website https://toji2019.jp/