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“Macho Ice in Marui” will be held at Marui 4 stores for a limited time!

Kaki Hiya, “Macho Ice in Marui”, performed by the muscle entertainment group “Macho 29”, will appear in Marui 4 stores for a limited time!
How about the cold shaved ice that Macho uses a lot of muscle and shaved in the hot summer?

◆ What is “Macho Ice in Marui”
Macho provides oyster ice with all the muscles shaved off, without relying on full automation.
The finish responds to the customer's request and applies syrup while emphasizing favorite muscles.

≪What is Macho 29? ≫
An entertainment group formed with respect and love for all those who love macho in the world, those who want to be macho, and those who are macho.

Offering shaved ice with plenty of muscles ♪

Apply syrup while emphasizing your favorite muscles ♪

◆ Menu
・ 3 kinds of macho ice
・ Shiroku macho 800 yen without tax
・ Matchamacho ice 800 yen without tax
・ Meat ice tax-free 2,900 yen
(Leave muscles and apply all the syrup. Also apply protein)
・ FGOK tax-excluded 1,129 yen
(Choose one of your favorite 3 kinds of Macho ice and top it with ice cream)
・ 500 yen without protein tax

In addition to oyster ice, we will also sell macho 29 goods (T-shirts, tank tops, CDs, etc.).
* Menu is subject to change

◆ Holding store

Place: Ueno Marui 1F South Entrance Dates: August 31 (Saturday), September 1 (Sunday)
Place: Omiya Marui 1F Store Dates: August 10 (Sat), 11 (Sun)
Place: Shizuoka Marui 1F Store Dates: August 16 (Friday), 17 (Saturday), 18 (Sunday)
Location: Soka Marui 1F In front of store Ohana Date: August 24 (Sat), 25 (Sun)

◆ Business hours
11:00 ~ 19: 00
* It differs from Marui store opening hours
* In case of bad weather, it may be canceled

For details, please see Macho 29 official Twitter.
Twitter account @ macho29official

◆ Holding store HP

Ueno Marui https://www.0101.co.jp/058/
・ Omiya Marui https://www.0101.co.jp/053/
・ Shizuoka Marui https://www.0101.co.jp/036/
・ Soka Marui https://www.0101.co.jp/066/