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“Cultural Forest Sound Tour 2020” will be held! Ueno Park’s art museum, museum, and hall will be linked in a special two-day classical music concert.

The Ueno Bunka no Mori New Plan Executive Committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture Arts Council Tokyo will hold a two-day special concert “Culture Forest” on February 12 (Wed) and 13 (Thu), 2020. Sound Tour 2020 ”will be held.

“Cultural Forest Sound Tour 2020” will open 6 cultural facilities in Ueno Park (Ueno Forest Museum, Tokyo National Museum, Former Tokyo Music Academy Sogakudo, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, National Science Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) For the venue, different programs are prepared with special arrangements centered on the winners of the Tokyo Music Competition.

This event is a special concert where visitors can travel from the concert hall to the museum and from the museum to the museum as they call "Moto-Meguri", and experience various cultures while listening to the performances. Each of the six venues will be visited three times a day, and each building in Ueno Park will be colored with wonderful performances.
The performers are composed of various organizations such as flute trio, string quartet, woodwind quartet, soprano & bass & guitar, piano solo. We provide extraordinary and special experiences for visitors to Ueno Park.

◆ Summary
■ Name: "Cultural Forest Sound Tour 2020" (Bunkomori Tour 2020)
■ URL: https://uenoyes.ueno-bunka.jp/2019/
■ Date and time: Wednesday, February 13 and Thursday, February 13, 2020 / 11:00-13:00-15:00-each day
■ Venue: Ueno Forest Museum, Tokyo National Museum, Former Tokyo Conservatory of Music, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, National Science Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
* Depending on the venue, admission may be restricted if there are many visitors.
* In case of stormy weather, the content of the event may be changed or canceled. Also, the program, performers, etc. may be changed for convenience.
■ Fee: Free ※ However, admission fee is required for Tokyo National Museum, Former Tokyo Conservatory, and National Science Museum.
<Admission fee> Tokyo National Museum / General 620 yen, University students 410 yen, Former Tokyo College of Music / General 300 yen, Elementary, middle and high school students 100 yen, National Science Museum / General and university students 630 yen
★ You can enter the Tokyo National Museum and the National Science Museum with special exhibition tickets. Re-entry is possible only on the day.
(The Tokyo National Museum is the main gate plaza only on February 12, and the National Science Museum is general information only on February 13, and you can re-enter by presenting your stub on the day.)
■ Organizer: Ueno Bunka no Mori New Project Executive Committee, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture Arts Council Tokyo
* This project is a project to create a base for transmitting international cultural arts to the Agency for Cultural Affairs in the first year of Reiwa.
◆ “Cultural Forest Sound Tour 2020” Program
■ Wednesday, February 12
● 11: 00-11: 20 / Flute Trio
Place: Ueno Forest Museum Entrance Lobby
Program: Kuhlau "Flute Trio in E minor, Op. 86 No. 1" and others
Performers: Yuri Ito, Kanako Hatakeyama, Airi Hosokawa (flute)
● 13: 00-13: 20 / String Quartet
Place: Tokyo National Museum Main Staircase
Music: Mozart "String Quartet No. 14 K.387 First Movement from" Spring ""
Performers: Tomotake Seki (violin), Aya Yamaguchi (violin), Shioko Nakamura (viola), Koichi Fujimori (cello)
● 15: 00 ~ 15: 30 / Piano solo
Place: Former Tokyo Music School Sogakudo 2nd floor music hall
Program: Bach-Hess "Lord, Joy of Man's Desire" and others
Performers: Riko Fukagai (piano solo) ■ Thursday, February 13
● 11: 00-11: 30 / String Quartet
Place: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, large hall foyer
Program: Britten "String Quartet No. 2 op.36"
Performers: Moenoka Kishimoto (violin), Shumasa Hayashi (violin), Takeshi Nagata (viola), Yoshiyuki Kanie (cello)
● 13: 00 ~ 13: 20 / Woodwind Quartet
Place: National Science Museum, Japanese Pavilion, 2nd Floor Auditorium
Program: Toru Takemitsu "From the Wave Bon"
Performers: Takuya Shinohara (Oboe), Kiriko Shimofutsu (Flute), Shin Sugiyama (Clarinet), Keishi Omori (Horn)
● 15: 00-15: 20 / Soprano & Bass & Guitar
Place: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Keitaro Sato Memorial Art Lounge
Song: Toru Takemitsu "Small Sky" and others
Performers: Saki Nakae (soprano), Kenichiro Himi (bass), Beni Igarashi (guitar)
◆ “Cultural Forest Sound Tour 2020” Free Childcare Service
■ Date and time: Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Thursday, 13th, 10: 30-16: 00
■ Venue: Childcare room in the Tokyo National Museum Main Gate Plaza (13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo)
■ Target: 3 months or older-Preschool children
* Only for visitors to the “Cultural Forest Sound Tour 2020” and those who use various cultural facilities in Ueno Park.
■ Application: Advance reservation system, free of charge. * Please apply by phone.
■ Reservation: Asuka Co., Ltd. Special dial for reservation / 0120-165-115 (9: 00 ~ 18: 00 excluding weekends and holidays) ◆ Use “UENO WELCOME PASSPORT” to get around the sound
UENO WELCOME PASSPORT (sponsored by Ueno Bunka no Mori Initiative Executive Committee) will be able to enter the permanent exhibitions of museums and museums in the Ueno area and enter the Onshi Ueno Zoo once each time until March 31, 2020. It is a passport type common admission ticket. With this one book, you can fully enjoy "Cultural Forest Sound Tour 2020" and cultural facilities in the Ueno area. ■ 2,000 yen (tax included) only for permanent exhibitions ■ 3,000 yen (tax included) for one special exhibition ticket + permanent exhibition
* For details on sales locations, etc., see https://ueno-bunka.jp/ .

◆ About Ueno Culture Forest
This is a new initiative for Ueno's cultural facilities to work together to develop the potential of Ueno, a treasure trove of cultural resources. Proposed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and promoting business in cooperation with Tokyo and Taito Ward.

Ueno Bunka no Mori New Plan Executive Committee [abbreviation: Ueno Bunka no Mori]
Tokyo National Museum / National Science Museum / National Museum of Western Art / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum / Tokyo Bunka Kaikan / Onshi Ueno Zoo / Ueno Forest Museum / Tokyo University of the Arts / Taito-ku / Ueno Tourism Federation / East Japan Railway Company / Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Subway Co., Ltd./Ueno Gakuen