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Ichiran Ueno Okachimachi store opened on June 9 with enhanced hygiene

Co., Ltd. Ichiran (natural pork ramen shop / Founded: 1960 / head office: Fukuoka, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City / President: Yoshitomi Science / Https://Www.Ichiran.Com ) is, June 9 ( Tue) Ichiran Ueno Okachimachi store will open at 10 am. Initially, it was planned to open a little earlier, but it was postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection. In the meantime, at the existing stores, we received many words of gratitude, such as "Ichiran was vacant" and "Ichiran can be eaten with peace of mind", and the desire to be able to deliver a little more energy through ramen became stronger. .. With the impact of the new coronavirus and the economic downturn becoming serious, we will open the Ueno Okachimachi store with the intention of revitalizing Japan as a whole. We place the highest priority on customer safety, take measures to prevent the spread of infection, and thoroughly manage hygiene.

[Store overview]

Ichiran Ueno Okachimachi store

Address: 4-4-5, Ueno, 4-10, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005
■ 25 seats
■ Sales
Mon-Thurs: 10: 00-22: 30
Fri: 10: 00-6: 00
Sat: 6: 00-6: 00 * 24 hours
Sun: 6: 00-22: 30
■ Access
・ 1 minute walk from Ueno Hirokoji Station (Exit A5) on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
・ 1 minute walk from Ueno Okachimachi Station (Exit A5) on the Toei Oedo Line
・ 3 minutes walk from JR "Okachimachi Station (north exit)"

[About efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection]

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, we have given top priority to the safety of our customers and strengthened hygiene so that our employees can work with peace of mind. At the Ueno Okachimachi store, we will implement various measures to ensure that customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind. The specific equipment and efforts are as follows.

◆ Facilities and operations

・ Taste concentration counter (patented)
Ichiran's unique seating room with a partition wall beside it in front of you
It is said by infectious disease specialists that it is effective in preventing droplet infection.
・ Disinfection mat
Remove dust etc. with a grass-like mat, and disinfect the shoe sole with the disinfectant contained in the sponge in the mat
・ Air cleaner
Spatial disinfection deodorizer developed by a medical device manufacturer
Realizing the world's highest level spatial sterilization by disinfecting and decomposing bacteria, viruses and allergens with the latest deep ultraviolet LED technology
Introducing a thorough ventilation system in the passenger seats and kitchen
・ Automatic alcohol disinfection sprayer
Customers can disinfect and clean their hands without touching the alcohol container
・ Customer disposable gloves
Gloves that anyone can use freely and can be discarded at the exit
・ In-store alcohol disinfection
Alcoholic disinfection at least once an hour in a place where customers and employees can easily access it (food ticket machine, doorway, etc.)
* Check sheet for disinfection locations is disclosed in the store
Depending on the customer's request, individual seat alcohol disinfection

◆ Employee efforts

・ Hand wash / gargle
At least once an hour
Make sure all employees wear masks (Ichiran's original handkerchief mask was also introduced)
・ Temperature
Introduced a system to report daily physical condition before going to work
Thorough reporting obligations regarding fever status of family members living together